10 Best Free and Paid Pet Care WordPress Themes for Your Business


This is the list of 10 Best Free and Paid Pet Care WordPress Themes in 2022. Because with the help of the themes, you can build an attractive website for your business.

In US pet owners spend over $70 million on pet products yearly. However, pet-related business is at the peak of its economic power. It becomes more and more popular all around the world.

For example, the Chinese spend more than 3 million on their pets. It’s a 50% increase compared to 2016. No wonder, today’s market contains hundreds of thousands of supporting websites. One can find pet grooming, walking, or housing services online. However, not all of these websites are popular.

Simply because they are not prospect-oriented. But how to avoid this mistake? And which feature to search for? How to launch a prof animal site. Here are 10 ready-mades for you.

Top 10 Free and Paid Pet Care WordPress Themes in 2022

So here we have prepared a list of best free and paid Pet Care WordPress Themes for your Projects or Website in 2022.

1. PetsGroom – Dog & Cat Grooming WordPress Theme

This item is a #1 must-check if you are about to build a pet care website. The theme comes with Elementor Page Builder inside. Long story short, it’s a revolutionary tool that allows creating content rapidly.

Users of all ages can work with Elementor to style new pages. You can customize the pre-packed templates or craft the custom ones. Anyway, the site-building process will be simple with drag & drop technology.

To sum everything up, PetsGroom lets you build content without coding. Plus, you get 50+ ready-made widgets. It allows creating styles on the fly. What else can you see in the theme’s pack? There are the following elements:

  • MailChimp,
  • Sidebar Manager,
  • Favicon,
  • Social Options.

By the way, PetsGroom is a part of ONE Membership. You can purchase it separately or get for FREE with the subscription.

2. Pet Care Clinic Theme

A blog makes another effective promo for a pet care WordPress site. To say more, informative posts generate 9x more leads than the small ones. Decided to add the feature to the project’s design? Here are the stats to know.

  1. 1.050 words are the common post length.
  2. It’s 1.040 – 1300 words for Google top-ranked articles.
  3. Titles with 6-13 words bring more traffic.
  4. Almost half of the clients skim blog pages.
  5. 37 seconds is the medium time spent reading blogs worldwide.

Pet Care Clinic contains the next features to enrich the website:

  • Blog Styles,
  • Sticky Posts,
  • Custom Background,
  • User-oriented interface, etc.

3. PetHotel – Pet Hotels, Animal Boarding and Pet Sitters WordPress Theme

Lots of business niches are meant to ease the customer’s life. And animal boarding is one of them. On average, nearly 70% of US households have at least 1 pet. No wonder, the most popular choice is a dog.

Over 60 million Americans have them. Plus, 47+ million people in the US have cats. And don’t forget about the birds that cover 12.5 million. Sometimes many of these pets need a place to stay. That’s why pet sitters and animal hotel business appeared.

Pet Hotel ideally suits the mentioned needs. It has an extra-flexible design. You can tweak the theme’s elements immediately. And what’s waiting for you in the product’s package?

  1. Bookable extras & services.
  2. Secure payments.
  3. WooCommerce pack.
  4. Real-time editing.
  5. Multiple currencies.

4. PetLove – WordPress Theme

Website customization is a critical step for any project. Your online child requires a redesign to stand out from the crowd. Here is a quick checklist for site launching:

  • Comfort,
  • Design,
  • Galleries,
  • Fonts,
  • Responsiveness,
  • Navigation,
  • Contact forms.

And these were just to name a few. To get a unique project, you will need to work on numerous aspects. Site-building becomes easier and easier.

Soon there will be 2 billion active websites. Would you like to be different from your competitors? PetLove contains some tasty features exactly for these needs. Use this product to:

  • Design unique menus,
  • Select from various header and footer styles,
  • Customize backgrounds,
  • Sell goods online,
  • Run a blog.

5. Four Paws – Pet Services Multipurpose Classic Elementor WordPress Theme

Mobiles make a big part of your audience nowadays. 40% of online transactions are related to them. Check out the stats below. Here is why your pet services site should be mobile-ready.

  1. Mobile advertising will account for 72% of US ads. It is going to happen by the end of the year.
  2. Half of the users will go to your competitors after a bad mobile experience.
  3. 80% of people use mobiles to search for services.
  4. 50% of the audience shop via mobile phones.
  5. More than ¾ of shoppers purchases online along with physical shopping.
  6. 63% of Google requests are from mobiles. It’s the same for Yahoo users.
  7. 60+% of people use mobile internet.
  8. 4 hours is how much people use smartphones every day.

