How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for Higher Performance?


WordPress is a solution to create well-known and well-implemented websites. We can find hosting solutions better adapted to your specifications to achieve outstanding performance. It will help you to choose the best WordPress hosting for your WordPress website or blog.

If you have ever created a web page or have looked for options to create one, you will have come across WordPress. Acquiring a WordPress user login is like solving all your hosting problems at once.

Since WordPress is known as one of the most used content managers on the web. The platform is free and easy to configure. It enables you to manage your page But if you want to use WordPress hosting, then you must choose one optimized for it.

Why and How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is very popular on the internet. It is estimated that 30% of the entire web is created with this innovative platform. But not all hosting provided is the best option to run this software. If you are wondering ‘can I host my own website?’ Here is your answer.

Some may not meet the minimum recommended technical requirements either. Here are the standard requirements set by the developers for the latest version (5.2.2):

  • PHP version 7.3 or higher.
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher or MariaDB version 10.0 or higher.
  • Apache or Nginx web server.
  • Support for secure HTTPS navigation.

The fulfillment of these requirements can be difficult to verify in shared hosting services because providers only show the most comparative value characteristics (disk space and bandwidth).

With the growing popularity of WordPress over the rest of the CMS (Content Management Systems), providers have launched plans that conform to WordPress requirements.

The Hosting WordPress SSD shows higher performance than the Hosting of traditional hard drives. Due to the lack of moving parts data transfer is limited by the network. It multiplies the web hosting speed up to twenty times and boosts performance by 95%.

The SSD disks solve the challenges posed by traditional disks. They reduce your concerns about the rotational latency of the disk and the time of data search.

Benefits of hiring an optimized hosting for WordPress

The fact that the same provider offers different plans for the use of the same software is because of the direct needs of the client. We must not forget that we are facing an extremely flexible and versatile system so that the real performance will be affected by the final application. Which is determined by the nature of your project.

1. Why does WordPress have special requirements?

While any website is composed of HTML pages that the browser interprets to display the content, dynamic systems generate these documents in real-time. Therefore, they require greater computing power and bandwidth than a static site (a series of constant or fixed HTML documents).

This is achieved through the algorithmic technology of PHP ( Hypertext Processor ) or similar ones, which generate HTML documents and other resources as they are needed. This technology, unlike others of the same class as JavaScript, runs on the server-side. The difference mainly lies in the performance of the server.

2. How to size the hosting needs for my website?

Choosing the size of the hosting is a serious concern. This practice is especially complex because of the number of factors involved in the final performance of the website and the user experience. However, we can give a series of general recommendations to establish the indicated WordPress site.

If you need a server for small businesses then you must consider the bandwidth. In general, the most limiting factor in a web hosting plan is the bandwidth. This refers to the amount of data that can be exchanged over a period of 30 days.

The plan should provide enough for all your visitors to view, download content, and interact with your site. Otherwise, the availability of the site will stop until next month, and you will lose hundreds of opportunities and positions in search engines.

You must also consider the number of visitors you want to attend simultaneously. It is not necessary to be precise since it is difficult to know beforehand. The important thing is to relate it to the nature of the project.

If you are launching a blog, you can use cache options (static copies of the website) that allow you to save a little on processing and computation. But if you are launching an online store or e-commerce site, then you should use the most optimal performance without sub-dimensions.

It is not permissible to lose customers due to a lack of speed or unavailability of the website. In the latter case, support for secure browsing is mandatory since when processing payments, it is important to maintain the privacy of the data exchanged.

3. Other benefits

The advantages are not limited to performance, but also to the process and customer experience. Having a plan ready for WordPress implies simplifications that offer advantages to the administrators.

A clear example is an installation. Any script or software of this class must be properly installed following a series of loading steps and database creation. Establishing a  connection with them, and their tables, among others. This can be omitted with automatic installers that allow us to have a functional WordPress site in a few seconds.

Technical support will be specialized in WordPress, which is a clear advantage in the speed of problem-solving. If you hired a more general-purpose web hosting service, then you would have to go through several tickets and operators to reach the best assistance.

When a website is developed, doubts always arise. However, with this specialized product, technicians monitor the work and assist you promptly. There is a whole technical support team specialized in WordPress that is at your disposal for all the necessary knowledge to launch your website, improve it, and distinguish it from the competition.

Security comes first and you must protect your page from data theft. You should look for a hosting provider that gives security to you and your customers. Imagine a database or a page where users enter your credit card information. What would happen if that information is stolen? 

In order for your page to work correctly and solve the problems that may arise, it is best to work with a company specialized in hosting for WordPress. They will know what to do in those cases, especially if they are characterized by their customer service.

Avoid loading speed problems have you encountered slow loading pages? This is due to the quality of the hard drives of the hosting company in which it stores its information.

Remember, quality comes first and foremost. So when choosing a server, you should question the quality they offer in terms of hardware. They should show you sites that are stored on their servers to give you an idea of ​​how their services work.

Remember, you should not be fooled by low prices. Your choice should be based on the quality and benefits they can provide. If your website is for a company you should consider the possible losses that you would have if your website fails at quality and efficiency. 

If the page is slow loading, users would be bothered and would not visit it again. Or that sometimes it’s not even available, you wouldn’t have visitors at all.

Therefore it is better to invest in a web hosting company that is reliable and of quality. The endless concerns on how to host websites without losing more than what you invested come to an end when you hire an authentic website hosting service provider.

When working about WordPress hosting, it is essential to understand the domain vs hosting debacle. In layman’s terms: a  website hosting is the server where a website is stored, whereas the domain is the name of your site. 

Three things to keep in mind to choose our WordPress hosting

1. Space:

Depending on the size of your project, you will need more or less storage space, which will increase as the contents of the web grows. We recommend you look for a hosting provider that offers flexible changes at any time of the plan. 

You should have the choice to start with a basic one that you can scale based on your growth. It will also be important that our hosting provider keeps us informed about the status of our account and notify us when we are close to the contracted space limit.

There are also hosting providers that offer free training on the optimization of use and exclusive tools for file and image compression.

2. Bandwidth:

The ability to transfer data (both upload and download) is another element defined by the selected hosting plan. This will depend mainly on two elements, which weigh the web and the number of users who access it.

If you have a contracted bandwidth less than what you need, you may find loading problems on the web. The users will be dissatisfied when visiting you and not being able to see the information they were looking for about your business.

3. Customer service:

A website must be online and fully operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Having excellent customer service on an uninterrupted basis will allow you to avoid web crashes that may expand over time.

Look for opinions on different forums about the assistance and customer service of the different hosting providers before choosing yours because it is an element that makes the difference.

Now you only have to choose the right web hosting. We personally recommend The WP Help, as it offers you budget-friendly packages for hosting and maintenance. Check out their website for the complete list of services. We’re all about quality hosting for our websites, no? 🙂 

So these are the main reasons to choose the best WordPress Hosting for your blog or website.

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