How To Start A Video Game Blog

How To Start A Video Game Blog


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    If you have ever wondered how to start a video game blog, this is your lucky day. We are here to give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful blog using free platforms, a WordPress plugin or two, and a lot of creativity.

    After you are done reading this, you will know all the answers about how to start a video game blog, so you can stop thinking about how to make a blog and focus on the fun stuff: the content itself.

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      Step 1: Decide What Your Gaming Blog Is Going To Be About

      The gaming industry is vast, and there are many things you can write about in your particular gaming blog. You need to be aware, though, that there are many gaming blogs out there and that you need to be smart when deciding what gaming niche you want to tap into. This is of paramount importance if you wish to have a successful gaming blog.

      Decide What Your Gaming Blog Is Going To Be About

      Some of the avenues you can choose for your own gaming blog today are:

      Video Game reviews: We are talking about game reviews first because it is the most common gaming niche that gaming blogs are about. The barrier to entry is very low, so everyone can do it. Everyone wants to talk about new games.

      The game reviews video game blog niche is attractive because if you become a high-profile reviewer, you can start receiving free review copies of a particular video game that is about to come out.

      Gaming News: As a video game blogger that covers the latest gaming news, you will be more of a journalist than a gamer. You will write about everything that is happening in the gaming industry. You will create blog content journaling the development of many upcoming games.

      To be able to write about gaming news, you will need to get in contact with game developers and game publishers. But be aware that there are some high-profile gaming news outlets, like Game Informer, that will be your competition. If that sounds like fun, then this is a good direction to start a gaming blog in.

      Walkthroughs and speed run: This is one of the most popular types of blogs in the gaming industry. But it is also a type of blog that is very much rooted in the gaming community. There is no one person who is an expert in creating walkthrough and speedrun guides. It is a team effort.

      Every person in the walkthrough and speedrun gaming community contributes in their own way to its development. If you would like your own blog to be a part of a bigger community, then this is the niche that would best suit your new gaming blog.

      Gaming equipment review: There is a lot of equipment in the gaming industry. You should start a video game blog in this avenue if you are tech-savvy and you want to create content about the gamer gear and all the functionality of the gear itself. This would include:

      • Gaming chairs
      • Consoles
      • Headsets
      • Keyboards and mice
      • High refresh rate monitors
      • cameras for streaming

      Professional gaming and streaming: If you are a person that streams games on twitch, or you are a person who earns money in gaming competitions, you can start a gaming blog that is about your journey as a professional gamer.

      You can also talk about tips and tricks of the gaming trade. There are not many gaming bloggers who are also professional gamers, and that is why a new gaming blog in this avenue could be a good idea.

      There are many more avenues by that you could start a gaming blog. For the sake of brevity, we have covered the most popular ones.

      Step 2: Start Putting Together Your Video Game Blogging Platform

      Select a Domain Name

      Choosing a domain name is the first step in starting a gaming blog. When choosing a name, make sure it’s both memorable and straightforward.

      Select a Domain Name

      Your blog’s name should be chosen with care because it will serve as both an online identity and a brand for you.

      Create a domain name that is both interesting and memorable. Long domain names are more difficult to remember and type because they are more difficult to pronounce. No more than three words should be used.

      If a project name has already been taken, it is possible that you will not be able to obtain it. This does not imply that you should abandon your efforts. Look up synonyms or similar phrases to help you find a name you like better.

      Select a domain name that accurately reflects your intentions for marketing your gaming blog. It is most effective when blog names are inspired by your long-term goals, as opposed to when they are merely descriptive.

      Step 3: Chose A Web Hosting Service For Your Video Game Blog



      In terms of web hosting services, Bluehost is the best on the market at the time of writing. This is an introduction to the process of creating a website from the ground up.

      Shared hosting plans from Bluehost are available in three different configurations: Prime, Plus, and Basic. This is the most expensive of the three options available.

      Their standard features include 99.98 percent uptime and 100 GB of storage space, among other things. Additionally, when you sign up for this hosting plan, you’ll receive free backups, cPanel access, and a complimentary domain name.

      The reason Bluehost is the best WordPress hosting option available right now is simple: they provide a great experience for their customers. There is a free WordPress migration tool available for download.

      Following your purchase, an internal Bluehost team will evaluate your website to determine whether you are eligible for a free transfer between Bluehost and WordPress.


      Domain registration and management are GoDaddy’s primary responsibilities. Additionally, it provides web hosting, a website builder, and marketing services. Finally, GoDaddy is a huge player in the Internet services market and is used to get a website up and running.

