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HostMonster vs Bluehost – Which One Is Better In 2022


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    Endurance International Group owns both Bluehost and HostMonster. Bluehost and Hostmonster provide unlimited domain hosting, site builders, and a variety of plans and features to accommodate nearly everyone. Not to mention the pricing, which is not expensive when you consider everything you get for your money. In this in-depth review, we will look at all of the factors that make these two web hosts stand out, and we will tell you which one to go with.

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      HostMonster vs. Bluehost – Performance

      HostMonster vs. Bluehost - Performance

      Server Response Time

      Although neither HostMonster nor Bluehost are especially spectacular in terms of the speeds at with the pages load and performance ratings, as seen in the picture above, a website hosted on HostMonster completely finishes loading in twice as fast as it took a site hosted on Bluehost to load fully. Due to the critical nature of page loading speed – more than half of consumers will leave your website if it takes more than a few seconds to load – Bluehost’s not soo good response time makes HostMonster appear a lot more remarkable.

      HostMonster Server Response Time


      When it comes to low-cost web hosting, Bluehost is a top performer, with an uptime of over 99.99 percent. Bluehost, on the other hand, does not provide an uptime guarantee, so you will not be reimbursed if your website is down for any reason.

      Bluehost Uptime

      Every server hosted by HostMonster has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. There has been an improvement in uptime scores over the last year. Only the promise of “maximum assured uptime,” rather than a precise guarantee, can be made. This ambiguous phrasing disadvantages readers.

      Bluehost vs. HostMonster – Features

      Control panel

      Bluehost offers cPanel, a control panel that includes all of the tools necessary for managing your site and enables you to upgrade your account or purchase add-ons without leaving your dashboard. The menu also includes more advanced functionality, such as a file manager and access to phpMyAdmin.

      Bluehost’s control panel is accessible to all users. Using Bluehost’s distinctive cPanel interface, you can simply manage your site and hosting resources. They enhanced the user experience by redesigning their control panel layout, making it easier to get started with Bluehost.

      When you join up with Hostmonster, on the other hand, you control your account using a customized version of the famous cPanel. This is laid up in a user-friendly manner and is intended to make it simple for newcomers to begin developing their websites.

      The page’s footer is divided into four sections: a helpful getting started part, a product section for easy access to more goods to purchase, a support area, and a corporate information section. The hosting tab also provides a link that opens the classic cPanel layout for those with more expertise.

      Control Panel

      Website Builder

      Bluehost Website Builder

      The visual interface of Bluehost makes it simple to establish a website. Use the one-click drag-and-drop site builder to make changes to any element of your website. You may update the appearance and content of your website with no coding required.

      Bluehost Website Builder

      You may continue to use live adjustments after you’ve published your website to observe any changes made to it in real-time.

      Creative templates for rapid start enable you to get up and running quickly. Bluehost asks you a few questions about your goals and then recommends page layouts based on your responses when you create an account.

      You also have access to a library of hundreds of stock images and a choice of custom fonts. Alternatively, you may upload fonts to guarantee that your website looks just as intended.

      Many website-building tools are great for getting started, but they may often hold you back as your business grows. Bluehost can grow with you, whether you become a WordPress master yourself or have the funds to hire a professional designer in the future.

      HostMonster Website Builder

      Hostmonster, like Bluehost, has pre-built website designs that allow you to get a functional website up and running in a matter of minutes.

      HostMonster Website Builder

      You can use Weebly’s site builder, but if you want more than the basic version, you’ll have to pay an additional fee. Weebly is search engine friendly, just like Concrete5.

      To get you started, it comes with a drag-and-drop builder and a variety of trendy styles. If you want to use it for larger sites, you’ll need to upgrade from the basic version, which only allows for six pages. There is a fee for each transaction unless you upgrade to the Professional edition.

      Weebly’s free plan gives you access to a wide range of responsive and business-oriented themes.

      Concrete5 is included with Webbly. This is a drag-and-and-drop content manager that allows you to quickly design your site.

      If you have a development team, you can limit who can make changes to your page using the standard user allowance framework.

      SEO Tools

      Bluehost SEO

      Bluehost is an excellent option for search engine optimization because the company has been developing its SEO tools for quite some time. The tools are only available for free with the Managed WordPress Grow and Scale subscriptions, which is inconvenient. If you use several plans, the good news is that each one only costs Two dollars a month.

