Bluehost vs. GreenGeeks Comparison

Bluehost vs. GreenGeeks – What To Choose As Your Hosting?


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    Choosing the right web host is essential – after all, you want your website to be accessible to as many people as possible.

    So, which web hosting service should you choose? Bluehost or GreenGeeks? Both are good options, but each has its strengths and weaknesses.

    In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Bluehost and GreenGeeks to help you decide which is the best for you.

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      Bluehost vs. GreenGeeks – Performance Comparison

      Bluehost vs. GreenGeeks

      The easiest way to determine the best hosting provider for your website is by looking at its server performance.

      However, every managed WordPress hosting provider likes to boast about their high speeds high-end servers, so making an informed decision can be difficult before going through with installation or purchasing one.

      Luckily for you, we did precisely that, and here are our conclusions.

      Server Specifications

      Both Bluehost and GreenGeeks boast high-end servers capable of delivering outstanding performance.

      However, there are some critical differences between the two.

      First, let’s take a look at the server specifications for Bluehost:

      • CPU: 2x AMD Opteron 6276
      • RAM: 48GB DDR3
      • Storage: 2x 1TB SATA Hard Drives

      Now, let’s take a look at the server specifications for GreenGeeks:

      • CPU: 2x E5-2620v2
      • RAM: 32GB DDR3
      • Storage: 2x 480GB SSD storage

      As you can see, there are many similarities between the two, such as the use of SSD storage. Still, the servers for Bluehost are a little more potent than those for GreenGeeks.

      However, this performance is only noticeable during times of high activity.

      We will assume that most people’s websites experience low to moderate traffic for this comparison.

      Server Locations

      Another thing you should take into account is server locations or data centers.

      Green Geeks servers are located in Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, and Amsterdam.

      While Bluehost is running over 2 million websites, it has only one data center in Utah.

      This data center is shared with two other famous web hosting providers: HostGator and HostMonster.

      However, do not assume that the infrastructure of Bluehost is poorly developed. This one center is enough to power millions of websites.

      Another shared specification is CDN integration. While Bluehost offers its users direct Cloudflare access, GreenGeeks provides an installer to set up CDN.

      The entire setup might be a bit longer, but considering the four available data centers, along with SSD storage, GreenGeeks is a winner.



      Uptime is the amount of time that a server is operational and accessible.

      Good uptime is essential because it means that your website will be accessible to your visitors most of the time.

      If your website is down, people will not be able to visit it, and that could mean lost sales or customers.

      When talking about GreenGeeks vs. Bluehost, which service is better?

      Well, both WordPress hosting providers offer more or less 99.99% uptime.

      We decided to test this number in four years and see whether any downtime would occur on our site.

      We didn’t experience any downtime with Bluehost in the four months of testing, but we did with GreenGeeks four times.

      However, Bluehost’s uptime varied – in one month, it even dropped to 99.67. At the same time, GreenGeeks kept its uptime relatively stable and not falling below 99.7%.

      Is this slight difference in uptime that important?

      Yes and no.

      Many major websites experience downtime from time to time, without affecting their sales or service almost at all.

      However, GreenGeeks offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and their users can ask for compensation.

      On the other hand, Bluehost doesn’t give any compensation for lower uptime and simply states in their agreement that most problems of such kind are resolved in 15 minutes.

      The winner for this round is GreenGeeks, but only by a small margin.

      Load Time

      The load time of Bluehost is around 689 ms, which makes it one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers.

      On the other hand, GreenGeeks has just as impressive load time, but slightly higher compared to Bluehost.

      Such a small difference is typically not significant in simple websites.

      Load Time

      However, consider that GreenGeeks does have numerous data centers, which is a slight advantage over Bluehost.

      Bluehost’s CDN ensures that the difference in server infrastructure doesn’t negatively affect its performance, especially for high load impact.

      Load Impact

      Load Impact

      As stated, both Bluehost and GreenGeeks offer quick load times, but Bluehost is a little bit faster, and this is especially noticeable when loading large files or when the website is under high load.

      The load time should not be influenced by traffic, and this is one of the problems we noticed with GreenGeeks.

      When it comes to high load impact, Bluehost’s CDN ensures that the load time is quick and constant, no matter how many people are visiting the website at the same time.

      This is not the case with GreenGeeks – their servers are not as well adapted to handle a high number of visitors, which can result in a slowdown of the website.

