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Bluehost vs Flywheel – Which Is The Better Provider?


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    Bluehost is more known for its low-cost hosting options but lately, they have introduced their own managed WordPress hosting solution. You won’t have to worry about backups, upgrades, or security concerns with managed WordPress hosting since your provider will handle them for you. Flywheel is one of the most popular managed WordPress hosting plans today, particularly among web developers looking to resell hosting.

    We’ll compare Bluehost and Flywheel’s managed WordPress hosting plans and features to make things fair. With that stated, both Bluehost and Flywheel offer solid hosting that will offer you fair value for money you decide to spend. This includes round-the-clock assistance, a free domain, and excellent customer support. However, if you want to know the details, you should continue reading this article.

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      What Are The Two Web Hosting Providers?


      The first thing to say about Flywheel, which instantly distinguishes them from the others mentioned here, is that they are a WordPress hosting expert, which means they exclusively host WordPress-powered websites. As a result, their whole platform is centered only on WordPress from start to end. In practice, this means that their servers and systems can run WordPress far more efficiently than virtually all of its non-specialist rivals, giving an optimal balance of just about everything a WordPress user might want from a web host.


      But it’s their user interface that truly sets them apart from the pack (especially when compared to other specialized WordPress hosting providers). If you’ve ever used a web host before, you’ll be astonished at how much effort Flywheel has put into making the whole hosting experience as easy and straightforward as possible.


      Bluehost is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and most well-established WordPress hosting companies in the business, now hosting over two million sites. They are, quite simply, the most tried-and-tested provider of the four and, more than likely, the one that the bulk of regular WordPress users will be most acquainted with — which is why the official WordPress hosting website seems to hold them in such high esteem. However, many in the industry see them as a corporation that is less interested in providing hosting to individuals and more interested in catering to the vast majority due to their apparently continuous quest to make higher and greater profits by attracting more and more clients.


      There’s nothing inherently wrong with their features. Still, after using them on multiple occasions, I can’t help but think they’re falling slightly behind some of the newer, more cutting-edge, and generally more caring alternatives. This view appears to be shared by many of their more recent online reviews.

      Bluehost is still a pretty fair option in my view (and definitely in the opinion of the official page) for a very modest personal website run by a genuinely ordinary user.

      If, on the other hand, you’re looking to run a profitable online business where things like uptime, performance, and support are critical, I’d recommend spending a little more and going with a slightly more focused service. Their prices are listed as starting at eleven dollars per month, but they’re almost always running offers that make them one of the cheapest hosts around — such as the one available on this very site

      Bluehost vs. Flywheel – Performance

      Bluehost and Flywheel both have outstanding uptimes of almost one-hundred percent. Flywheel is one of the quickest out there in terms of speed, while Bluehost’s over two-hundred worldwide servers also result in rapid load times. To be clear, we’re discussing Bluehost’s managed WordPress hosting plans. Expect slower loading speeds if you choose Bluehost’s less expensive shared hosting plan. Bluehost and Flywheel both offer multi-layer caching and manage your CDN for significantly quicker performance.

      There are very few web hosts that can compete with Flywheel’s performance. Flywheel has virtually perfect uptime, but they also have among of the quickest page-loading rates available and a reputation for beautiful website designs.

      Bluehost vs. Flywheel – Features

      Bluehost and Flywheel both promise to handle all plugin upgrades, security, and backups for you. In addition, they offer free migration, spam prevention, server-side cache, and CDN. Bluehost also offers a free domain name.

      WordPress Web Hosting Plans

      WordPress Web Hosting Plans

      While they both provide fundamental managed WordPress features, Flywheel focuses only on WordPress hosting. They strive to be the best at what they do therefore they don’t offer additional features you’ll need to get your website up and operating, such as domain registration and email. If you wish to utilize Flywheel, you’ll need to set this up yourself and acquire your domain name from a separate registrar. Bluehost offers a free domain name for the first year.