      Host provider GoDaddy is reliable. It’s easy to manage your website with the help of cPanel and a free domain name. The company’s web hosting services are also reliable and fast. SSL certificates aren’t available in free apps, so it only offers the bare minimum in terms of security protection.

      GoDaddy offers a free domain name with the purchase of web hosting or website development services. Their plans all come with a free domain name. If you’re just getting started, you can pick from a wide range of well-known top-level domains, including and more obscure variations such as .club,.UK, .net, and .co.



      When we say that Flywheel is a WordPress hosting expert, we really mean it. That WordPress is at the heart of the platform is indicated by this. They are almost as good as Bluehost, but their focus on WordPress limits their capabilities in some areas, as does their pricing. Bluehost offers a variety of services in addition to WordPress hosting.

      Flywheel provides the best combination of services for WordPress users looking for a web host because they are more adept at running WordPress than virtually all of their non-specialist competitors.

      Step 4: Determine Which Blogging Platform Is Best Suited To Your Needs

      When it comes to setting up a blog, there are numerous free and paid options available. Although free gaming blogging platforms appear to be an attractive option at first glance, there are a number of disadvantages to using them, as discussed below.

      Each of these free blogging platforms has its own set of restrictions that must be adhered to.

      Customizing your video game blog is not an option at this time. As a result, you will be unable to establish your own brand, and the design of your game blog will be less customizable.

      Aside from that, the free versions are subject to limitations that may be detrimental in the long run. Successful individuals in the online video game industry will require every bit of assistance they can get their hands on.

      In addition, starting a video game company on a free platform is more difficult because you don’t have complete control over the site, which makes it more difficult. This means that if you are unable to monetize your video game blog, it will have a negative impact on your overall traffic.


      It is not worthwhile for you to use a free option as a long-term gaming blogger in the video game industry. WordPress, in our opinion, is the best blogging platform available. Being able to blog on WordPress will save you a great deal of time and effort! This will make it easier for you to start a gaming blog and, more importantly, a successful gaming blog.

      There are numerous WordPress plugins and themes available for use. WordPress’s user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for creating a gaming blog platform. Within minutes, WordPress can be set up, and you can immediately begin blogging about video games.

      If you have been blogging for some time or are just getting started, there is no difference between you and others. WordPress makes it simple to start earning money from your blog as soon as you create it.

      Step 5: Choose Your Blog’s Design Using A Theme

      Choose Your Blog's Design Using A Theme

      The look and feel of your brand-new blog are crucial. Your target audience will be larger if your offer is more enticing. A blog may have a minimalist design due to the limited number of features it can provide. It’s important, however, to use eye-catching colors and fonts, as well as an eye-catching layout to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

      Most bloggers ignore this step, even though there is no going around this. All successful blogs must have a well-designed theme for their website, whether it is a free theme or a paid theme.

      Installing A Custom WordPress Theme

      When it comes to themes, WordPress has built-in options that include free and paid options as well as the ability to design your own. Making your blog stand out is possible with the help of a custom theme. Altering the theme’s appearance may also help it stand out to gamers.

      It isn’t necessary to be an expert coder to create a custom theme. To build your own custom theme, you will need to use a local staging environment, so familiarity with these environments is preferable. As a bonus, it would be helpful to have some knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS.

      Step 6: Your Video Game Blog Should Have All The Required Pages

      After you’ve decided on a theme, you can start creating pages for your website. You must first set up your website with the essential pages before you can begin blogging.

      Your Video Game Blog Should Have All The Required Pages

      The necessary pages include the about page, the privacy policy, the contact page, and a logo as well.

      Designing a logo is a great way to establish your blog’s identity: The creation of a logo is a must in today’s world not just if you want to start a video game blog, but if you want to have an online business in general. This is why we recommend hiring a professional to make a well-designed logo for you. It may cost a bit upfront, but in the long term, it will pay off.

      Make a policy on privacy protections: It’s a requirement for any blog covering the video game industry. This policy explains what you do with the information you gather from visitors to your website.

      To write this document yourself or hire a professional is entirely up to you. As with any other legal documents, they will be personalized to fit your requirements. The use of a Creative Commons license may also be an option for your gaming blog. If you don’t want people using your images in a certain way, let them know.

      Create your blog’s “About Me” page: The about me page is important because it is supposed to introduce your audience to your new blog. On your about page, you should note why you started a gaming blog. You do not have to go into extreme detail. Write down just the essentials.

      Ensure that your individuality is expressed through your writing and that your blog’s tone is consistent with your writing style.

      Make a page for your contact information: Customers, clients, and followers should be able to contact you on this page. Email, phone, Skype, and any other social media tool you desire should be included on this page.