      Given their characteristics, Bluehost may be the better host.


      TTFB stands for “time to first byte,” a metric used to measure a website’s speed.

      The lower the TTFB, the faster the website.

      So, how do our two web hosting companies compare?

      When it comes to TTFB, Bluehost is faster than GreenGeeks.

      In our tests, Bluehost’s TTFB was around 190 ms, while GreenGeeks was around 260 ms.

      The difference between them is 100 ms, which means that the site might be a little bit slower on GreenGeeks compared to Bluehost.


      Server Response and Compression

      As stated above, your choice should not impact overall performance – it can only increase or decrease it.

      However, compression influences how fast the server responds to your request, and this is an important metric to consider.

      Both Bluehost and GreenGeeks offer compression of static files.

      Compression reduces the size of a file by removing unnecessary data from it, which means that the server responds faster when you request a compressed file.

      So, does each host compress its static files?

      Bluehost does compress static files, while GreenGeeks doesn’t.

      This means that Bluehost will respond faster when you request a compressed file than GreenGeeks, and it can be a small difference in performance.



      GreenGeeks backups are typically scheduled to run every day, and they can be configured through the control panel.

      In the cPanel, you can also find a restore manager that will help you restore your site from a backup.

      Keep in mind that each user has only one free restoration every month, and additional ones cost $25 each.

      The backups that GreenGeeks creates are incremental, which means that only the files that have been changed since the last backup will be copied.

      This makes the backups faster and takes up less storage space.

      Bluehost also offers daily backups, along with weekly and monthly ones, which can be scheduled through the cPanel.

      Since there is no guarantee that backup will be done, Bluehost users are advised to do their backups.

      Bluehost vs. GreenGeeks – Features Comparison

      The performance of the web hosting service is important, but not more than its features.

      Let’s take a look at some of the key features both GreenGeeks and Bluehost offer.

      Domain Name

      When it comes to the domain name, both GreenGeeks and Bluehost offer only one free domain name per user.

      This is quite typical for most web hosting companies, and rarely will you get more than one free domain name.

      Also, keep in mind that you get a free domain name only for one year.

      GreenGeeks charges $13.95 per year for one domain name.

      Site Staging

      Site staging is a feature that allows you to create a copy of your website on another server.

      This way, you can make changes to the staging website without affecting the live website.

      This can be useful for testing out new themes, plugins, or changes to your site before you make them live.

      Bluehost offers site staging as a part of its control panel.

      To set up a staging website, you need to create a subdomain and then install WordPress.

      You can then use the WordPress Export tool to export your content from the live website and import it into the staging website.

      Once you’re done making changes, you can use the WordPress Import tool to import your content back into the live website.

      GreenGeeks offers site staging as well.

      To set up a staging website, you need to create a subdomain and then install WordPress.

      You can then use the WordPress Sync tool to export your content from the live website and import it into the staging website.

      The key difference is that GreenGeeks does have more automated tools for importing and exporting content.

      Free Site Migration

      Both web hosting companies offer free website transfers, which means you can move your site for free.

      However, while Bluehost offers unlimited site transfer, it does have some limitations on the size of the transferred site.

      GreenGeeks has no file size limits when it comes to transferring a site to the company’s servers.

      Site Builder

      Bluehost features a website builder that is easy to use and can help you create a site in minutes.

      The WordPress site builder has pre-made templates for you to choose from, or you can create your custom template.

      You can also add your content, such as text, images, and videos.

      The website builder is free to use, and you don’t need to have any coding knowledge.

      To start using the website builder, you need to create a Bluehost account.

      Once you log in, you can access the website builder and choose a pre-made template or start from scratch.

      You need to add your content and then build the website using the provided tools such as text, images, HTML code, and CSS.

      GreenGeeks does not offer a site builder that is built into the control panel.

      However, the company does offer free website building services for its clients.

      The GreenGeeks Site Builder feature allows you to create a free website quickly, without any coding needed.

      Simply choose a template and then customize it according to your needs.

      All you need to get started is an account on GreenGeeks, or you can create one if you don’t have any and add your website.

      You will be provided with a free hosting plan that includes free site building services.

      However, there is one requirement: you can only use Site Builder on websites running on WordPress.

      File Transfer Limit

      There are no limits when it comes to the size of files that you can transfer when using both Bluehost and GreenGeeks.

