How To Start A Mom Blog

How To Start A Mom Blog


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    There are many people who are wondering how to start a mom blog. A potential mommy blogger may give up before she even started blogging because the competition is big, and there is a lot of technical things that go into how to start a mom blog.

    But we are here to tell you there is nothing to be afraid of. With all the resources having a hosted blog, using a free blogging platform such as the WordPress blog set, or simply having a self-hosted WordPress blog has never been easier.

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      Step 1: Before You Start A Mom Blog, Know What Kind It Will Be

      As soon as you’ve started writing, it’s important to decide the focus or direction of your blog posts. Another way of putting it: What kind of blog do you intend to begin?

      You can set up a blog that is shared by multiple people. If you’d prefer, you could start a blog for moms and other people who are labeled “stay-at-home moms,” where they can share their stories and ideas.

      Alternatively, you can start a blog solely for the purpose of earning money for yourself.

      Regardless of the circumstances, your blog and blog posts must have a distinct focus. Here, you’ll find useful advice and guidance as you progress through the following stages.

      It’s important to keep in mind that people who read your blog are doing so because it benefits them.

      This means that you need to make sure that your blog will help your readers solve a real problem.

      It is important to be crystal clear about the problem you are trying to solve, however, as this leads to the next step.

      What Will Be the Mom Blog Niche?

      It’s important to identify a specific demographic group that your blog posts will be most effective at targeting. For example, the mom blog niche focuses on writing for and by moms.

      On the other hand, the mother blogosphere has a plethora of content to choose from. The following sub-niches will help you narrow your focus and help you become an expert in your field.

      • Online courses
      • Stay at home mom lifestyle
      • Blog about taking care of the kids’
      • Cleaning and housekeeping
      • Advice on parenting
      • Homeschooling

      As you can see, when choosing a blog niche, there are so many options before you start a mom blog.

      Step 2: Decide Which Free Blogging Platform To Go With

      Choosing a blogging platform comes after deciding on a niche. This step is not as important as some other steps we will come to later when it comes to making a successful blog. Blog platforms are the technology that allows people who are interested in what you have to say to access it. From a variety of blogging platforms, you can choose one. While some are free, many others require a subscription.

      There are a number of platforms that are completely free of charge, including blogger, Squarespace, or Wix.

      Keep in mind that even though they’re free, the revenue you lose as a result of using any of them will be substantial.

      Due to the limitations of free blogging platforms, you may not be able to monetize your mom’s blog in the future. This is the case.

      WordPress is the only self-hosted blogging platform you can use to build a profitable and successful mom blog.

      WordPress provides free and open-source software for users to build and administer websites. In addition to blogs, they can help you create anything from eCommerce stores to corporate websites to creative portfolios.

      WordPress makes it simple to create a website, even if you’ve never done it before. A professional website can be created without any knowledge of design or programming.

      There are hundreds of WordPress themes to choose from when it comes to the look and feel of your website. A wide variety of plugins are available to assist you in optimizing your site. Starting a new WordPress blog, deciding on a premium WordPress theme, and getting started is easy and will quickly make money for you if you monetize it right. But we will talk about that later.

      Step 3: Time To Start Making Your Mom Blogging Platform

      Choose a Domain Name

      Your blog’s name should include relevant keywords so that your readers know what your blog is all about. Things like this can’t be ignored in the process of building a successful motherhood blog, so keep an eye out for them as you go along.

      Once you’ve decided on a domain name for your mom’s blog, you can go ahead and get it. If your blog’s name is similar, your readers will be able to quickly locate and identify you on the internet.

      You should:

      Use your imagination when making a domain name. No one likes a dull, generic name.

      Make it simple and memorable. This way, your mom’s blog will stick in people’s memories.

      Do not purchase an already established domain name. These types of transactions are usually not worth it.

      If all else fails, use a name generator. This way, you can take the hard part out and focus on the most important thing in your mom blogging journey: the mom blog itself.

      Step 4: Chose The Web Host For Your Mom’s Blog


      In addition to shared and dedicated hosting, Bluehost also offers easy-to-install WordPress and VPS hosting. You can’t go wrong with Bluehost web hosting, so it will be good whichever option you go with for your mom’s blog.

      Another benefit of Bluehost is that it’s compatible with WordPress, one of the most widely used content management systems. WordPress currently recommends only three hosting providers. With Bluehost, you also receive a free domain, which is a big bonus.