      Reseller Hosting Service

      Reseller Hosting Service

      Reseller hosting is something that Bluehost does not provide, but Flywheel does. Flywheel features options that allow you to deploy up to thirty sites if you’re a web developer or operate an agency. Some site developers charge their customers monthly hosting and maintenance fees in order to offset Flywheel’s monthly costs. Bluehost only allows you to install one WordPress site on any of its plans at the time of writing.

      Site Migration

      Site Migration

      Bluehost uses a plugin to migrate sites, but the process is time-consuming and complicated. On the other hand, Flywheel offers a free site migration. Everything is made more accessible by the fact that you don’t have to do anything. Everything will be taken care of by the customer support team.

      Overviews of All the Features

      Flywheel Features

      • Exclusively dedicated to WordPress web hosting
      • Appealing user interface
      • Workflow tools for free migration
      • VPS hosting plans
      • Daily offsite backups
      • Great value for money
      • Site staging with a single click

      Bluehost Features

      • 24/7 support
      • An intuitive control panel
      • Money-back guarantee
      • Free SSL certificate
      • Free domain
      • Good value for money
      • support for: PHP, MySQL, Joomla.

      Bluehost vs. Flywheel – Security

      We want to see an SSL certificate and some security-related add-ons (whether via plugins or something else) when it comes to security. Without these, Google penalizes you and you risk hacking and malware attacks.

      Computer Security

      Flywheel offer a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. That’s a start, but automated site maintenance functions make it even better. Flywheel uses AI to automate plugin updates on your site. Any changes to your site cause the update to roll back. Then a support ticket is created.

      With Flywheel auto-healing technology, your site and server can diagnose and repair minor PHP issues, which runs all popular content management systems like WordPress.

      Flywheel advises against using security plugins as it already has server-level security measures. Intruders are identified and blocked using IP recognition, and if your site is still infected, Flywheel will clean it up for free.

      However, Bluehost’s security measures are standard. We like the Malware Removal feature. It scans and cleans your site of malware and allows you to configure visitor blacklists manually. And it’s free with every plan.

      Bluehost plans also include “multi-tiered security.” This includes WAF, DDoS, brute force defenses, and bot blocking tools. Bluehost’s basic security features include an SSL certificate and spam protection.

      We were pleasantly surprised by how little security Flywheel requires of the user. Bluehost covers the basics but lacks advanced features. At least it has 24 7 support to make up for that.

      Bluehost vs. Flywheel – Customer Support

      Bluehost vs. Flywheel - Customer Support

      Customer support is an important feature to consider when selecting a hosting platform, whether shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, or any other kind of hosting.

      Bluehost Customer Support

      Bluehost offers round-the-clock customer support. This means you may contact Bluehost customer service through email, phone, or live chat at any time. Web hosting options and website development are very thoroughly covered in the knowledge base provided on Bluehost’s forum. The problem with Bluehost’s customer service is that the degree of help you may get via chat varies depending on the person you interact with.

      Bluehost will only promise support for the most sophisticated plans. Blue Sky Ticket Support is included with the Grow package (middle-tier plan). Blue Sky Live Chat Support is included in the premium Scale plan. This is why Bluehost places a premium on value for money. They anticipate giving you.

      Flywheel Customer Support

      Flywheel has made significant investments in its customer care staff, and it shows. We appreciated the ability to speak with an expert within 15 minutes of our request. You may also anticipate great help from the support crew, who seem to be informed about and well-trained in WordPress.

      Flywheel is significantly better if you anticipate needing assistance to get the most out of your hosting subscription. We simply won’t support representatives to contact me as soon as possible and know what they’re talking about. Flywheel’s WordPress experts excel at this.

      Bluehost vs. Flywheel – Pricing

      Pricing for shared hosting, for example, maybe a source of frustration for aspiring site designers. Low cost is appealing, mainly when the bundles include many features. But sometimes, the pricing of these plans can be a bit complicated.

