10 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store


Are you facing the Cart Abandonment problem and want to reduce cart abandonment then you should know about the best Abandoned Cart WooCommerce Plugin for your store.

With the help of WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin, you can easily recover your cart abandonment for your WooCommerce Store. Abandoned Cart is a common problem for business owners nowadays.

Are you aware of the fact that, Out of all the visitors, Only 25% of leads are ready to advance to sales? Let’s talk money, in terms of revenue,  About $1.79 trillion USD worth of goods are abandoned every year. This might come as a bummer to e-commerce store owners. 

What is Cart Abandonment?

The major reason for the huge loss to e-store owners is because of this phenomenon called Cart Abandonment. About 75% of carts are abandoned every time and this is no joke to be ignored.

One more tip uses Google Analytics to analyze where the customers are losing tracks and perform a counter approach. 

Reasons for Cart Abandonment:

The reasons behind cart abandonment are narrowed down under the following factors. 

  • Trust issues with the brand.
  • Check out process is complicated and unexceptionally lengthy. 
  • Shipping complications. 
  • Expensive pricing of the products. 

Other unpredictable factors include, 

  • The customer might just be window shopping. 
  • Left the product in the cart due to personal reasons. 
  • Decided not to buy the product.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts? 

This question is put forward by many e-commerce owners these days and this needs a solution as serious as the issue itself. That’s why we are presenting you with plugins, that are specifically designed for cart recovery. 

10 Best Abandoned Cart WooCommerce Plugins in 2022:

These 10 Best Abandoned Cart WooCommerce Plugins will help you to get more sales. So you should know about these plugins.

1. Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery emails and next order coupons

First things first, cart recovery can only be possible if you choose the right plugin that serves your store the best. Retainful is one such plugin that is specifically designed with features that make shopping cart recovery look like a cakewalk. 

The features include, 

  • Comes Free of cost. 
  • No need to manually send email notifications. Automated, Timed email reminders that are scheduled accordingly. 
  • Drives repeat purchases with the help of email notifications. 
  • Powered with Drag and drop visual email editor. 

Nelson Boswell says, “Here is a powerful yet simple rule. Always give people more than they expect to get”. Can’t we take this into consideration for business? 

Luring customers with different strategies is a sure way of bringing them back. Retainful comes up with effective Coupon Creation that can be included in emails sent to the customers. Note that, these coupons are unique and dynamic. 

Another fun fact, An effective follow-up email campaign can recover a minimum of 30% of the lost sales. 

How Retainful provides follow up?

This procedure is quite simple. When a customer abandons the cart, within 30 minutes, you can send the customer an email notification as a reminder. If the customer doesn’t come back to finish the unfinished business – the checkout procedure, Retainful again sends a reminder in 6 hours. This time it includes a coupon to win back the customer. The last step triggers another reminder in 3 days if the cart is still unrecovered. 

In order to know how much your company has made progress, Retainful compares abandoned order values and recovered order values. Once the cart is recovered, you will receive a notification called the live cart notification feature. Click to know how to check abandoned carts!

So you have a plugin that helps you send unlimited cart recovery emails and letting you stay in constant touch with your existing customer base. Not just that, it gives you a high acceleration in upselling and cross-sells opportunities as well. 

2. CampaignRabbit

It is important for you all to know that 9% of top-performing businesses have been using marketing automation to generate leads for three or more years according to Pardot. 

CampaignRabbit is an eCommerce marketing automation tool that integrates with successful platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify. It is one of those plugins that bases its crux on effective email marketing

The features include

  • Automated, timely email reminders on autopilot that are scheduled according to the cart recovery time. 
  • Triggers exit-intent popup alert when a customer doesn’t finish the checkout process. 
  • Effective email followup. This followup keeps the customers updated about the new product launching, offers, and discounts. Alongside, asking them to come back to finish their checkout procedure.

According to Seth Godin, The key to winning a customer’s heart is to “Be Genuine, Be remarkable. Be worth connecting with.” In case you are looking for expert advice and guidance, CampaignRabbit is always there to provide you with all that you need! Talk to the experts now! Cart abandonment rates are on the rise. Make your move now. 

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3. Optimonk

Optimonk is yet another excellent Abandoned Cart WooCommerce Plugin in WordPress for supporting several companies. It is effectively-known for cart recovery.  One might want to consider the following features in order to use this plugin. 

The features include, 

  • Urging the customers to buy the product immediately playing the “limited Stock” card using email reminders. 
  • Includes coupons in the email reminders that briefs about the latest offers, discounts, etc. 
  • Based on prefixed variables, custom popups can be triggered. 

Every plugin uses a different strategy to stand out from the rest. In Optimonk’s case, it is the “limited stock” strategy that comes out unique and effective. 