      Enable your website users to reach out to you if they have any questions or comments. Make it possible for site visitors to contact you with any questions, concerns, or compliments they may have.

      Step 7: Organize Your Blog Posts Ahead Of Time

      This step should not be hard at all. As a gaming blogger, you have the privilege that there is always something new around the corner. Something new that your followers will be looking forward to. Because of this, you will have the ability to plan out your content accordingly.

      Organize Your Blog Posts Ahead Of Time

      Is a new game coming out in a few months? You can create engaging content that will hype the new game up. If the game that is coming out is a sequel, you can play the earlier games in the series in preparation for the release of the new game. The possibilities are endless.

      Attention-grabbing headlines are essential if you want your social media postings to be seen and clicked on. It’s best to spend some time on them. The headlines used to promote a blog post are just as important as the content itself.

      You might want to think about emphasizing any unique aspects of the Video game or a review if you review games that you are writing about in your headlines.

      Maintaining a consistent publishing schedule is one of the most challenging elements of blogging, particularly for many beginner bloggers. Sometimes you don’t know what to write about on your gaming blog, or you’re just too busy with other responsibilities to dedicate the time required to your blog.

      Making a monthly calendar ahead of time can help you keep on track by giving you an overview and plan for the following month.

      It will assist you in planning ahead of time for your posts by providing you with a clear notion of what themes to discuss on your video game blog each week. It will also assist you in selecting the best days and times to publish.

      Publish fresh material on a regular basis, even if your site only gets 100 visits each month. They anticipate that you will blog on a frequent basis in order to increase your viewership.

      If you want to be successful, you must remember to create and publish information on your blog that is related to the gaming topic you have chosen. Consider what your target audience could be interested in seeing or reading while developing fresh content.

      Developing a successful company plan requires the capacity to identify and comprehend your target market. You will be able to find the right clientele if you follow this process. Before you can start creating content that your ideal client would find useful, you must first figure out who that customer is and what they desire.

      Additions To Your Blog Posts To Consider

      Video Game Blog Plugins

      It is possible to use modules (plugins) to improve the functionality of your website and make it more user-friendly. Several of these tools, for example, can only be found in a well-functioning blog because they are plugins for the WordPress content management system. Following are some third-party plugins that we would like to draw your attention to:

      W3 Total Cache – Caching plugins are an absolute must-have for any website. Your pages will be cached locally, allowing them to load more quickly and consuming fewer server resources as a result of this. To get started, you don’t need to be an expert in caching theory or practice. Just keep in mind that it will improve the overall performance of your blog.

      SEOPress – Increase the visibility of your website in search engine results by incorporating a search engine optimization plugin. SEOPress is our top pick for the best search engine optimization software available. It strikes an excellent balance between functionality and simplicity. If you do not have a paid subscription to the service, that is not a problem.

      Contact Form 7 – A way for readers to get in touch with you should be provided on each and every blog. Readers, sponsors, and anyone else who wants to contact you can do so through this form. The opportunities to collaborate with other bloggers, game companies, and social media influencers in the gaming industry should be made known to gaming industry bloggers. A contact form on your website is a cinch to create, thanks to the WordPress contact form builder that comes with the platform.

      Your Gaming Blog’s Promotion

      Once you’ve completed all the essential steps, you’re ready to start your video game blog. You can start writing right away, but beware that you need to start promoting your new video game website right away.

      Your Gaming Blog’s Promotion

      Writing a blog post that no one reads is the last thing you want to do, But if you do not promote your gaming blog, there is a big chance that exactly that will happen. Marketing is a critical component of any WordPress site. In order to grow a successful gaming blog, advertising is a must.

      Here are a few ideas on ways to get your gaming blog out there:

      Guest writing: You might attempt to gain visibility by getting featured on a more popular blog or, better yet, in a major gaming publication. IGN, Game Informer, and Kotaku are gaming publications that often feature guest writers. You will be able to post some of your gaming blog ideas there, which will help you establish yourself and perhaps get a following.

      Getting to know other gamers: Joining gaming forums is a great way to meet new people and exchange ideas. The gaming forum is a great place to meet other gamers who enjoy the same games as you. Leave a comment or post one of your own to get people talking about what you’ve written. The more people you meet through online forums, the more opportunities you’ll have to form new business relationships.

      Promotion via word of mouth and social media channels: Make a concerted effort to spread the word about your brand-new gaming blog. You can do this on your Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter account, depending on your preference. It is the primary goal of this type of advertising to get your blog posts in front of as many people as possible.

      See what you can accomplish with social media marketing. Using online advertising networks like Google Ads or Facebook Ads to promote and increase traffic to your video game blog may be advantageous.

