How to Setup WooCommerce Loyalty Points, Rewards & Referral?


Retaining your existing customers by running the best WooCommerce loyalty program is wiser and cheaper than acquiring new customers. 

Acknowledge your customer’s loyalty with exclusive points and reward them when they refer your store to their friends.

Why should I acknowledge their loyalty?

Because you need a loyal and well-established customer base to stabilize your revenue, loyal customers can also attract new leads.

In this article, we’ll show you how to run the best WooCommerce loyalty program using the ultimate WooCommerce points and customer loyalty rewards plugin and foster loyalty.

What is WooCommerce loyalty points and rewards?

Loyalty points and reward is the act of offering exclusive WooCommerce rewards to customers who stay loyal to your store. Acknowledging their loyalty will encourage them to continue purchasing at your store and stand by you even during your tough times.

Customer loyalty is essential if you want to stay in the market for a long time, and that is why it is necessary to run the best WooCommerce loyalty program.

What is Flycart’s Loyalty point and reward plugin for WooCommerce?

Flycart’s Loyalty point and reward plugin is the tool that will help you run the best WordPress loyalty program in your store. Using this WooCommerce rewards plugin, you can create a loyalty program in a few clicks and reward customers effortlessly.

Increase your sales and build a loyal customer base seamlessly by running a WooCommerce loyalty program. A distinct aspect of this WooCommerce rewards plugin is the referral program using which customers can earn rewards for every successful referral. 

What is a loyalty points launcher widget?

A new distinctive addition to this loyalty points plugin is the launcher widget. Using this widget you can effortlessly engage with your audience by grabbing their attention. 

You can showcase the rewards you offer for performing specific actions like signing up, referral and reviews using this chat popup like widget. It has user-friendly design and requires no coding experience for customization. 

Proven ways to boost customer loyalty

Loyal customers keep your revenue streamlined, and most of the startups have agreed that loyal customers anchor their growth. The most crucial reason to nurture customer loyalty is that loyal customers spend 67% more on a purchase than occasional customers.

This is why it is essential to boost customer loyalty, and we are going list some proven ways to do that,

  • Make customer service and support your priority; be there when they need you.
  • Reward your customers for specific activities like signing up, purchasing your product, or referring a friend.
  • Run the best WooCommerce loyalty program to acknowledge customer’s loyalty.
  • Build a better relationship with constant customer engagement.
  • Always listen to what they say about the store and make changes accordingly.
  • Transparency is the key to trust; don’t hide anything from them.
  • Offer exclusive discounts, coupons, and gift cards to keep them satisfied.

How to download WooCommerce loyalty rewards and initiate the WooCommerce loyalty program?

Download the Flycart WooCommerce loyalty rewards plugin and run the best WooCommerce loyalty program effortlessly. Setting up of this WooCommerce rewards plugins is straightforward, let’s take a look at the installation process in sequential steps.

Step 1- Login to your WordPress admin, navigate to Plugins.

Step 2 – Click ‘add new’.

Step 3 – Click ‘Upload Plugin’ in the add plugin section.

Step 4 – In the upload plugin section, click ‘choose file’ and select the plugin zip file you downloaded.

Click ‘Install now’ after the file is selected to install the Loyalty points and rewards plugin.

After the plugin is successfully installed, click ‘Activate Plugin’, once your plugin is activated, it should show up on your dashboard. Activate the license key to receive automatic updates and support.

Now you’ve successfully activated the plugin; we’ll guide you on how to set up loyalty points in your store.

Creating global loyalty points 

When a customer is about to complete their current purchase, reward them with points which they can redeem on their next purchase.

Rewarding points in the checkout is an effective strategy because the customer will leave your store with a thought of returning to your store to avail that discount.

Navigate to Loyalty points and rewards and click ‘settings’.

With this WooCommerce loyalty plugin, you can offer points for two types of actions.

  1. Points for purchase action
  2. Points for other action

Reward points for purchase action

In this section, you can manually set the number of points a customer can earn when they complete a purchase.

Enter the points your customer can earn for spending a dollar and click ‘save’.

In this illustration, you can see the points offered for the next purchase when a customer completes the current purchase.

Rewards points for other actions

Using this  WooCommerce loyalty plugin, you can reward points when a customer performs a specific action like signing up or writing a review other than purchasing a product.

Select ‘Earn points for other actions.’

Set how much WooCommerce loyalty rewards you want to offer and click ‘save’.

In this screenshot, you can clearly see the number of points awarded when a customer writes a review.

Create product and category-based loyalty points

With loyalty points and rewards plugin, you can offer product-specific loyalty points. This rule will override the global settings of loyalty points for that product.

Navigate to products from the dashboard,

Select the products for which the customer can collect exclusive points when they purchase it.

In the above illustration, you can see the number of points rewarded when the specific product is purchased.

Category based discounts 

Using this plugin, you can also offer loyalty points when a purchase is made from a specific category.

Navigate to ‘categories.’

Click ‘Save’, after you’ve entered the number of points to be offered for every dollar of purchase.

In this illustration, you can see the points a customer can collect when they purchase a product from a specific category.

Benefits of running a loyalty program

Loyalty points and rewards are offered to customers to build trust and foster loyalty. There are a plethora of WooCommerce rewards plugin in the market to help you run a successful loyalty program in your store. Here are some of the benefits of a loyalty program,

Boost your revenue 

You can retain most of your existing customers by running a WordPress loyalty program. When customers are satisfied with your loyalty program, they will entrust your brand and will stay loyal to your store. This will increase your revenue exponentially because loyal customers are likely to spend more than new customers. 

Customers feel appreciated

When you offer points for writing a review, customers will feel appreciated, and they’ll realize their purpose in your store because you value what they think. This will encourage them to stay loyal to your store, and they will stand by you even when your sales are dipping.

Better engagement 

You can build better engagement with your customers when you run the best loyalty programs for WooCommerce. You can always request your customer to tell you what they think of your store and make your plans accordingly to make it more consumer-friendly. 

Attract new leads 

Increase the curiosity of new customers to stay loyal to your store by offering customer loyalty rewards. Boost your conversions by offering rewards for a customer when they sign up. You can also run referral programs to attract new leads by turning your loyal customers into brand advocates.

Increased Sales

When customers get to know they can collect more points for every purchase, they’ll get excited which increases your traffic and sales. You can also clear out your inventory efficiently by offering product and category-based loyalty points, which increases your sales, eventually.


Increase your revenue by retaining your customers efficiently by running the best WooCommerce customer loyalty program. We showed you how to download WooCommerce loyalty rewards and set up the WooCommerce rewards plugin for your online store.

This article will help you run a dynamic WordPress loyalty program to acknowledge your customers and increase your sales.

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