      Flywheel Pricing

      Managed WordPress hosting is not the best option if you seek the lowest hosting options. Bluehost or SiteGround’s shared hosting plans are a better option if you’re on a tight budget. Aside from that exception, the prices for Bluehost’s and Flywheel’s managed WordPress plans are typical. Flywheel offers monthly plans that are less expensive than Bluehost’s. However, they offer far lower traffic and storage limits:

      • Tiny plan: Five thousand visits per month with up to five gigabytes of storage capacity
      • Starter plan: twenty-five thousand visits per month and up to ten gigabytes of storage space
      • Freelance plan: one-hundred thousand per month visits with up to twenty gigabytes of storage space
      • Agency plan: four-hundred thousand visitors per month with up to fifty gigabytes of storage space

      Flywheel’s Tiny Plan is thirteen dollars per month if invoiced yearly and fifteen dollars per month if billed monthly. If you want to resell web hosting, you must subscribe to either the Agency Plan or Freelance plans. They vary in price from 98 dollars to 250 dollars each month (see picture above) and allow for the addition of up to ten and thirty sites, respectively.

      Bluehost offers much lower monthly prices if you sign a three-year commitment during the application process. After the term of your contract expires, the standard rate will apply for renewal. For example, the Build Plan begins at twenty dollars per month if you sign a three-year contract but increases to thirty dollars per month in the fourth year. If you need a one-year contract, the standard fee will apply.

      Bluehost Pricing

      Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

      Bluehost also offers managed WordPress hosting options. These options start at a little higher monthly cost. However, the higher price provides more traffic and storage:

      • Build: Fifty-thousand monthly visits with up to twenty gigabytes of storage capacity
      • Grow: A one-hundred and Fifty-thousand monthly visits with up to forty gigabytes of storage space
      • Scale: half a million monthly visits with up to eighty gigabytes of storage

      Bluehost offers much cheaper monthly prices if you sign a three-year commitment during the application process. After the term of your contract expires, the standard rate will apply for renewal. For example, the Build Plan begins at $19.95/month if you sign a three-year contract but increases to $29.99/month in the fourth year. If you need a one-year contract, the standard fee will apply. All of this includes a free SSL certificate and domain name.

      Pros And Cons Of Bluehost


      • Free SSL certificate
      • Free CDN
      • Pricing is fair
      • money-back guarantee
      • free domain


      • Site migration is only possible with a plugin
      • Support is lacking in a few key areas

      Pros And Cons Of Flywheel


      • Free SSL certificate
      • Free CDN
      • Site migration is free and easy


      • Pricing is a bit steep
      • Is not able to create a domain name for you

      Bluehost vs. Flywheel – Which Is The Better Provider?

      Flywheel offers a fantastic customer service staff and a generous free trial offer. They can, however, only assist you if you were seeking VPS and managed WordPress hosting plans. We definitely suggest Flywheel, but BlueHost is a decent alternative if you’re looking for something cheaper, such as shared web hosting.

      While Bluehost does not provide a free trial, it nevertheless holds its own in several ways. It is not as quick or as secure as flywheel, but it offers a lot of advantages. Bluehost distinguishes itself with 24-7 support, free SSL, and a plethora of additional features. Not to mention the reduced cost. Bluehost is not as good as Flywheel in general, but it is still a godsend.


      Is Bluehost appropriate for small businesses?

      Yes, Bluehost’s low-cost plans make it an excellent alternative for small enterprises. Bluehost also makes it simple to install WordPress or WooCommerce, allowing you to get your website up and running fast.

      Does FlyWheel offer better support than Bluehost?

      According to the statistics acquired, FlyWheel has somewhat higher customer satisfaction than Bluehost.

      Is shared hosting available from Flywheel?

      No, Flywheel’s plans aren’t public. This implies you’re not sharing resources with the proprietors of other websites. Bluehost does provide shared hosting at a far reduced rate.

      Which is better for beginners, FlyWheel or Bluehost?

      We posed this question to our readers, and the results are in: FlyWheel got 0 points higher than Bluehost, making it the most user-friendly.

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