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This is a complete guide about Getting Your Business Online With HostPapa Full-Service Web Hosting Company from Canada.

Nowadays, the online presence of every business is necessary. Because online presence grows your business and profit. If your business has no online presence then you are missing lots of opportunities like brand awareness, immediate customer interaction, profit, and business growth.

In recent times, the customer is smart, and before buying anything he checks the business reviews and its services online. We are presenting some online shopping statistics why your business should have an online purchase.

  1. 15% of buyers do online shopping weekly.
  2. 81% of retail shoppers conduct an online research before buying anything. 
  3. 28% of consumers purchase online a few times a month.
  4. 26 percent of online shoppers shop online once a week.

You should move your offline business in the online world also and HostPapa has the complete solution for this problem. They are providing the full service web hosting solution to their customers at a reasonable price. 

From domain registration, hosting, and email services to security & website building tools options, HostPapa is providing everything to a small business for getting success in the online space. 

So let’s discuss the HostPapa Web Hosting Services at a deeper level  for small businesses.

Get Complete Web Solution for Small Businesses through Hostpapa Web Hosting Company

HostPapa is giving the complete package to the small businesses for moving their offline business in the online space.

1. Free Domain Registration & Transfer

In the online industry, a company domain name is the identity and HostPapa gives you the option to register your company domain name. You can take .com, .net, .in, and .org etc domain at free of cost with hosting plans.

With free domain, they are also providing the domain privacy protection. The domain privacy protection helps you to secure the details of business and no one can access your business details like your name, address, and phone number etc. 

Domain privacy protection is necessary because the growth of the internet is increasing the risk of data stealing. If anyone steals your data then he or she can misuse your data for their benefits. 

This makes domain privacy necessary and after domain privacy protection there is no risk of misuse of your personal data. 

If you have owned a domain name already and want to transfer on HostPapa then they are providing the free domain transfer to their users. No need to pay extra money for domain transfer to that company where you purchased the domain. 

2. Different Hosting Plans

HostPapa is providing the complete web hosting solution for a business. Their web hosting helps the small business to run in online space smoothly without any problem. 

HostPapa has various hosting plans like Shared Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting. These hosting plans have enough features for small businesses at affordable prices.

If you are starting a business online then you can start with Shared Web Hosting Starter Plan where they are providing the 100 GB disk space, free domain registration and transfer, unmetered bandwidth, 24/7 Customer Support, Free SSL and cPanel, Free Website Transfer, 99.9% uptime guarantee and much more. 

For advanced security and higher performance, we recommend you to use their Managed WordPress hosting. Because Managed WordPress hosting helps you to optimize your website speed for better performance and you will also get higher security in comparison to shared web hosting.

In Managed WordPress Hosting Starter Plan, HostPapa is providing free domain registration and transfer, 100GB Disk space, 100 email accounts, 2 websites, free SSL, and WordPress Transfer, 99.9% uptime guarantee, free cPanel, 24/7 customer support, & JetPack Free installed, and much more.

For more power, control, security, and support on your website, you can use HostPapa Reseller and VPS hosting for your small business website.

3. Professional Emails and Website Builder

If you want a separate business email then HostPapa has a solution for small business owners. In these plans they have high storage capacity and you can share your contacts and attachments easily.

You will get a separate business email like [email protected] with complete security solutions like Antispam, Anti Malware, and Antivirus protected.

HostPapa is also providing the GSuite with 30GB storage for storing your business data in a safer place. Their GSuite has completely secured with anti-spam security and there will be no harm to your business data. 

If you do not want to design your website then HostPapa is providing the website builder to their users. The users can easily design their business website through their builder easily. 

Because website builders have more and advanced options to create a website using their drag & drop features and templates. 

If you have not time to create a website then HostPapa is also providing the website creation services to their customers. They will create a highly designed website for you with mobile-responsive features. 

Their website creation services and professional emails save your time and data. You can easily access your website and data without facing any problem.

4. Website Security and Protection

For protecting the website from hackers and attackers, HostPapa provides the security features for the business owners. They are providing the four types of security features.

Protection Power

With the help of this feature, you will get more protection in the form of Malware scan and removal, Content Delivery Network, automatic and manual vulnerability scan, and real time notifications & alerts and so on. 

You will get a complete protection feature and the hackers can not destroy your business website. 

SiteLock Security

In Sitelock security, your business website will get automatic malware scan & removal, IP blacklist options, Web Application firewalls, daily FTP scanning, DDOS monitoring and SSL Support etc.

Automated Website Backup

Backup is necessary for every website owner because if any disaster happens on their website then they can easily live their website online using the backup. 

HostPapa is providing the automated backup with complete security. You can easily access your website through the restore option. 

So we recommend you to backup your website daily because in a disaster condition you can easily get your hard work otherwise all the hard work is lost if you have not any backup solution.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are necessary in recent times because SSL is a ranking factor and business websites who accept payments should have SSL certificates. 

An SSL certificate secures your website from hackers and attackers. HostPapa is providing the SSL certificate to give the website owner complete protection. You will also get the SSL security seal with data encryption, domain authentication, and malware protection with more security features.

Reliable Hosting Solution for Small Business Owners

HostPapa is a reputed web hosting company who is committed to security, technical expertise, reliability and providing the best customer support services to their customers. 

You can easily move your business in the online world through HostPapa using domain registration & transfer, website building tools & services, web hosting plans with higher uptime, email services, and security features. HostPapa is providing everything to a small business owner who wants to succeed online. 

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