      Bluehost SEO

      In addition to Bluehost’s excellent WordPress integration, the CMS supports a plethora of free plugins that may aid in the search engine optimization of your content. Although the process of installing WordPress on DigitalOcean is slightly longer, the plugins are comparable.

      HostMonster SEO

      As a small business, you need to improve your website so that potential customers can find you online. Hence, the significance of modern SEO tools.

      HostMonster SEO

      Hostmonster gives you a choice. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a service that can be utilized. Your site’s keywords are chosen by you, and the marketing campaigns are handled by them. Getting started with online advertising can take a lot of time, so this could save you some of that time.

      According to HostMonster, an overall SEO score is computed by an algorithm that takes into account all of the factors that contribute to SEO.

      The number of people who have visited your site, its speed, and whether or not it has an SSL certificate are all included in this report. Additionally, the reports provide information on how often your site appears on Google and other popular search engines. It also tells you how your site stacks up against others of its kind. Additionally, this report will give you advice on how to improve your writing. Use this report to help your website in a variety of ways.

      If you’re familiar with digital marketing, you’ll be annoyed by the ambiguity surrounding how some of the ratings are determined. In this situation, you should stick to the marketing methods you’ve already mastered. On the other hand, if you’re new to SEO, the report can be a useful resource.

      Programing Languages

      HostMonster Language Support

      HostMonster’s shared hosting is based on the Linux operating system. Databases and database servers for MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported.

      Among the programming languages accessible are:

      • Perl
      • PHP
      • Python
      • Ruby
      • JavaScript
      • Flash Shockwave

      Bluehost Language Support

      Bluehost also offers support for a variety of programming languages.

      Languages like:

      • PHP
      • Perl5
      • Javascript
      • Flash.


      Most individuals consider their website to be an essential element of their company. As a result, it is critical for websites to be safe against the acts of malicious persons on the internet. While consumers may take measures, the majority of the work is done by the security of the whole hosting infrastructure. And it is the hosting businesses’ responsibility to construct and maintain such infrastructure.

      Computer Security

      Bluehost Security Features

      In spite of Bluehost’s excellent security measures, you may be required to pay for some of them. Let’s Encrypt is included with every membership. While Domain Privacy is a feature that protects the personal information of website owners from hackers, it is only available as part of the most costly plans.

      Bluehost also provides a feature called Sitelock. In addition, Codeguard is used by Bluehost. You may restore your website using daily backups that are created by Codeguard with just one click, in the event that your website is ever compromised.

      Mails sent using Postini are protected against unwanted spam. With the help of Postini, you can protect your email by preventing spam and suspicious-looking emails from being sent to your email inbox.

      Bluehost supports OpenPGP and OpenGPG encryption, allowing users to share and receive data in a safe and secure environment. If you don’t want to rely on passwords from other websites or apps, you may utilize one-click access to sign in to your account. A two-factor authentication is also an option.

      Bluehost is of the opinion that security is a shared responsibility and that users are responsible for ensuring the security of their own data. You may make it easier for yourself to safeguard your website by downloading a checklist from Bluehost that includes everything you need to do. Using an isolation approach that divides accounts on the same server, your website is safe from hackers. Due to its role in maintaining the website’s functioning and functionality, this is a risk mitigation measure.

      HostMonster Security Features

      HostMonster offers many good features to keep your site as safe as possible.

      One of the features that Hostmonter offers is called a site doctor. This is a service that will assist with removing viruses and restoring site backups. If HostMonster, for any reason, cannot solve your issue, they will refund your money.

      You’ll receive complimentary site backups, so if a significant issue arises, you’ll be able to swiftly get your site back up and running. Backups of the site are performed every day, week, and month.

      HostMonster suggests that you download all your files often to ensure that you have access to them if anything goes wrong on their end. It is entirely up to you how often you do this. It is also advised that you obtain backup files before making any modifications to your site.

      Users also receive a free version of Sitelock, a function that acts as a Pseudo-antivirus for their site. Users may update their Sitelock version or buy additional backups from Codeguard.

      Overall, HostMonster isn’t lacking in the security sector.


