Best Free Blogging Platforms – 9 Choices Explained


If you search the web for best blogging platform to start your new blog you will most probably stumble upon paid or premium blogging options. But there are many free blogging platforms that you can use to start your own blog.

We’ve created this article to help you find the best free blogging platform for you, which will depend on what kind of content and style of writing you want to focus on.

Let’s go over some popular options!


Wix is one of the newer, free, and widely popular blogging platforms whose main pro is that it is easy to use.

And when I say “easy”, I mean that you don’t need to have any coding knowledge, so it is the perfect platform for all beginners and non-techies out there who want a beautiful and simple blogging platform.

Making a website is nothing more difficult than drag-and-drop with elements that you can fully customize, which makes the building process perfectly intuitive.

It also comes with a bunch of free customizable templates (as well as some premium ones) and photos that you can easily use.


If you are looking for a free blogging platform that is both simple and widely customizable, WordPress might be your best option.

What really makes it stand out from the crowd of other free blogging platforms (and even some premium ones) is its massive community; this means tons of tutorials, plugins, extensions, themes… basically anything to do with WordPress!

It also comes with an extensive set of functions – especially if you upgrade through their paid plans. This includes hosting on WP Engine , which offers amazing speed compared to normal shared hosting.

Plus they have great customer support just in case something goes wrong or doesn’t work properly.


Medium is a platform that covers countless topics and no matter what you’re searching for or what you want to blog about – you can find it and do it there.

Basically, anyone with an account can write, and so they do.

The main reason why I would recommend Medium over any other blog site different than WordPress is that they have a great new algorithm which will rank your work based on how many people read, recommend and share it.

It’s really important because this means you can easily grow an audience without having to spend money on ads or marketing campaigns for each post.

This way, Medium has become one of the most popular free blogging platforms out there – not only with its simple interface but also as a growing community!


Another alternative option if you are looking for simplicity combined with ease-of-use would be Ghost.

Their platform was created by programmers who wanted something simpler than WordPress while still being easy to use. It comes with all their own technology built in so no coding knowledge is required at all.

Ghost also has a great interface and design, with an emphasis on minimalism.

You can customize everything from your logo to the colors of each element – in order to create a unique look that fits your blog’s style perfectly.  

It is just one more example of how you don’t need any coding knowledge at all in order to have ultimate control over your blog’s content!


Another blogging platform created by Google, Blogger is one more free option for users who want something simple but customizable.

It comes with tons of templates which are easy to use and add new elements too when you feel like it.

With so many options available, this really feels like having complete freedom when creating a website through their service, plus you can easily share it on social media. it it’s’s free!


Another great alternative to WordPress is Weebly.

However, this blogging platform is not open-source like the others mentioned before but it does have some benefits for those who are limited in terms of time or money – or both!

The biggest pro to Weebly is that they offer a free plan which you can use with no restrictions at all. This means unlimited pages and storage space as well as the option to sell your own products without paying anything extra!  

They do offer paid plans too if you want even more features but their prices are very reasonable compared to other similar companies out there (and definitely cheaper than sites such as Wix).


Joomla also offers tons of possibilities when you’re looking for a free blogging platform.

It is an open-source, completely customizable website which offers amazing features with their own extensions and plugins.

While it’s not as simple or straightforward to use (you need some coding knowledge in order to add your own custom elements), this can be a great way of having complete control over your blog without paying anything at all!


Another more advanced option would be Contentful.

While they do offer a limited number of users on the free plan – depending on what each user needs from the platform – there are no limits when it comes to storage space or content published.

This makes them one of the best options if you want something that will grow with your blogging career.

Another pro of Contentful is that it’s really easy to use and their set up is very simple, plus it comes with a great content management interface.


And finally, Jekyll offers a completely free service which you can install on any hosting plan – whether that’s your own private server or one of the many cloud-based services out there.

This makes this blogging platform perfect if you want something truly custom but still affordable without having to spend anything extra!

Plus they have tons of documentation available online so anyone can add new features easily.

Final Word

As you can see, there are plenty of great blogging platforms out there which offer everything you need to start your own blog without having to pay anything at all.

From complete flexibility plus a great design and interface to unlimited storage space, making money from your blog or even just sharing it on social media – all of these platforms offer everything you need.  

So what are you waiting for?

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