How to Add Live Chat to WordPress Website for Your Business?


If you want to communicate with your customers through a website or blog then you should know about How to Add Live Chat Support to WordPress website or blog.

Before adding live chat to WordPress website or blog you should know about What is Live Chat?

What is Live Chat Support?

Live Chat is a web service that allows businesses to communicate with customers or visitors online in real-time through the website. With the help of live chat support on your website, you can talk to your customers and resolve their problems.

So live chat support will help you to generate the leads through your website or blog. If any customers have to face the problem in particular business product then he or she can resolve their problem with the help of live chat support.

Why You Should Use Live Chat Support?

  • Communicate with your customers to personalized the experience.
  • Resolve the problems of your customers.
  • Generate more business leads through live chat.
  • You can do instant communication with your customers to convert them into leads.
  • If you are offline then you can also use live chat support to give them a reply later.

Live Chat Support is necessary for every business owner. So you should know about How to Add Live Chat to WordPress easily.

How to Add Live Chat Support to WordPress Website using Tidio Live Chat?

Step 1: Go to Tidio website and create a free account on Tidio. Click on Use it for free.

Step 2: After click on Use it for free, it will ask you to create your account.

Here you can create an account with the help of Facebook, Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and Email.

We will create an account with the help of our Email Id.

Put your Email id, Password and website URL. Agree with Tidio terms & conditions. Click on Create a free account.

Step 3: It will ask you to Configure your Live Chat.

In the live chat configure, you should do the following steps.

  • Put Your name or Website Name.
  • Upload your own image or your website logo.
  • You can pick your live chat color.
  • Select your language.

After putting all the information, click on Continue.

Step 4: It will ask your account information.

Put your Website URL, Select Your Country and Business Industry.

After putting all the account information then click on Continue.

Step 5: After account information, it will ask How would you connect with your visitors.

  • If you want to show your offer then choose the first option.
  • Ask your customers for calling then choose the second option.
  • If you want to communicate with your customers then choose the third option.

Here we want to connect with our customers then we are choosing the third option.

You can choose any option. After choosing the option, click on Continue.

Step 6: It will show your Welcome Message. You can adjust this message in Automation and Bots Menu.

Click on Continue.

Step 7: It will redirect you to Tidio Live Chat Panel. For adding the live chat to the WordPress website, it will give you a code. Which will help you to install Tidio live chat with WordPress website or blog?

Choose I’ll do it myself and click on Show me the code!

How can you get the code to add the Tidio live chat to WordPress?

  • Go to Channels. In Channels, click on Live Chat.
  • In Live Chat, you will see the Integration option. Click on Integration. You will get a JavaScript Code. Copy the JavaScript Code.

Step 8: After copy the JavaScript Code, Go to Your WordPress website.

In Appearance, you will see the Editor option. Open footer.php file under Editor.

Paste the JavaScript Code before tag. After pasting the code, update the footer.php file.

Click on Continue in Tidio.


Install and Activate Insert Headers and Footer Plugin. You will find this plugin in Settings.

Paste the JavaScript code in Scripts in the Footer section and Click on Save.

So Tidio Live Chat is successfully added to your WordPress website or blog.

Tidio Live Chat is installed on the WordPress website or blog. The Customer can chat with you and your business. You can chat with your customers or visitors instantly.

Note: If you want to get live chat notification on desktop and mobile then download the Tidio Live Chat Application on your desktop and mobile.

Login into desktop and mobile applications through email id then it will send you the live chat message notification and you can do the instant live chat with your customers.

This is one of the best methods to generate leads for your business.

So you should add live chat to your WordPress website or blog. If you are a business owner then you should add live chat to your website to get more leads.


With the help of this guide, you have learned about How to Add Live Chat to WordPress. Now you can easily add live chat to your website or blog. So you should use live chat for your business to interact with your customers or visitors.

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