7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins to Save Your Website or Blog in 2022


Backup is necessary for website or blog because if any problem persists with your website or your website has accidentally deleted. Then Backup plays an important role for you. So you should know about Best WordPress Backup Plugins to save your website or blog.

7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2022

So here we will tell you about 7 Top WordPress Backup Plugins in 2022 for saving your website.

1. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus is the Best WordPress Backup plugin and has 3+ Million active installations. By this plugin, you can make your website backup and restore process easy.

With the help of UpdraftPlus, you can generate Automatic or Manual Backup and also you can choose backup numbers.

You can take your WordPress website or blog backup on Google Drive, Email, FTP, Dropbox, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, UpdraftPlus Volt, etc.

If you want to take more advantage of this plugin, then take the Premium version of this plugin.

Price: Free and Premium

2. Duplicator- WordPress Migration Plugin

Duplicator is the best WordPress backup and migration plugin. It has 1+ Million Active installations. By this plugin, you can easily transfer your website from one hosting service to another hosting service.

With the help of Duplicator, you can schedule your backups. Duplicator will move your website from one host to another in less time. You can make the website backup manually.

Go to Duplicator and Create a New Package and it will create a backup for you in form of Archive (.zip file) and Installer.

So use this plugin for the backup and migration process of your website.

Price: Free and Premium

3. All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-One WP Migration is easy to use the plugin. It has 1+ Million Active installations. With the help of this plugin, you can easily make your website backup. You can also move your website from one host to another host easily.

It will provide you three options here.

Import: You can import the website backup through file uploading.

Export: You can create the backup of your website.

BackUps: Your backups are available in this option. You can download the backup of your website here.

You can restore the backup in Backups. But this is available in the Premium version.

With the help of this plugin, you can import or export your website in One Click. It will provide you the backups in .wpress file, Google Cloud, Amazon, etc.

Price: Free and Premium

4. BackUpWordPress

BackUpWordPress is the best free WordPress plugin and you have not required any setup. It has above 1 lakh active installations.

It works in low memory. With the help of this plugin, you can manage multiple schedules.

It will create Automatic backups and you can put your backup in different places like Google Cloud, FTP, etc.

So Add a Schedule in this plugin. it will give you the automated backups.

Price: Free

5. WP Time Capsule

WP Time Capsule is an automated plugin. After installation of this plugin, you will be login through your Gmail for the proper working of this plugin

It has 20k+ Active installations.

This plugin will create a backup and does not create a new backup every time. It will update the new file and database every time.

These files and databases will store in Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3. WP Time Capsule uses Cloud Storage Applications.

WP Time Capsule also provides the Screenshot of your website backup in Calendar format.

So login into WP Time Capsule through your Gmail Account and Choose your Cloud Storage App. Schedule your backup time. Your First backup is ready.

Price: Free and Premium

6. BackWPUp

BackWPUp saves the complete backup of your WordPress website or blog and saves the backup automatically in Dropbox, FTP, Amazon S3. This plugin has above 7 lakhs installations.

It will give you backup in .zip file format. By .zip file, you can easily restore the backup.

BackWPUp works better in the Premium version. In the premium version, it will provide you backup in Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, etc cloud app services.

It will also provide the database backup and optimize your database. You will get WordPress XML Support in the premium version.

Price: Free and Premium

7. WP-DB-BackUp:

WP-DB-BackUp is taking the backup of your core database tables. This plugin is designed for taking the backup of the WordPress website or blog database. This plugin has 1 Lakhs Active installation and the best free backup WordPress plugin.

In this plugin, you can take a backup of the hourly, weekly, monthly basis of the database. You can download your database on your computer. This plugin also sends the backup of your database on your Email id.

The disadvantage of this plugin is that it will give only database backups not others.

So these are the Best WordPress Backup Plugins for WordPress. use any of these plugins and get the backup of your WordPress Website.


Backup is important for any website. So here you have got the list of Best WordPress Backup Plugin which will provide you the complete backup of your WordPress website or blog.

We recommended using the Updraft plus and WP Time Capsule Plugin for backups. if you want to easy your process then use All-in-one WP Migration.

So tell us in the comment which backup plugin you want to use.

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