4.  Abandoned Cart lite for WooCommerce

According to Annex Cloud, a 65% cart abandonment trend leaves a 97.9% gap in conversions. Talking more about cart recovery helps you understand how serious it is. In order to bring back the lost customers, Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce provides few great features. 

The features include, 

  • While most of the plugins concentrate only on following logged-in customers, abandoned cart lite moves a bit different. It also captures guest customers
  • Besides, identifying the customer who abandoned the cart, it identifies the products in the cart. This strategy is highly successful because you can provide offers and discounts based on the products abandoned. 
  • One-click cart recovery is absolutely possible. The customers can click the link in the email notification that will direct them to their shopping cart page. 
  • Has multiple email templates. 

As mentioned earlier, features of abandoned cart lite are quite efficient and useful. Consider this one when you are making the choice of plugins. 

5. Abandoned Cart Reports for WooCommerce

According to Statista, In 2006, 59.8% of shoppers abandon their carts. By 2017 that number has risen to 69.23%, a 15.79% increase. Abandoned Cart Reports for WooCommerce plugin helps the e-commerce store owner in cart recovery with the following list of features. 

The features include

  • Timed email reminders to customers who abandoned carts. 
  • Customized carts contain all the details including, the customer’s name, email address, and contact number. 
  • Provides Unlimited email templates. You get to choose one or many of your choice. 
  • Compares abandoned order value and recovered order values.

Customization of carts now comes absolutely easy with abandoned cart reports for WooCommerce. Isn’t it?

6. YITH Advanced Cart Recovery

YITH advanced cart recovery is one of the famous plugins for shopping cart recovery. The differentiation in features makes this plugin stand out from the rest of the plugins. 

The features include, 

  • Sending email notifications to customers. 
  • Customize the email content according to how you prefer. 
  • You also get to choose the number of emails to be sent in a prefixed particular time period. 
  • The crowning jewel of this plugin – It offers multiple language support. 

In conclusion, you can easily send customized emails to customers in their language. That’s why we call it a crowning feature of this plugin. 

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7. Conversio

Conversio is said to be one of the highly used plugins. While talking about reasons for cart abandonment, we came across the factor – Trust issues with the brand. In order to establish brand credibility, Conversio uses a unique method of appealing to the customers using social proof and testimonials.

The features include, 

  • Drives repeat purchases through email follow-ups. 
  • Powerful segmentation feature, which helps you to customize your emails. 
  • Visually appealing email templates. 
  • It helps you to create newsletters and send it to your customers for better brand promotion. 

Brand promotion is a perfect blend of marketing and personal selling. When you send your customers newsletters, you are making sure that they get to know every update about your brand. A better way of promoting your brand. 

8. Jilt 

Jilt is another Abandoned Cart WooCommerce plugin for WordPress that is well established in the e-commerce platform, especially known for cart recovery is Jilt. Look out for yourself! 

The features include, 

  • Compatibility with both WooCommerce and Shopify. 
  • One can create multiple emails using WYSIWYG editor that in turn is used for inserting dynamic data. 
  • Goes a step ahead and captures even guest customers who have abandoned their carts. 
  • It helps you to create multiple emails with responsive templates. 
  • All your customer has to do is recover carts through One-click

Considering the fact that WooCommerce and Shopify are emerging at faster rates, using a plugin that is compatible with both the plugins is an added benefit. 

9. Smart abandoned cart

Smart abandoned cart is one of the many solutions for Cart abandonment. Besides recording the details of the customer who has abandoned the cart, it also records the products abandoned. 

The features include,  

  • Open cart plugin that provides multiple language support.
  • Sends timely email notifications to customers. 
  • It provides a pop-up view. 
  • Records the number of carts abandoned and then proceeds with follow-up emails.

I won’t be exaggerating if I say smart abandoned cart is one of the smartest choices of plugins, considering its features. 

10. Cart reports for WooCommerce

Moving to the end of our list, we have Cart reports for WooCommerce. An easy to install and manage the plugin and helps you in recovering abandoned shopping carts.

The features include, 

  • Provides you a list of opened carts, abandoned carts, and recovered carts. 
  • You can view real-time cart abandonment statistics. In short, a detailed dashboard with the recovered abandoned cart analytics. 

End says, 

If you are going to let cart abandonment rates accelerate, it is not even a question of doubt that you will face loses. That’s why it is up to you to make the right choices and take the necessary actions. 

Every problem comes with a solution. We can even use Facebook pixels for retargeting desired customers and Google Tag Manager to get greater insight about customers.

That is just the case of shopping cart abandonment. E-commerce store owners can always reach out for cart recovery plugins. These plugins are the reason that keeps eCommerce stores going for more. 

All it takes for successful sales is one good choice. 

We hope you choose the best one out of the list of plugins mentioned above. 


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