Best Website Builders – Which One is Right for You


Building a website is not as easy as it seems. There are many decisions that need to be made before you can start blogging or selling products online.

To make the process easier, we put together this list of the best website builders on the market today!

These companies specialize in different features and services, so no matter what your needs are, there will be a company for you!

Let’s take a look.

Best Website Builders

Website builders can help you get your website up and running with a minimal amount of fuss. They make the process very easy and quick, and for someone new to blogging, this can be mighty helpful!

The best website builders will give you templates, templates, and more templates – templates of all different shapes and sizes.

It’s a little overwhelming at first, but you can’t go wrong with a template.

Also, you might want to make your new website from scratch and who cares about templates, I want to stand out!

Well, I’m sorry to say that it would be too much trouble and it is just not worth it!

A template will save you a lot of time creating your website from scratch because it’s more or less complete.

Some websites even have built-in ecommerce options so that you can start selling products or just write blog posts without any coding knowledge.

But, let’s not just talk, let me show you some of the best website builders.


Wix is one of the most popular website builders on this list.

Not only is it popular because it is new and shiny, it also has a lot to offer and there are several great reasons why you should use Wix for your next project!

For example, they have over 110 million users around the world that can offer inspiration for anyone looking to get started blogging or selling products online.

Just like other websites listed here, Wix does not require any coding knowledge – templates galore – and an easy-to-use editor make putting together a professional site as simple as clicking and dragging (okay maybe more than just clicking and dragging).

They also include plenty of free images in their packages which makes creating your first post relatively quick work.

They don’t stop there though, and Wix also has all the social media links you need to be successful, such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

All-in-all, Wix makes for a great place to start your new blog or business!


Another excellent website builder is Squarespace .

This one tends to cater more towards businesses than regular bloggers. However, it does offer blogging features in addition to its primary service of helping entrepreneurs get their business online. It provides support for custom domain names (optional), easy customization and plenty of free images that can be used within posts.

In fact, these are just some of the reasons why many people choose Squarespace over other options on this list – so if building a professional site with no coding experience is important to you, Squarespace should be at the top of your list!


GoDaddy is the king of domain names, but it’s also one of the best website builders around.

While GoDaddy does have a blog feature on their own site that allows you to create posts and upload photos all without coding knowledge, they do not offer as many templates or free images as some other websites listed here.

However, what they lack in those areas, they make up for with premium features such as analytics (to track your visitors), live chat support (customers can ask questions directly from your website) and marketing tools like custom email addresses.

If these things are important to you – new blogs looking to expand their audience reach – then it might be worth spending more money on GoDaddy – remember: “you get what you pay for!”

While not technically a website builder, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in existence and with a good reason!

It’s completely free to use – no hidden fees or charges unless you want them – but it also has thousands of templates that can be customized within minutes (or even seconds).

The best part about using WordPress though, is its open-source nature which means there are literally millions of developers out there who have built their own plugins that will do anything from help your blog load faster to adding new social media options like Instagram.

The possibilities are endless!

You’ll never run out of ways to improve your site if you go with .

But wait… did I mention this is free?


If the website builders on this list are not your style, why don’t you try Jimdo instead!

This is another great site that has all kinds of templates to choose from and a drag-and-drop editor for easy customization. It also offers plenty of images without forcing users to purchase packages beforehand. They have some social media options available as well but nothing too extensive compared with other websites listed here.

One downside though is it’s more difficult to use than others at first even if you do know how to code (which most bloggers won’t).

However, once you get used to it – probably after creating one or two sites – I’m sure they will become second nature in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Jimdo is worth a try!


Thinking of starting your own blog but not sure where to begin or how long it will take you to actually get something up and running on the internet?

SITE123 can help with that too.

It’s an easy-to-use website builder that allows even novice users – yes, non-technical people – to create their first site in minutes without having any prior coding experience.

It has more templates than most other websites on this list which means there are plenty of options available when designing your new domain name.

However, once again they do cost extra so be prepared if blogging isn’t just a hobby for you! Although, they do offer a free trial – so you actually have nothing to lose!


Duda is another great website builder to consider when you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create your own blog.

It’s much like Jimdo in that it has hundreds of templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and plenty of social media integrations etc.

But there are actually many more options available here than with Jimdo which makes this one stand out even more!

They also have plenty of free images which will help any new blogger get started on the right track without breaking their wallet – seriously: 100% free!

What else could you ask for? Duda might be just what you need… so don’t hesitate anymore or someone else might snatch up your dream domain name too!


So what about those of us who want more than just templates and themes?

We need something that will help us set up our website even before we start writing blog posts or uploading photos.

And that’s where Weebly comes in handy…

This site has one of the best interfaces on this list – it’s clean, simple and easy-to-use for novices as well as experts alike (and if you’re not sure which category you fit into yet then don’t worry: I’m pretty comfortable with technology but still prefer using these types of websites).

All users can create their own mobile sites too thanks to responsive design features on this platform.

They also have an excellent selection of templates to choose from so you can design your website without having to start over on another platform that has fewer options available.

And just like the others, they offer plenty of social media integrations too!

So if you’re looking for a quick way to get started building your blog – look no further than Weebly.


Zyro is another website builder that has over 400 themes to choose from when designing your new blog.

It’s easy to use and allows users with no coding experience whatsoever the ability to create their own sites within minutes of signing up for an account (really, it takes less than five).

This site also offers plenty of social media integration options so you can easily share posts on Facebook or Twitter without having to hop back over here every time – simply click ‘share’!

They have a couple different plans available but I would recommend using this platform if blogging is just something you want to try out before investing in anything else. That way you can get comfortable with how everything works first… then decide where to go next once you know it’s something you actually enjoy.

Final Word

So there you have it: the top nine website builders to use when creating your own blog.

I hope this article has helped open your eyes to the possibilities of building your own website and blogging.

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