How to Setup Push Notifications for WordPress using OneSignal Plugin?


Push Notifications are used to increase the engagement for your WordPress website. If you want to get more engagement then you should add push notification to WordPress. So you should know about How to Setup Push Notifications for WordPress through OneSignal Plugin.

What are Push Notifications?

Push Notification is an automated message which is sent by an application to the users when an application is not opened. In other words, you can say that when the new content is upload on your website then it will send the automatic notifications to your users who subscribers your blog through Push Notifications.

Why You Should Use Web Push Notifications?

Push Notification has a more open rate than Emails. They will give you more engagement and traffic to your blog or Website. So you should use Push Notification for your WordPress website.

It has drive more engagement than Emails.

There are many plugins available in WordPress but OneSignal is best because if you are a beginner then it will provide more features in their free plan.

5 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins for Web in 2022

How to Setup Push Notifications for WordPress using OneSignal?

Step 1: Login into your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Plugins and click on Add New.

Step 3: Install and Activate OneSignal Push Notification Plugin.

Step 4: Click on OneSignal Push on the left side in the WordPress Admin Panel. Go to Setup and it will ask you to create OneSignal Account first.

Step 5: Click on OneSignal and it will redirect you to OneSignal website and Create the account first.

Step 6: After Creating an account, first you will create an APP in OneSignal. Click on ADD APP. It will create an APP for you.

Step 7: After creating an app, it will ask you to choose the platform for creating notifications.

In this case, we will choose Web Push and Click on Next.

Step 8: It will ask you to Configure Web Push for your website. You will Choose Integration here.

There are three types of integration here.

  • Typical Site
  • WordPress Plugin or a Website builder
  • Custom Code.

Choose a WordPress Plugin or Website Builder and Select WordPress CMS.

After Choosing the Integration, it will ask you for WordPress Site Setup.

In WordPress Site Setup, you should fill the following details.

  • Site Name
  • Website URL
  • Site Icon

Enable the option if your website has not SSL otherwise leave as it is.

After WordPress Site Setup, Click on Save.

Step 9: After saving WordPress Site Setup, it will ask you to Configure WordPress Plugin.

It will provide you two things.

Copy APP ID and API Key.

Step 10:

a. Go to Configuration in OneSignal Plugin in WordPress. Paste APP ID in APP ID and API Key in Rest API Key.

b. Enable all the features in Sent Notification settings regarding Push Notifications.

You should enable Post Featured image for Notification Icon and Chrome’s Large Notification Image.

Enable Sent Notification to iOS and Android Platforms.

Put your website name in the Notification title.

c. Do some Subscription bell and Prompt settings for your WordPress site. Set the subscription bell size, position, icon according to your needs.

Enable the option according to your choice. You should enable the following option.

  • Enable subscription bell.
  • The subscription bell will show before and after the subscription.
  • Customize the subscription bell.
  • Show one signal logo on the bell and automatically show the subscription bell to new visitors.

d. In Subscription Bell Text Customization, you do not need to do any settings. All settings are customized automatically.

e. If you want to show the HTTP Popup then you can show this on your website. Enable and Customize the HTTP Popup settings. ( In case of HTTPS do not enable HTTP Popup).

f. If you want to customize the Welcome Notifications settings then change the title and description according to your needs otherwise leave as it is.

Enable Welcome Push Notification settings if it has not enabled.

g. If you want to send the push notification when the post is published then you should enable automatically send the notification when I published the post from WordPress Editor.

You can do tracking through UTM Tracking parameters through Google Analytics.

Enable Show Status Message in Advanced Settings.

After doing all the settings, click on Save.

Step 11: Go to OneSignal Website after doing the settings in Step 10. It will ask you to Add the First User in Step 4 in OneSignal Website.

Click on Go to My Website. It will redirect you to your website and one bell icon will show to you on your website.

So click the Bell Icons on the website and it will ask you to send the notification. Click on Allow. After allowing, it will send you Thank You Notification.

After completing this step, Go to OneSignal Website and Click on Finish.

So Notification Subscription Bell has shown on your desktop like this.

So this is the complete guide about How to Setup Push Notifications for WordPress using One Signal.


So you should set up push notifications for your WordPress website to get more engagement. If you have not added then add this function early to generate more leads for your blog or website through this plugin.

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