      HostMonster Additional Features

      1. Bandwidth is not limited
      2. You get free domain name marketing credits on the Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro plans.
      3. 30-day money back.
      4. Installation of applications with a single click
      5. Complete e-commerce functionality

      Bluehost Additional Features

      1. Bandwidth is not limited
      2. No cost domain name
      3. All plans include marketing credits (Google Ads/Bing).
      4. All options except Basic have an infinite number of email addresses.
      5. Installation of applications with a single click
      6. Complete e-commerce functionality

      Bluehost vs. HostMonster – Customer Support

      When selecting a hosting company, there are three factors that should not be overlooked: performance, pricing structure, and customer service. Even the most skilled users, much alone novices, need to seek assistance from time to time. And when this period comes, it is crucial to be reassured that your Web-hosting service’s tech support is present and capable of resolving your issues.

      Bluehost vs. HostMonster - Customer Support

      As a result, we shall evaluate customer service from two perspectives: availability and ability. How simple is it to gain a live rep’s attention, and can live representatives address issues quickly and efficiently? Let us investigate.

      Bluehost Customer Support

      Bluehost features a plethora of methods for contacting live support representatives, and they are accessible on all hosting plans. They provide live chat, phone, email tickets, and knowledgebase assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so users have many alternatives for addressing concerns. We opted to address a technical issue using Bluehost’s live chat assistance to evaluate how accessible their live agents are.

      We attempted numerous times to reach a live representative and were relieved to be connected to one in six minutes or less. Given that Bluehost is one of the world’s major hosting provider providers, an average wait period of five minutes is rather outstanding.

      The majority of the people we interacted with were competent and seemed to know precisely what they were doing. However, several queries puzzled them, and we were forced to wait several minutes for a response. Bluehost’s customer care, in our view, may definitely assist you out if you run into a tiny problem, but for larger issues, you’re going to have a less than ideal experience.

      Bluehost offers a dedicated WordPress customer assistance channel known as Blue flash. It is offered just on the phone channel and is free for all users. Customers may call and request to begin their Blue flash call, and they will be immediately connected to WordPress specialists who can help them through any issues they may be experiencing.

      Hostmonster Customer Support

      A small business owner needs to know that if something goes wrong with their website, their web host can fix it quickly.

      With HostMonster, you can call the technical support team at any time of the day or night and get immediate assistance. Billing, sales, terms of service compliance and verification can all be handled over the additional phone lines at your disposal. There is also a live chat option for each of these support channels.

      This is where HostMonster truly shines; they have a comprehensive knowledge base. To make it easier to find the information you’re looking for, the site features over 500 searchable articles.

      An excellent resource for consumers who want to maximize their website’s potential is provided by well-written, clear, and concise articles. If you want to be as self-sufficient as possible, you may want to check out the video tutorials that some articles offer.

      Finally, you have the option of opening a support ticket and, more importantly, reviewing the history of that ticket. You’ll be able to keep tabs on the progress of each support request you make this way.

      When you’re troubleshooting, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve kept track of all of your support requests.

      HostMonster has an official Facebook account. This channel, on the other hand, appears to be dormant. HostMonster also has a user forum where you can ask questions and interact with other members of the community. ‘

      As a security measure, HostMonster employs a validation token generating method when communicating with its customers. While signed in to your account or using Google Authenticator, this short number may be generated to verify your identity.

      As a result, if the HostMonster team believes they are speaking with an imposter, they can ask for a validation token and be sure they are speaking with the right person.

      The use of a validation token is a great way to ensure that your account is safe. Validation token technology is common in mobile banking services, but it is rare to see it as part of a hosting service.

      HostMonster vs. Bluehost – Pricing

      Bluehost and Hostmonster are both competitively priced. Thankfully none of these web hosting services is expensive. Bluehost is a bit cheaper than Hosmonser, but you will not have to break the bank no matter which hosting provider you chose.

      Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

      Bluehost provides four different web hosting options. On the other hand, Bluehost provides you with a lot of discretion in terms of how many you may have. Bluehost’s price is inexpensive, but there is no money-back guarantee. The four hosting plans offered by Bluehost are as follows:

      • Bluehost Basic
      • Bluehost Plus
      • Bluehost Choice-Plus
      • Bluehost Pro

      Bluehost’s entry-level package includes a free website and a free domain name. This includes one complimentary parked domain name and twenty-five free subdomains. Additionally, you’ll receive fifty gigabytes of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and an SSL certificate. This web hosting plan is priced at 2.95 dollars a month.

      The plus plan from Bluehost includes an unlimited amount of web pages and a free domain name. Additionally, you get an unlimited number of parked domains and subdomains, unlimited storage space, and two hundred dollars in marketing credits. This web hosting package costs 5.45 dollars a month.