      In addition to good WordPress support and a free domain, Bluehost’s current customer base includes over 2 million websites around the world. They want to get people to take full advantage of what the internet has to offer.

      If you are looking to have a successful blog, you should seriously consider Bluehost.


      If you want to host your mother’s blog, DigitalOcean is a great option. Digital Ocean hosts a large number of popular blogs. Contrary to Bluehost, it is a provider of cloud-based hosting services. A network of synchronized computers that share resources can be used to host your website in the cloud.

      Because it allows an infinite number of computers to work together as a single system, cloud hosting has the potential to be infinitely scalable. There are multiple physical servers that are pooled together and presented as a single system by virtualization.


      Flywheel is a WordPress hosting expert, which means that they solely host WordPress-powered websites. It is easy to install WordPress, and a lot of people know how to use it. As a consequence, WordPress powers the whole platform from the bottom up. Indeed, their servers and systems can run WordPress substantially better than virtually all non-specialist rivals, giving an excellent blend of practically everything a WordPress user might want from a web host.

      If you want to be a mom blogger, a WordPress blog is an excellent place to start your blogging journey.

      Step 5: Decide On The Theme Of Your Mommy Blog

      As long as your mom’s blogging site is visually appealing and works on both a PC and a phone screen, you don’t need to worry about anything else. This can’t be done in a specific way. However, as a mom blogger, you can be sure that you are interested in it.

      WordPress comes with a number of pre-made theme templates that you can make use of. You can use them to make the process of writing blog posts more efficient and visually appealing.

      In addition to beautiful WordPress themes, Bluchic also provides step-by-step instructions and video tutorials! In order to help you with your online presence, the Bluchic team provides a fantastic blog with plenty of helpful advice and a free resource library.

      Revival of the 316-Desing The use of WordPress themes is strongly advised. The design themes for the Genesis Framework. We appreciate the active Facebook community for customers and the Theme Quiz to help you choose the right WordPress theme for you provided by this theme maker.

      Free WordPress blog themes are also an option. For free themes, you should only use those that come from reputable sources. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll appreciate the beautiful and functional free themes available at Blossom Themes.

      Step 6: Chose The Essential Pages For You Mom Blog

      Make a nice logo for your blog – Develop a logo while making changes to your template to make it more appealing and unique. Help your blog stand out from the crowd by creating a unique blog logo that is easy to remember. Be mindful of the overall look and feel of your website when designing your logo.

      Make the about page – You may build a connection with prospective clients using your About page. Justify your actions. Do you value your product, your industry, and the world? People will want to collaborate with you if you demonstrate your enthusiasm for the project.

      Make a contact section – Avoid sidebars that detract from the task you want visitors to accomplish by removing them from your website. Keep your eyes on the contact form at all times. In your contact form, don’t ask for any information that isn’t absolutely necessary. A lower conversion rate may be the result of forms asking for too much information, such as full street addresses and phone numbers.

      Step 7: Create Content For Your New Blog

      You’re now all set to begin writing your first blog post. You are now ready to launch your mom blog with your first posts. Having said that, what exactly are you going to write about?

      This will depend on the blog niche you select. Begin by breaking down your problem into smaller, more manageable chunks.

      Articles with checklists or cheat sheets can be created. You can make blog posts such as “How to make a low-calorie breakfast for your child” or “How often should a stay-at-home mom clean the house.”

      The possibilities are endless. As an alternative, you can conduct interviews or solicit guest posts from other bloggers. To keep things interesting on your blog, be sure to include both personal stories and case studies.

      As you can see, starting a new mom blog can cover a wide range of topics. When picking topics for your blog, make sure they fit into the blog niche that you have decided on.

      Some Add-Ons To Think About

      Plugins for Mom Blogs

      For example, an online content management system may have plugins that can be added to it. The following plugins are useful if you’ve chosen WordPress as the platform for your mom blogging website.

      WordPress plugins for mom bloggers include the ones listed below:

      WPForms. Use a contact form on your website so that visitors can get in touch with you. To add or remove fields from a contact form, use the drag-and-drop builder.

      UpdraftPlus. The loss of your site and its content could occur if you do not regularly back up your site and its data. This plugin includes options like scheduled backups and cloud-based backup storage to make the process more efficient. 

      Akismet. Spam submissions to contact forms and comments can be checked against a worldwide database of spam submissions. Once found in the database, they are immediately removed.

      Advertise Your Mom’s Blog

      You’ll need to get the word out about your new blog with some advertising. At first, it may appear difficult, but as you continue to read, the solution will become increasingly apparent.