      However, you cannot use FTP or SFTP to upload files if your web hosting plan does not include SSH access.

      If you wish to use FTP, make sure to check with the managed WordPress web hosting company to see if they support it.

      Make sure you have an FTP client when using Bluehost so that you can access your files from outside the cPanel.

      In addition, when transferring files, make sure to compress them before transferring to save time and bandwidth.

      Email Rating

      There is a large difference between these two managed WordPress web hosting services when it comes to the number of email accounts that can be linked with one account.

      With basic hosting plans on Bluehost, you get only five email accounts, and if you want more, you will have to upgrade your hosting account and subscription.

      On the other hand, GreenGeeks offers unlimited email accounts to all subscribers.

      Data Bases

      A similar situation is with databases.

      While GreenGeeks users get unlimited databases with all hosting plans, Bluehost users with a basic plan get only 20.


      Both Bluehost and GreenGeeks offer a wide variety of applications that can be used with their web hosting services.

      Some of the most popular applications that can be used include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

      In addition, both companies also offer applications for eCommerce, such as Magento and OpenCart.

      If you’re looking for an application to create a website, both companies have a wide selection of applications to choose from.

      Just remember that not all applications are compatible with both web hosting services, so remember to check the requirements before you start using them.

      GreenGeeks vs. Bluehost – Ease Of Use

      GreenGeeks and Bluehost both offer a variety of web hosting services, including free domain registration, web hosting, and WordPress hosting.

      They are both very user-friendly, making it easy to sign up for their services.

      When signing up for GreenGeeks, you are asked to provide some basic information about yourself, such as your name and email address.

      Once you have filled out the form, you are taken to a page that allows you to choose your plan.

      Bluehost is very similar to GreenGeeks in terms of ease of use. When signing up for Bluehost, you are asked to provide your name and email address as well as create a password.

      You can also sign up for a plan here, which will determine how much storage you have and how many websites you can host.

      Additionally, Bluehost has an amazing onboarding process to help your launch your WordPress site.

      On the other hand, you are on your own – while it is still relatively easy to launch a site, it might take a bit longer as you have to discover many options on your own.

      GreenGeeks vs. Bluehost – Customer Support Comparison

      Customer Support

      Bluehost offers a wide variety of customer support options, including a knowledgebase, video tutorials, blog posts, and a support forum.

      In addition, you can also contact their phone support 24/7.

      GreenGeeks support is available 24/7 as well, and you can resolve any problem you might have either via live chat, phone, or email.

      The biggest difference between these two web hosting services is the quality of the support.

      While Bluehost provides great response time, their support team lacks knowledge about their services.

      Also, their customer support doesn’t always provide the best solutions, and the same problem might arise again soon.

      The lack of English fluency was another drawback we noticed with Bluehost’s support services.

      Explaining the issue is much harder, and understanding what to do to resolve it.

      GreenGeeks has an amazing live chat support team.

      They are responsive and knowledgeable, too, so solving any issue is much easier.

      Their customer support was also very helpful with choosing the right hosting plan.

      GreenGeeks staff has all of the statistics memorized to ensure that they are providing valuable information to their potential users.

      If you go for GreenGeeks, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

      GreenGeeks vs. Bluehost – Security Comparison

      Computer Security

      Both Bluehost and GreenGeeks offer a variety of security features to protect your website.

      GreenGeeks offers a free SSL certificate with all of their hosting plans, which helps to keep your website safe from hackers.

      They also have a malware scanning feature that helps to protect your website from being infected with malware.

      In addition, they also offer a hack attack protection plan that helps to protect your site from being hacked.

      Bluehost also has various security features, including a free SSL certificate, malware scanning, and hack attack protection.

      They also offer a SiteLock security suite that helps to protect your website from being hacked.

      Additionally, Bluehost features a variety of security tutorials and resources to ensure that you can stay secure.

      GreenGeeks Overview

      GreenGeeks Features

      • Free SSL certificate
      • SSD storage
      • Malware scanning
      • VPS and dedicated hosting
      • Managed WordPress hosting
      • 50 GB of disk space
      • Free WordPress migration
      • Free domain name
      • Free email accounts (5GB storage each)
      • 32/64 bit OS compatibility
      • 24/7 live chat support available


      • Free SSL keeps your site safe from hackers and provides a layer of security for your visitors.
      • They have a 30-day money-back guarantee and uptime guarantee.
      • The host is carbon-reducing as it is powered by renewable energy.
      • The malware scanning protects your site from being infected with malware.
      • The cheapest plan is only $2.95 mo.
      • Managed web hosting that makes WordPress installation and management easier.
      • Free domain, unlimited bandwidth, 50 GB disk space, and email accounts to kick-start your site.


