How to Install Theme in WordPress: Ultimate Guide


Themes are the most important part of the WordPress website and it decides how to attract a user by better theme design. So you should know about themes and How to Install Theme in WordPress by various methods.

What is WordPress Themes?

The Theme in WordPress represents the layout and design of your WordPress website or blog. So you can design or customize the theme according to you.

So WordPress will provide you the free and premium themes. Select the theme according to your needs. If you want more then go for Premium themes otherwise free have enough for you in beginning.

How to Install Theme in WordPress: A Beginners Guide

So we tell you about How to Install Theme in WordPress using WP-Admin, Manually through Zip file or through cPanel.

First Method:

How to Install Theme in WordPress using WP Admin?

Step 1: Login into WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Appearance and click Themes.

Step 3: Click Add New and Search your desired theme (Example: You have chosen Ultimate Blogger).

Step 4: Search your Theme like Quick Reading.

Step 5: So there are two options available one is Install and the other is Preview. You can preview the themes before installation otherwise Click Install if you do not want to preview.

Step 6: After theme installation. WordPress will ask to Activate the theme. Click Activate and your WordPress theme and website are ready for work.

So use this method if you want to use the free theme in the WordPress Admin dashboard.

Second Method:

How to Install a WordPress Theme Manually using Zip file?

Step 1: Go to WordPress.Org and search the theme in the Themes section.

Step 2: We have searched the Color Mag theme in wordpress.org.

Step 3: When you will put the Cursor on ColorMag. It will ask you to download the theme.

Step 4: The theme will download in .zip format or zip file.

Step 5: Login into WordPress Admin Dashboard. Go to Appearance and click Themes.

Step 6: Click Add New in Themes. In the first method, you have searched the theme but in this case, it will ask you to Upload Theme. Click Upload Theme.

Step 7: Click Choose File. Choose the downloaded zip file and click Install Now.

Step 8: After installation, you will activate the theme by Click Activate.

Step 9: So your theme will activate and ready for customization.

So use this method if you have a premium theme and upload the premium theme zip file.

Third Method:

How to Install a WordPress Theme in cPanel?

if you do not want to use the above two methods then there are other methods you can try for the WordPress Theme Installation process.

Step 1: Login into your cPanel with username and password.

Step 2: Click File Manager. In the file manager, you will see the public_html file. Open public_html file.

Step 3: In the public_html, open wp-content folder.

Step 4: In the wp-content folder, you will see the themes option. Open Themes folder.

Step 5: Click Upload and Upload the Zip file in cPanel.

Step 6: When you will click the Upload it will redirect you to the new page to upload the zip file.

Step 7: Choose Select file and upload the downloaded theme zip file. When the upload is complete 100%. Leave this page and refresh the theme folder.

Step 8: You will see the zip file in the theme folder. Extract the Zip file by putting the cursor on the zip file through right-clicking.

Step 9: You will see your theme folder after extracting. Delete the zip file.

Step 10: After this process, Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Step 11: Click Appearance and Choose Themes.

Step 12: Activate the theme which is uploaded through cPanel.

So this is the complete process of How to Install WordPress Theme in cPanel. Use this process, if your theme has more than 2 MB.


By these three methods, you have learned How to Install Themes in WordPress if you have a different situation. Apply your favorite method of WordPress theme installation.

Sometimes the same method does not work so you should apply any of them according to the situation.

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