15 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins for Bloggers and Marketers


We are providing you the list of 15 Best Free & Paid Google Analytics Plugins that will help you to use Google Analytics or show your Website Traffic in WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Google Analytics is the most important tool for every blogger and marketer, It will provide you the user data like Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, and other helpful metrics.

According to the SimilarTech service company, 13.5+ million websites are using Google Analytics.

So you should use Google Analytics WordPress Plugins and it will help you to track your visitors and conversions.

15 Top Free & Paid Google Analytics WordPress Plugins in 2020

So here is the list of 15 best free and paid Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress to know your Website Traffic stats in your WordPress Admin dashboard and help you to use Google Analytics WordPress Plugins easily.

1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics ( Formerly GADWP)

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin is simple and easy to install. We recommend you to use this plugin for your website. This is one of the Best and Free Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress.

This plugin has designed by Exact Metrics. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin enable you to track your website through the Google tracking code. It also allows you to view the main metrics of your website.

This plugin provides you the following Analytics metrics.

  • In-depth page and post reports.
  • Real-time stats like visitors, traffic sources, acquisition channels.
  • Reports like sessions, views, searches, traffic sources, bounce rates, locations, devices, browser categories, operating systems, and screens.
  • Google Analytics tracking like Universal tracking, E-Commerce Tracking, Cross-domain tracking, AMP support for Google Analytics, etc.
  • You can track Affiliate links, emails, downloads, outbound links, events, page scrolling depth.
  • Here you can also do Google Tag Manager tracking also.
  • You can also track custom dimensions like Authors, Categories, Tags, User Engagement, Publication year or month.

This plugin has 1+ million active installations and popular among all the plugins. So for beginners, this is useful for them.

Price: Available in Free.

2. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Monster Insights

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress is also providing by Monster Insights. This is another best google analytics WordPress plugin that has 3+ million active installations.

You can easily connect your WordPress website through this plugin and making the proper and data-driven decision for your business. This is a complete Google Analytics plugin for WordPress which is so easy and powerful.

Top companies are using this plugin. This plugin setup is easy and quick. It shows the real-time stats, analytics dashboard and reports of your website.

You will get following features here:

  • All types of reports like Custom dimension, Audience, Behavior, Content, E-Commerce, Search Console.
  • Enhanced E-Commerce tracking. You can integrate through Woo-Commerce.
  • It has met the guidelines of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).
  • You can integrate this plugin with Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles and you can do universal tracking through this plugin.
  • Google Adsense and Affiliate link tracking are also providing.
  • Custom Dimension, Event, Performance, Link, Referral link tracking are available.
  • You can do A/B testing, Conversion tracking, UTM parameters tracking, Form Tracking.

Price: Available in Free and Premium both.

3. WP Statistics

WP Statistics Plugin has designed by Veronal Labs. This plugin also provides you the complete website traffic statistics. This is a very simple plugin to tell you the stats.

his plugin has above 600k+ active installations.

You can see where the visitors are come from and which type of browser and search engines are they use. WP Statistics is GDPR Compliant. It also tells you which posts, categories, and tags have more visits.

Features of WP Statistics Plugin:

  • It records the visitor’s data like browser, search engine, referring website, operating system, IP.
  • Country and City tracking of visitors.
  • Graphics and Visual Statistics.
  • How many visitors come from Search Engines.
  • It counts the Number of Referrals from referring websites.
  • Top 10 browsers tracking.
  • Top 10 countries with most visitors and page views and referring websites.
  • Hit time-based filtering
  • You can export your data in CSV, XML or TSV formats.
  • Statistics based on Content, Categories, and tags.
  • Reporting Emails.
  • Real-time stats and advanced reporting are available in the premium version

Price: Free or Premium both.

4. Analytify

Analytify is another Top Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress. It makes Google Analytics easy in WordPress everywhere. It represents the analytics data in a beautiful way.

This plugin has above 60k active installations.

It shows the front end like posts & pages and back end in the Dashboard. You can see all your traffic statistics in very little time.

Free Features of Analytify Plugin:

  • Easy and one-click installation.
  • It adds Google Analytics tracking code to your website. There is no need to copy the Analytics Code.
  • You can use enhanced E-Commerce analytics tracking code.
  • It shows the posts and pages stats in different blocks.
  • Analytify shows you the list of top cities, countries, referring websites & browsers.
  • It shows you the Social Media & Mobile Stats.
  • Analytify shows you the bounce rate of top pages.
  • Easily Customizable with CSS code.
  • This shows you the general stats like Sessions, Users, Bounce Rate, Page views, returning or new visitors, average time on the website.
  • It shows you the individual stats data for every page and post.