      Bluehost’s choice-plus offering contains all of the features of the Plus, along with a free domain name privacy and protection, as well as one complimentary Office mailbox. This plan will cost you 14,99 dollars.

      Finally, Bluehost provides the pro plan, which contains all of the features included with the Choice-Plus plan, as well as a dedicated IP address and exceptional performance, making it an incredible value.

      Bluehost defines high performance as the ability to store a quarter of a million or more, files and having fewer users per server than conventional shared hosting servers. Each user obtains far more resources than they would on a lower-tier web hosting service.

      HostMonster Pricing Plans

      HostsMonster has four shared hosting plans as well. And oddly, they are named the same. The big difference is in their pricing. Hostmonster pricing is a bit more expensive.

      • Hostmonster Basic
      • Hostmonster Plus
      • Hostmonster Choice Plus
      • Hostmonster Pro

      With the Basic shared hosting plan, Hostmonster offers one free site, one free domain, a free SSL certification, and five email accounts. In addition to that, Basic Hostmonster offers Standard performance. This web hosting plan costs 13 dollars a month.

      Hostmonster gives you an unlimited number of sites, one free domain, a free SSL certificate, and unlimited email accounts with the plus shared hosting plan. Along with that, the plus Hostmonster offers Standard performance, just like the basic plan. This shared hosting plan costs 18 dollars a month.

      With the choice plus shared hosting plan, Hostmonster offers an unlimited number of sites, one free domain, a free SSL certification, and unlimited email accounts, just like the plus web hosting plan. And just like the previous two web hosting plans, the choice plus plan gives Standard performance. This web hosting plan costs 20 dollars a month.

      Finally, Pro Hostmonster gives you an unlimited number of sites, one free domain, free SSL certificates, and unlimited email accounts. But, unlike the previous three plans, it also gives you high performance. But this will cost you 34 four dollars a month.

      Pros and Cons of Bluehost


      1. 24 7 support
      2. Decent uptime
      3. Good pricing
      4. offers free site migration
      5. easy to use


      1. No uptime guarantee
      2. No 30 day money back guarantee
      3. Customer service could be better

      Pros and Cons of HostMonster


      1. Many good features
      2. 24 7 support
      3. Easy to use
      4. Unlimited domain hosting
      5. Unlimited email accounts


      1. Just as Bluehost, no uptime guarantee
      2. No 30 day money back guarantee
      3. Pricing is a bit more expensive than Bluehost
      4. Online store options are not good

      Bluehost vs. HostMonster – Which Is The Better Web Host?

      There is no way around it. Bluehost and Hostmonster are both reputable web hosts. On the other hand, choosing a winner is difficult, owing to how similar these two web hosts are. As previously stated, they are both owned by endurance international, which explains their similarities. But, alas, we must admit that Hostmonster is the superior choice. HostMonster outperforms Bluehost in terms of performance and support, and you also get daily backups, which provide some peace of mind in the event of a disaster. Bluehost is a little less expensive, but it’s not enough to satisfy us.


      Is Managed WordPress Hosting available from HostMonster?

      You may install WordPress on any of HostMonster’s plans. However, the servers are not optimized for WordPress, and there is no managed support.

      Meanwhile, Bluehost’s WP Pro plans include automatic upgrades and backups, WordPress caching, Jetpack licenses, etc.

      If you cancel your Bluehost account, do you keep ownership of your domain name?

      You will retain ownership of your domain until the registration period expires. If you had a domain voucher associated with your hosting plan, it would no longer be valid, and you would be responsible for the domain’s purchase.

      If you are responsible for the domain’s cost and a refund applies to your hosting account, the domain’s price will be deducted from your refund amount.

      Is Bluehost more reliable than HostMonster?

      Yes, Bluehost provides superior, more consistent performance in terms of website loading speeds. However, when it comes to uptime, both hosts are equally dependable.

      I tracked their uptime over many months and found that they performed well, with over almost one hundred percent uptime. Bluehost was marginally ahead, but only by a little margin.

      Is there a way to get back money spent on any of Bluehost’s hosting plans?

      Bluehost will refund in full any Bluehost hosting plans that are canceled within the first three days of purchase, as long as the hosting plans were purchased within that time frame. Other than that, there is no 30-day money-back guarantee.

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