How to Start a Blog with WordPress using ResellerClub in 2022?


If you want to expand your business then blogging is the best way to expand your business. So you should know about How to Start a Blog with WordPress in 2022.

Blog is necessary for every business owner at this time. If you have not started a blog then start a WordPress Blog and resolve your customer problem and communicating with them.

How to Create a WordPress Blog with ResellerClub in 2022?

So you should know about necessary things for How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2022.

  • Choose Your Blog Topic
  • Take a Custom Domain
  • You will purchase a Web Hosting.
  • Install a Blog on WordPress.
  • Choose Your Themes and Plugins
  • Customize your WordPress Blog
  • Write the First Blog and Publish it.
  • Use Sitemap and Robots.txt file
  • Add WordPress Blog to Google Search Console & Google Analytics
  • Use Email Subscription for Your WordPress Blog
  • Get traffic to Your WordPress Blog

1. Choose Your Blog Topic:

First, you will need a topic to start your WordPress blog. You can choose any topic to start a blog. So you should choose a topic, which you can explain easily and have depth knowledge about that topic.

You can do niche or micro niche related blogging.

In Niche, you will cover all topic around that niche.

While in Micro Niche, you will write a blog around one topic only.

For Example:

If you write about WordPress then WordPress is niche and you will cover all topics related to WordPress.

Otherwise, if you write about WordPress Plugins and Themes then it is micro niche and you will write about themes and plugins only.

So choose the topic around your knowledge and passion.

You can select any niche like Health, Blogging, WordPress, Digital Marketing, Sports, Fitness, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money online etc.

So select your topic and take the next step towards your blog.

2. Take Your Custom Domain:

After selecting the topic, you should think about your Domain name.

Your domain name will short and easy to learn for your visitors and customers.

A Domain Name is the identity or your website address. With the help of domain name, you can easily find by your visitors and customers.

After choosing your domain name, go to Domain name registration websites like Godaddy, Namecheap etc.

You can take your domain name with extensions like .com, .net, .org, .in, etc. So you can choose any extension for your website.

We recommend you to take the .com for your website. If you want to build your blog a brand.

So register your domain name with the extensions early to start a blog and go forward to the next step.

3. Purchase the Web Hosting to Start a Blog:

After registering a domain name, your website will need a server to run your website. So for server, you have web hosting for your WordPress blog.

Step 1:

If you are a beginner then we recommend you to use ResellerClub hosting because it is affordable, provides unlimited space, free SSL and nice customer support.

You take the hosting from us then you will get 30% discount from us on all the Linux Shared Hosting Plans.

Reseller Club provides the three plans.

  • Personal (1 Domain)
  • Business (3 Domains)
  • Pro ( Unlimited Domains)

In all plans, you will get unmetered disk space, data transfer, unlimited email accounts, Free SSL, Free cPanel.

ResellerClub Linux Hosting Plans

Get 30 % off for your ResellerClub Hosting

Choose Personal Plan and Click on buy Now. You can choose any plan.

Step 2:

After clicking on buy now, it will ask you for your Domain name.

If you have the domain name, you can choose I already have a domain name otherwise you can take your domain name from here.

Choose first option, i already have a domain name and put your website URL.

If you want backup and security then you can choose these options otherwise leave these option.

Click on Continue to Checkout.

Step 3:

First, it will show your order summary. You can add other products here if you want otherwise click on Proceed to Checkout.

After click on Proceed to Checkout, it will redirect you to Sign in. In Sign in, you will see the option for creating an account.

Click on Create an Account.

When you will click on Create an account, it will ask you for Email Id, Choose your Phone number, Password, Your Profession, City, State, Zip code etc.

Fill all the details and choose your email id.

After create an account, do the payment.

ResellerClub will send your login details on your registered Gmail Id. It will send you the cPanel login details and your nameserver.

Step 4: Copy the Domain name Server and paste these nameservers on that website where you have taken the domain name.

If you are using Namecheap then go to Domain and paste your domain name server in the Nameserver section. Click on Right tick in green color.