Premium Features:

  • Use Shortcodes in Widgets.
  • Campaign Stats
  • Real-time Stats
  • Google Analytics Stats for single posts, pages, custom posts as a block in front end or in wp-admin.

So use this plugin, this is easy to use and highly rated by the users. This is available in WordPress very easily.

Price: Free or Premium both are available.

5. GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics plugin is lightweight and fast in comparison to Monster insights. It easily puts the tracking code to WordPress Website.

This plugin has above 600k+ active installations.

It will provide you the simple box where you will paste the Google Analytics property id to enable the tracking of your WordPress Website or Blog.

For visiting your website traffic report you will go to the Google Analytics Account because it is for putting the tracking code or some advanced stats.

Features of GA Google Analytics:

  • Global Site tag support.
  • Display Advertising
  • Google Optimize
  • Enhanced Link Attribution
  • Tracker objects and Force SSL
  • IP Addresses

Price:  Free

6. Simple Universal Google Analytics

Simple Universal Google Analytics will help you to make the tracking of the website easier. This plugin will activate the analytics on your website through the Google Analytics tracking ID.

This plugin has above 10k active installations.

You will get more benefits through this plugin.

  • This plugin will help you to understand the user interaction on your website content.
  • Give the user count more accurately.
  • Detect the popular search engines and organic traffic sources.
  • Analyze the user’s signed-in experience.
  • Connect the same user with multiple devices and sessions.
  • Cross device reports access is available.
  • Collect specific data for your business with the help of Custom dimensions and metrics.
  • It controls the sessions and campaign duration by setting a timeout.
  • This will give you access to all the classic analytics features with Universal Analytics features.
  • You can choose which domain will leave for the referral traffic sources.
  • Exclude certain identified search terms in your account when a user finds your website using these terms.

Price: Free

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics plugin will help you to use Google Analytics without touching any type of code. This best Google Analytics WordPress plugin is designed by ShareThis team.

This plugin ha above 200k active installations.

There are the best features available for you.

  • Easy Analytics Set up.
  • Automatically detect the Tracking Code.
  • Mobile optimized and you can see your analytics data on any device.
  • It only tracks the real visitors and not track admin and editor etc.
  • You will see your 5 best traffic sources which are giving you more traffic.
  • Get the alerts of your content take off with the help of Emails.
  • You can see your trending content means which content gets more visitors.
  • It will give your visitors trends for 7 days which will provide the details of users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, etc.

Price: Free

8. Google Analytics by BestWebSoft

Google Analytics by BestWebSoft will help you to put the tracking code on your website and show the basic stats of your WordPress website or blog.

This plugin has above 3k active installations.

There are many free features available to you.

  • Easily put the single tracking code.
  • You can choose Statistics view modes like Chart or Table Mode.
  • Also, choose the Statistics time range.
  • You can choose statistics metrics like Visitors, Sessions and Page Tracking.
  • This plugin supports several Web properties and Accounts for Statistics displaying.
  • Simple settings for Fast set up. (No need for modifying the code)

This plugin has various premium features:

  • You can choose Goal Features like conversion, Abandoned funnels, Completion, Value, etc.
  • View Goal Statistics.
  • Configure all subsites on the networks.

Price: Free and Paid both versions are available.

9. Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator will help you to view your Google Analytics data in WordPress Admin dashboard. This plugin is designed by SumoMe Company.

This plugin has above 1 lakh active installations.

There are many features available in this plugin for you.

  • Easy installation process.
  • It supports universal and traditional Analytics.
  • This plugin shows the last 30 days visitors graph data in the WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Outbound link tracking support.
  • Download link tracking support.
  • Site Speed tracing support.
  • It does not track admin visits.
  • Support all types of Advanced tracking code provided by Google.
  • It supports localization and language translation.
  • You have complete control over all the features means you can enable or disable any features.
  • Shortcode will help you to show your Google Analytics stats publicly.
  • You can include a widget in the sidebar to show your visitor’s stats on the front end.
  • It will show you top searches, referrers, pages in the WordPress Admin Dashboard,.

Price: Free

10. Enhanced ECommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

Enhanced ECommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress will help you to integrate between the enhanced features of Google Analytics and WooCommerce.

This plugin has above 40k active installations.

There are many features available in this plugin.

