How to Delete Plugin in WordPress: 3 Simple Ways


Plugins are very important for WordPress. It enhances the features of WordPress. Sometime plugins will create a problem on your website or you want to delete the plugins. So you should know about How to Delete Plugin in WordPress by 3 Simple Ways.

Before deleting the plugins, you should know about How to Install Plugin in WordPress.

How to Install Plugin in WordPress?

There are 3 ways to delete a WordPress Plugin.

How to Delete Plugin in WordPress by 3 Simple Ways

  • You can delete it in WP Admin.
  • Delete Plugin with the help of cPanel.
  • Use FTP to delete the Plugin.

First Method:

How to Delete Plugin in WordPress in WP-Admin?

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Plugins and click on Install Plugins.

Step 3: Select the particular plugin which do you want to delete?

Step 4: Before deleting a plugin, you will deactivate your plugin. So Click on Deactivate in the blue link. It will deactivate your plugin.

Step 5: After deactivating the plugin, it will give you three options.

So click on Delete in Red link. It will permanently delete the plugin from the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

This is an easy method to delete a plugin in WordPress. It is the basic method.

Second Method:

How to Delete a Plugin in WordPress through cPanel?

Sometimes, your website is not loading and your WordPress Admin Dashboard will not show. You can not delete plugin through Admin Dashboard. So you should use this method to delete the plugin.

The plugin will corrupt or produce some error. So you should delete the plugin and your website error will resolve. You should delete the plugin through cPanel and make your website live again.

So follow these steps to delete the plugin.

Step 1: Login into your cPanel through your Username and Password.

Step 2: Go to File Manager in cPanel.

Step 3: In File Manager, you will see the public_html file. Click on public_html.

Step 4: When you will open the public_html file then you will see the wp_content folder. Click on wp_content.

Step 5: After opening the wp-content folder, you will see the plugins folder.

Step 6: Click on Plugins and you will see many plugins installed in the Plugins folder. So choose that plugin which will create the error on your website.

Step 7: When you will select the plugin for deletion, it will show you in blue color. Click on Delete in the upper part of cPanel.

Step 8: When you will click on Delete, it will ask you for Confirmation. So click on Confirm to delete the plugin. Here it will ask you to send the plugin in the trash or skip then you can choose any option.

If you do not want to put the plugin in Trash then you can skip and Confirm the Plugin deletion. It will permanently delete your plugin from WordPress through cPanel.

So this process of plugin deletion is used in a case where your WordPress website does not work.

Third Method:

How to Delete a Plugin in WordPress through FTP?

Step 1: Login into your Filezilla (FTP) account through username, password, port no and host URL.

Step 2: After connecting through Filezilla, it will show you the desktop file in the left side and WordPress website file in the Right Side.

Step 3: Go to the public_html file and open the wp-content folder.

Step 4: Click on the plugins folder and select the particular plugin which you want to delete.

Step 5: After choosing a plugin, select and delete the plugin through the right-click. Your plugin will delete from your WordPress website.

So these are the three methods to delete the plugin. If you have face any problem with any method, you can use others to delete the plugins.


So by this guide, you have learned how to delete the plugin in WordPress using Admin, cPanel, FTP. Choose any method according to your situation.

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