As you can see, it’s essential to make the site mobile-friendly. There’s a progressive mobile-first design inside the Four Paws package. The technology starts managing the site with its mobile version. You will get it ASAP.

What else do you get with Four Paws? The theme comes with the following features:

  • Drag-and-drop Page Builder,
  • MailChimp,
  • Contact & Search Forms,
  • Live Customizer,
  • Responsiveness.

6. Advanced Pet Care – WordPress Theme

Advanced Pet Care is a clean WP theme. It is super-easy in use and has tonnes of customization options. A powerful and intuitive interface allows performing any changes effortlessly. No coding needed. Basically, the item ideally fits projects related to:

  • Pet house,
  • Animal shelter,
  • Pet accessories,
  • Animal care center,
  • Pet health,
  • Animal grooming,
  • Veterinary doctor,
  • Pet training,
  • Pet food shops, etc.

To make a long story short, Advanced Pet Care suits all pet and animal websites. The item includes various eCommerce-oriented components. It means you can launch a feature-rich pet online store. Same to all well-crafted products pet care WordPress themes, Advanced Pet Care is:

  • Cross-Browser compatible,
  • Translation-ready,
  • SEO-friendly,
  • Versatile,
  • Lightweight.

7. PetInn – Animal Shelter WP Theme

Many marketers say that SEO is their #1 business strategy. It is pretty simple to understand. All in all, SEO influences the popularity of the website. It makes the online project trustworthy. Plus, SEO improves search results which is vital for any site. Take a quick look at the facts below.

  1. Google’s “Near Me” searches have an x2 increase.
  2. 70+% of local customers search for stores within 5 miles.
  3. 61% of marketing people say improving SEO is as important as organic traffic.

When done smartly, SEO improves the site rating. As a result, you get more and more visitors. So, how to get it? There’s no need to edit the code to make Google love your site.

PetInn comes with a strong, SEO-ready code. It meets the recent requirements. Here is what you can see among the other features of PetInn:

  • TM Gallery,
  • Parallax Scrolling,
  • Sidebar Manager,
  • Calendar & Maps,
  • Visual Editor,
  • Ecwid-ready design.

8. PetShop – Pet Animal Store

Still searching for a strikingly colored pet shop theme? Well, add PetShop to your must-see list tho! The template suits the needs of both pet owners and dealers. You can use it to run animal grooming, training, walking, or washing. No need to say, it would also be a nice choice for a pet store.

How to make your project a popular place? For starters, online shoppers prefer sites that are in their local language. And not only because they want to understand any piece of your info.

The thing is that people treat shopping as a chance to relax. Translating your content would be the last thing they’d like to do. That’s why PetShop is a translation-ready item. Make your shop translation-ready to increase sales.

What is waiting for you in the PetShop package? The product contains:

  • Various Post Formats,
  • Sticky Post,
  • Grid Layouts,
  • eCommerce instruments,
  • Custom Logo,
  • Typography, and more.

9. Anilove – Animal Shelter WordPress Template

At the outset, Anilove comes with multiple layout options. One can easily experiment with the pages’ design and structure. You get a pre-packed widgets gallery.

It contains lots of UI and UX elements for different occasions. Besides, you have a presets library. The feature will help you to speed up website building. Use it to save your best templates so that you can work with them later.

Note that all the components are flexible. It’s possible to change the details according to your taste. Here are the content modules Anilove contains:

  • Blurbs,
  • Audio & Video,
  • Call to Actions,
  • Contact Forms,
  • Circle Counters,
  • Countdowns,
  • Post Sliders,
  • Sidebars, etc.

10. Pet Rescue – Animal Shelter WP Theme

Last but not least, take a look at Pet Rescue. The item would fit online projects that are related to:

  • Animal shelter,
  • Animal and natural movements,
  • Charity,
  • Fundraising,
  • Activism.

Here are some of the essentials you get with Pet Rescue.

  • Events Calendar will help you to organize the working process.
  • WPML design is the #1 way to increase the site audience.
  • WooCommerce pack lets you run a web store.
  • Content templates allow saving content parts.
  • Use animations to lead people through your content.
  • Plugin-friendly design enriches site functionality.
  • Premium sliders will highlight special offers.
  • PayPal donations functionality makes online payments simpler.
  • Content Composer contains 99+ shortcodes.
  • Drag-and-drop makes content editing quicker.

So these are free and paid WordPress themes for Pet Care and you can use these themes for your Pet Care Business website.


You should use premium Pet Care WordPress Themes for your business website. Because these premium themes are supported by Elementor.

With the help of Elementor, you can create attractive pet care websites for your business.

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