      Your new mom blog may not be popular for a long time if you do nothing. This dilemma can be solved by promoting your mom’s blog on a regular basis. This method will allow you to attract as many visitors as possible.

      There are a variety of ways to advertise your mom’s blog, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Create and implement a personalized email marketing strategy. To keep your readers up to date on any new blog posts that you publish. For this method to be effective, your mom blog must already have a large following of loyal readers.

      There should be an option to share the post on social media. At the end of each post, include a share button. Writing pieces can be shared on social networking sites with a single click.

      Start guest blogging on other mom blogs. Write for other well-known blogs as a guest blogger, ideally ones related to your blog niche. Using your posts, you can entice the readers of other mom blogs to come to yours.

      Join a community of fellow parent bloggers and share your thoughts and ideas with them. Attend book blogging events and connect with other bloggers in your area of interest.

      Encourage others to engage with your work by leaving a comment or adding a new one of your own. The more book bloggers you know, the more opportunities you have to collaborate in the future. As a result, you’ll be able to accept guest posts on your mom blog.

      If you do all of this, you will bring your new blog traffic in no time.

      Make Money Mom Blogging

      If you want to make money from your mom’s blog, you must first learn how to monetize a website. Many mom bloggers miss this step because they don’t know how to make money blogging.

      Money from your blog will take time and effort. Also, we must warn you that starting a mom blog won’t guarantee a steady income. At least not in the beginning. How much money mom blogs make is hard to say because there are a lot of them out there. Some people make a lot of money blogging. Some don’t make a lot of money blogging. The blogging world, in general, is like that.

      Your mom’s blog will need to have a steady stream of visitors before you can begin earning money from it. Fortunately, if you follow the guidelines we’ve provided, you shouldn’t have any difficulties. It is possible to make money from your blog in a variety of ways.

      You can use affiliate marketing that you can share on your own blog post. Mom bloggers that own a self-hosted blog can. Affiliate marketing is good because it is easy and profitable at the same time. You just have to have one blog post dedicated to an affiliate link, and with that, you have a profitable mom blog.

      You can also make money online by using direct advertising, AKA Google AdSense. This way, it is up to the search engines to promote your mommy blog. Google AdSense can be a bit expensive because of its popularity. Many bloggers make money online from google AdSense. Mommy bloggers are not the only ones using this method. Other bloggers use it as well.

      There is also a way to make money on mommy blogs with a sponsored blog post. A sponsored post is similar to an affiliate link, but instead of just mentioning a certain product and adding a link, you make the whole blog post about something that you are paid for. Sponsored posts are an amazing way to make money online for new bloggers, especially people who are trying to make money blogging.


      If you were asking yourself how to start a mom blog, we hope that we have helped you. Mom blogs are a lot of work, and there is a lot of competition. Writing blog posts is not easy, especially if we are talking about mom blogs.

      New bloggers may find all of this information a bit overwhelming, but if you are one of them, do not worry, you just need to find your own profitable blogging niches and start a mom blog. In no time, you will be making money from sponsored posts on your WordPress blog, especially if that is a self-hosted blog. What are you waiting for now? Go start a mom blog.


      How do I make a successful mom blog?

      Mom bloggers all over the blogging world are asking the same question. But the only thing you really need in order to start a mom blog and bring your mom blog traffic is the perseverance to do what you love.
      A little technical know-how is good, but it is not necessary. Mom blogs do not need to be difficult

      Which social media networks should I utilize to promote my blog?

      What you include in your article will be influenced by your target audience. You do not have to be present on every social media network available.

      People in your target market will be more open to those they like. Don’t spend time on other social networking platforms. Attempting to achieve everything at once will result in failure.

      Is SEO important when it comes to making money blogging?

      Search engines are the bread and butter when it comes to making your blog visible.

      If your blog is hidden from people who are looking for it, you will have a hard monetizing it. But if you consider SEO, you can start making money blogging as soon as you begin.

      How can I possibly stand out in a sea of parent blogs?

      You are unlike everyone else; you are one-of-a-kind in every aspect. It’s time to be more genuine in your writing and the whole appearance of your parent blog.
      You’ll have a more memorable parent blog if you disclose more about yourself.

      I’m out of money. What should I start with?

      This isn’t a huge deal when it comes to mom blogging. You won’t have to pay any money to get started in a matter of minutes.

      Mom bloggers do not need a lot of money. You may create a book blog right now using any of the free themes (you can use any free WordPress theme).

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