Put the provided nameserver like this.

4. Install Your WordPress Blog:

Step 1: Login into cPanel with the help of provided username and password by ResellerClub.

Step 2: In cPanel, Go to Softaculous App Installer. Click on WordPress in Softaculous App Installer.

Step 3: After choosing WordPress, Click on Install Now.

Put your domain name and choose your username & password.

It will install your blog and open your blog by username & password. For opening your WordPress Admin dashboard then put wp-admin after your website URL.

This will open your login dashboard.

We have written a guide about how to install WordPress using cPanel then read this detailed guide.

How to Install Your WordPress Blog using Softaculous?

5. Choose Your Themes and Plugins:

You can choose your desired WordPress themes. So you should know about theme installation process in WordPress.

How to Install Theme in WordPress?

Choose your desired plugins for your blog. So you should know about which plugin do you want to use for your blog and plugin installation process.

30 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs Every Blogger Should Use

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site to Load Fast in 2022?

So themes and plugins are necessary for your WordPress blog. Use your desired theme and plugins.

6. Customize Your WordPress Blog:

You can set up your WordPress blog according to you. So customize your WordPress blog design.

Go to Appearance and Click on Customize.

So you can change your Site title, Menus, Widgets, Additional CSS and do complete customization according to your needs.

You can give the better design according to your needs by theme customization.

6. Write Your First Blog Post and Publish It:

Go to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard and Publish your first post.

So go to Post section and click on Add New.

Put the title, description for your blog.

Write your blog content with images, tags, and setup the permalinks for your WordPress blog.

After doing all these then click on Publish.

Your first post will publish.

7. Use Sitemap and Robots.txt file:

If you want to get fast indexing of your Webpage then you should use Sitemap.

XML Sitemap will help you to index your webpages early by the Google and other search engines.

Search engine crawls XML sitemap early. So you should know about XML sitemap creation.

How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress and Submit to Google Webmaster tools

If you do not want to crawl any webpage then you should use robots file for your WordPress blog.

You should use robots.txt file for your WordPress blog and disallow that pages which you do not want to index.

How to Create Robots.txt File in WordPress for SEO?

8. Add WordPress Blog to Google Search Console & Google Analytics:

If you want to index your blog posts and pages early in Google then you should use Google Search Console tools for your WordPress blog.

You can maximize your SEO Efforts with this tool. It will see your Website performance and the website page errors.

This tool will help you to submit your blog sitemap and tell you about that website is mobile friendly or not.

So you should know about the How to Add Google Search Console to WordPress for improving your blog ranking.

If you want to know about your website traffic, visitors locations, in real time and other analytics terms.

You should use Google Analytics for your WordPress website or blog. It will help you to tell about direct, organic search, social and referral traffic.

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Website or Blog?

9. Use Email Subscription for WordPress Blog:

If you want to capture your traffic and convert into the regular visitors then you should use email newsletter for your WordPress blog.

Email subscribers are your regular visitors. With the help of email marketing you can drive traffic to your WordPress website or blog.

For capturing the emails, you should provide the value to the visitors, So provide them free EBook, PDF, Courses, etc.

You should know about display the email subscription to Your WordPress blog.

How to Add Email Subscription to Your WordPress blog?

10. Get Traffic to Your WordPress Blog:

If you want to get success for Your WordPress blog then traffic is necessary for you. Traffic will give you the sales and business for your blog.

For getting the traffic you should follow this guide to boost your blog traffic.

How to Increase Your WordPress Blog Traffic for Free?

So these are the tips for how to Start a blog with WordPress in 2022.


With the help of this guide, You have known about how to Start a WordPress Blog. We have added the additional guide for helping to start a WordPress blog.

Blogging is necessary for every business owner. So you should use blogging for your business and you can earn through your WordPress blog.

You can get more earning through customizing your WordPress blog. WordPress will give you the more customization option for blogging. The CMS WordPress will give you the more optimization.

How to Speed Up WordPress Site?

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