      • Their prices might be a bit higher than other hosting providers.
      • They only offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, while most other providers offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.
      • Their phone support is available only for a few hours a day.

      Bluehost Overview

      Bluehost Features

      • Free SSL certificate
      • SSD storage
      • Malware scanning
      • Hack attack protection
      • SiteLock security suite
      • Security tutorials and resources
      • Managed WordPress hosting
      • VPS and Dedicated hosting
      • Free WordPress migration
      • Free domain name
      • 24/7 support available


      • Bluehost provides VPS hosting and dedicated hosting, as well as WordPress and shared hosting.
      • Bluehost has numerous customer support options, phone support, and live chat, available 24/7
      • Automated daily and nightly backups, with the option to manage your backups.
      • The cheapest plan is only $2.95 mo.
      • It is a recommended web hosting by WordPress.
      • Easy to set up your site, thanks to the onboarding process.
      • Money-back guarantee after the first 30 days.


      • Their support lacks knowledge of their services and doesn’t always provide the best solutions so that the same problem might arise again soon.
      • You have to pay for a full year up front, as this web hosting provider doesn’t accept monthly payments.

      Bluehost vs. GreenGeeks – Pricing Comparison

      GreenGeeks offers a variety of hosting plans, including a free plan, a 3-year plan, and a 2-year plan.

      Their prices start at $2.95 per month for shared hosting, $39.95 per month for VPS plans, and go up to $169.00 per month for dedicated hosting.

      They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their plans.

      Bluehost also offers a variety of hosting plans, including a shared hosting plan, a VPS hosting plan, and a dedicated hosting plan.

      If you go for shared hosting, it will cost you $2.95, while VPS plans are $19.99, and for dedicated hosting, you will have to pay significantly more – $79.99.

      In case you are not satisfied with their services, Bluehost has a money-back guarantee so that you can ask for a refund after 30 days.

      Bluehost vs. GreenGeeks – Which Web Hosting Service is better?

      So, who is the winner of the Bluehost vs. GreenGeeks battle?

      The answer to that question depends on what’s important to you.

      Between Bluehost vs. GreenGeeks, the first web hosting site is more popular, with over 2 million sites running on it, while GreenGeeks is considered an eco-friendly, shared hosting provider.

      GreenGeeks offers better uptime and an uptime guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, multiple data centers, load time, and support, but Bluehost has a better load impact.

      If you need reliable shared hosting with great customer service, go with GreenGeeks.

      However, if you are more interested in page speed and site performance, Bluehost might be a better option.


      Which hosting is better than Bluehost?

      Bluehost is a great web hosting service, however, not always the most reliable.

      Some of the great shared hosting sites are:

      InMotion Hosting

      Kinsta is also one of the alternatives and offers a free trial and 30 days guarantee, which you should take advantage of if you’re on the fence between Bluehost vs. Kinsta.

      Is HostGator owned by Bluehost?

      EIG owns both Bluehost and HostGator.

      However, HostGator is a part of the Endurance International Group and some other companies.

      The most popular WordPress hosting providers that EIG owns together with its subsidiaries are:

      Just Host

      Which web host is best for WordPress?

      If you’re looking for WordPress web hosting, then check out the following hosting companies:

      Gator Hosting (also owned by EIG)
      WP Engine.

      Is Bluehost the best option?

      Bluehost is one of the best web hosting services.

      It is reliable, offers several features, VPS, and dedicated hosting, as well as numerous WordPress tools and options at affordable prices.

      Also, its customer support is extremely helpful and friendly.

      However, Bluehost vs. GreenGeeks comparison might not be fair simply because they both have different business models – Greens servers are eco-friendly, powered by green, renewable energy, and create three times more. At the same time, Bluehost is more focused on performance and features.

      Our choice would be GreenGeeks simply because of the uptime guarantee, nightly and daily backups, as well as ease of creating your hosting account and 30 days to claim back money.

      Even with the cheapest plan ($2.95 mo), you get access to plenty of different features.

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