  • It has an easy and quick installation process.
  • This plugin supports 4 types of reports like Shopping & Checkout behavior report and Product & Sales performance report.
  • You can capture Product impressions, Add to Cart, Product Click Events on Category Page, Product Page, Featured & Recent Product section on Homepage, Related Product section on the Product page.
  • You can set your local currency.
  • Google Analytics Opt-out and IP Anonymization.

Price: Free

11. WP Google Analytics Events

WP Google Analytics Events will help you to track the Google Analytics Events. This plugin has above 20k active installations.

There are many features available in this plugin.

  • When the user scrolls or clicks any element on your website then it will enable to send you an event.
  • Click Tracking and Scroll tracking is available.
  • Page Navigation tracking.
  • Contact form submission tracking.
  • Compare the performance of Call to Action Button.
  • You can set event-driven goals.
  • Link Tracking.
  • It supports Google Tag Manager.
  • You can understand how many visitors see your article until the end.

Price: Free

12. NK Google Analytics

NK Google Analytics will add the Javascript code to your WordPress website for tracking. It supports classic and universal Google Analytics tracking code.

This plugin has above 20k active installations.

Features of NK Google Analytics Plugin:

  • It supports Classic, Custom, Universal, and Remarketing Google Analytics tracking code.
  • You can insert the tracking code in the header, footer, and all the theme pages.
  • It provides support to Google Tag Manager.
  • This plugin does not track admin users logged-in.
  • You can track the login and register page.
  • You can do cookieless tracking and anonymize IP.

So with the help of the NK Google Analytics plugin, you can easily use Google Analytics for your WordPress website or blog.

Price: Free

13. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin will help you to integrate Google Analytics and WooCommerce.

This plugin has above 2 Lakhs active installations.

Features of WooCommerce Google Analytics integration Plugin:

  • You can connect Google Analytics to WooCommerce through this plugin.
  • You can do integration using Analytics Id or tracking code and put your domain name.
  • It supports Universal Analytics, eCommerce, and Enhanced E-commerce Analytics.
  • You can track the Add to Cart button using event tracking code.
  • You can anonymize the IP Address.
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version.

So you can use this eCommerce google analytics WordPress Plugin to integrate WooCommerce & WordPress. You can also track the Add to Cart button.

Price: Free

14. Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin

Google Analytics for WordPress plugin will help you to track your website by using the Google Analytics Tracking Code.

This plugin has above 20k active installations.

Features of Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin:

  • Track your website users by entering your tracking code.
  • You can put the universal analytics code on every page, post, and Products in an ECommerce site.
  • You can disable the tracking temporarily.

So you can use this plugin to connect Google Analytics and WordPress easily.

Price: Free

15. Lara’s Google Analytics

Lara’s Google Analytics will show you the complete Google Analytics Dashboard on your WordPress Admin Dashboard. You can use this plugin to insert the latest Google Analytics Tracking Code to the WordPress website.

This plugin has above 20k active installations.

Features of Lara’s Google Analytics WordPress Plugin:

  • You can easily insert a new Google Analytics Tracking Code.
  • It automatically adds a Google Analytics Widget in your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • It will show you Users, Sessions, Average Session Duration, Pageviews, and Bounce Rate.
  • In the Pro Version, you can check metrics for any date range, Countries with most users using the map.
  • You can see which browsers and operating systems are using by your users.
  • You can see Keywords provided by Google Search Console in the Pro Version.
  • It will help you to see Visited Page, Visitor’s language using this plugin.
  • You can see traffic sources in the pro version.

So you can use this Google Analytics WordPress Plugin for your website. It shows the Google Analytics complete data on your WordPress website.

Price: Freemium

So you can use any of these top Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress and measure your website or blog performance through any of these plugins.


Measuring the traffic on your website is necessary for the success of your website. So you should use a plugin to measure your website traffic easily.

These Free and Paid Google Analytics WordPress plugins will help you to measure your traffic goals. We specified the features of all the plugins.

You have not any budget then you should use the free Analytics plugin for WordPress. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is a suitable plugin for you in this case.

For Event tracking, You should use the WP Google Analytics Events plugin for your website. It is the best WordPress Analytics Plugin for Event tracking.

In the case of E-Commerce tracking, you can use the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce. It is the free analytics plugin for ECommerce tracking.

You can also use MonsterInsights in the case of ECommerce tracking. It has a lot of features for ECommerce.

For best Google Analytics WordPress Plugin, We recommend you to use MonsterInsights. It has more features in comparison to other WordPress Analytics Plugins.

Tell us in a comment which plugin do you want to use.

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