How to Install WordPress in cPanel: A Beginners Guide


WordPress is a popular Content Management System. It is SEO friendly and all bloggers are using WordPress. With the help of WordPress, you can easily develop your website or blog. So you should know about How to Install WordPress in cPanel using Softaculous or Manually.

Note: You should have a domain name before WordPress Installation on cPanel.

How to Install WordPress in cPanel: 2 Best Methods

You can install WordPress in cPanel using two methods:

  • Softaculous
  • Manual Installation

First Method:

How to Install WordPress in cPanel using Softaculous?

Step 1: Login into your cPanel using your username and password.

Step 2: Go to the Softaculous Apps Installer. You will see WordPress under the Softaculous App Installer.

Step 3: Click on WordPress in Softaculous App Installer.

Step 4: After clicking on WordPress, you will see the option for Installing WordPress.

Step 5: Click on Install Now which is appeared in the blue button.

Step 6: After Click on Install Now, you will see the Installation interface.

Here you will see 7 options. These options are:

  • Software Setup
  • Site Settings
  • Admin Account
  • Choose Language
  • Select Plugins
  • Advanced options
  • Select Themes

We break complete setup into different parts.

a. Software Setup:

In Software Setup, you will see 4 parts like Version, Choose Protocol, Domain, In Directory.

First, you will see Version, select the latest version. Here the latest version is 5.2.4.

In Choose Protocol, you can select your protocol with http or https and www with http or https.

After Protocol, you will ask for Choose Domain, Put your domain with extensions like .com, .net, .org, etc.

In Directory, Leave the directory empty.

After the Software setup, you will ask for Site Settings.

b. Site Settings:

In Site Name, Put your website name and in Site Description, Put your description in One Line.

You can Enable Multisite if you want to enable otherwise leave as it is.

c. Admin Account:

In Admin Username, Put your username and In Admin password, Put your password.

Put your email in Admin Email because WordPress will send you the Installation details on your email.

d. Choose Language:

Choose your language otherwise leave it English, if you want to blog in English.

e. Select Plugins:

You can choose both the option if you want to limit login attempts of your WordPress and want to use Classic Editor. If you don’t want then leave as it is.

f. Advanced Options:

Leave Database Name and Table Prefix as it is because it will create a database automatically.

You can choose both Auto Upgrade of themes and plugins otherwise leave as it is if you do not want Auto Upgrade.

g. Select Theme:

If you want a theme for your website then choose any theme here.

But we recommend not to choose any theme here.

h. Install:

Click on Install and it will Install your WordPress website or blog.

So it will show the Congratulation Message to you. So you can open your WordPress Website or blog.

cPanel will provide you the Admin Panel for your WordPress Blog or Website. You can open your Admin Panel by putting wp-admin after your Website URL. Log in through your Username and Password. Your WordPress Admin Dashboard will open.

So this is the complete guide about How to Install WordPress on cPanel using Softaculous. It is an easy method and we recommend you to use this method.

Second Method:

Here we will tell the second method for those who have not Softaculous Option. In old cPanel, Softaculous is not available.

How to Install WordPress Manually on cPanel?

Step 1: Go to and click on Get WordPress.

Step 2: When you will Click on Get WordPress then it will redirect you to download the latest WordPress version zip file. So click on Download WordPress 5.3.2.

Step 3: After clicking on Download WordPress 5.3.2. It will give you the WordPress 5.3.2 zip file.

Step 4: Go to your cPanel and Open File Manager.

Step 5: You will see the public_html file in File Manager. Open public_html.

Step 6: Upload the WordPress 5.3.2 zip file in public_html. When you will click Upload in cPanel it will redirect you to the new page for uploading the zip file.

Step 7: Click on Select Files. Upload the zip file here.

Step 8: After Uploading the zip file, close this page and then go to public_html file and Reload public_html. You will see a zip file in it.

Step 9: Extract this zip file by right-click. Click on Extract.

Step 10: After Extracting, it will give you the WordPress Folder. Delete the WordPress 5.3.2 zip file. Move all Files under WordPress Folder in public_html and delete the WordPress Folder. So it will give you the WordPress Files.

Step 11: Create the database after extracting the file. You can create the database under My SQL Database in cPanel.

Here you will create the database and the User.

How to Create Database for WordPress Website or Blog using cPanel?

You should have the database name, username, and password.

Step 12: After creating the database, Open your Admin Panel by putting the wp-admin after your website URL. It will ask you for the WordPress Admin Setup.

a. Choose your Language and Click on Continue.

b. It will ask you for some information after language selection like Database Name, Username, password, host, Table prefix. Click on Let’s go.

c. Put your Database Name, Username, Password.

Select Database Host as a localhost.

Table prefix as wp_ .

After fill all the details, click on Submit.

d. After submitting all your details, it will ask you to run the installation. Click on Run the Installation.

e. After clicking on Run the Installation, It will ask you for your Site Title, Username, Password, Email.

  • Put your Website Name in the Site title.
  • Choose your Username and password according to you. Fill these fields.
  • Put the email in your Email.
  • In Search Engine Visibility, do not choose this option. Uncheck this.
  • Click on Install WordPress.

f. After Installing WordPress, it will show you the success message. Click on Login.

g. After Click on Login, it will show your Admin login Panel.

h. Login through your username and password. it will open your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

So this is the complete guide about How to Install WordPress
Manually in cPanel.

If you want to install WordPress and face the problem in installation. Use any of these methods.


With the help of this guide, you have learned how to install WordPress. If you have faced some problem apply the methods to install your WordPress website or blog.

We recommend you to use the first method for a WordPress installation. The first method is easy.

Tell us in the comment section, which method do you want to apply for you?

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