      Playing Video Games and Blogging Can Pay the Bills

      Why not try making money with your site if it has a specialized audience and a large amount of traffic? As a result, knowing how to monetize your gaming blog is critical.

      A video game blog may seem to be a straightforward method to generate money, but this is not always the case. Before you can generate money from your gaming blog, you’ll need a constant stream of visitors.

      Sponsor-supported blog content

      Sponsored content is something that you will be able to create once your gaming blog increases in popularity. You will receive free copies of video games, gaming chairs, headsets, etc. With that, you can create engaging content that is focused on the product that you have received. There is much opportunity to create a lucrative gaming blog with sponsored content.

      Incorporating Affiliate Links into Your Blog

      Affiliate links on video game blogs are a norm in today’s world. You will not find a site that talks about the gaming world, that doesn’t promote an upcoming game, or is not sponsored by gamer gear companies or gamer energy drinks. Affiliate links are the best way to earn money on a gaming blog.

      Customers are becoming more aware of affiliate marketing networks. However, affiliate marketing has no issues whatsoever. When you recommend a product to a friend or family member, you are acting in the capacity of an affiliate marketer.

      Despite the fact that many internet users promote products and services that they have never used, this is not the case for all. However, you are not obligated to follow in their footsteps. If you’re selling a product or service, you should make it clear in your message that you use and appreciate it. Earning money while you’re asleep has never been easier.

      Google Ad Sense Allows You to Earn Money

      If you’re okay with the idea of displaying advertising to your website visitors, you can make money. Contrary to popular belief, there are a number of drawbacks to running ads on your website.

      Ad networks like Google Adsense, which slow down your site and don’t give you any money, are unnecessary here. Your website’s ad networks won’t help you until you get twenty thousand or more monthly visitors.

      If a site has enough traffic, MediaVine is widely regarded as the best ad network for bloggers in general. Consider Ezoic if you want to join a network but don’t have a lot of traffic.

      Video game blogs and articles can benefit from putting banner ads in the sidebar or within the content.

      You can start streaming

      It is possible to enter the world of streaming video if you have a large enough audience following. While you’re broadcasting, your audience will almost certainly want to interact with you. In order to write about video games on your blog, you’ll need to play them first.

      Instead of writing about them, why not stream your gameplay? You can participate in the games that you intend to write about on your blog and interact with your readers in real-time. You can ask for their opinions on anything and even give them a taste of what you intend to write about in your next article.

      The majority of Twitch streamers make a substantial amount of money, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try your hand at it as well. You’ll be able to broaden your audience as a result, and you may even be able to persuade some of your Twitch followers to visit your blog.

      You can start a youtube channel

      Creating a YouTube channel will allow you to promote both your blog and your Twitch stream simultaneously. You will be able to discuss whatever project you are currently working on at any time. If you decide to stream, you will be able to upload your stream bites as well as the stream itself.

      Youtube is a completely different animal, and videos are where you can make the most money. However, this requires a significant amount of additional work, so only consider this option if you are willing to put in a significant amount of time in the editing room.


      When talking about how to start a video game blog, this is the guide for you. There’s no need to wait any longer. As we have mentioned earlier, creating a new blog is not hard at all if you just have the will and inspiration to create valuable content.

      This step-by-step guide is all you need to be on your way to writing about games on your new video game blog. In the past few years, there have been a lot of good video game releases which give you something to talk about. So, what are you waiting for? Go start your professional blog.


      Is SEO important for a gaming blog?

      SEO is important for any writing on the internet. Without it, your site will be lost among the millions of results that search engines will give when someone is looking for your blog online.

      You can use Yoast, which is the best SEO plugin out there, to make your writing SEO friendly.

      Do any of the hosting services include a free domain name?

      A free domain name is provided by Bluehost to ensure that you don’t have to fork over a lot of money to get your blog online.

      You can have your own domain name as a professional writer by paying a small premium, but as we previously stated, it’s preferable to pay a little premium.

      What factors should I consider when looking for a complimentary WordPress theme?

      Find a free theme in the WordPress dashboard. To get started, click on “Appearance” and then “Themes” in the black menu on the left side of the WordPress website.

      Finally, from the drop-down menu, select “Add new theme.” For the rest of your time, you won’t have to use the WordPress dashboard as long as you’ve installed the necessary plugins.

      What is the best way to host a website?

      There is no contest: Bluehost is the best blog hosting platform out there. Currently, Bluehost is the most reliable hosting service on the market. A free domain name is included as part of the service.

      If you go with Bluehost as your blog host, you won’t have any issues in the future.

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