How to Start a WordPress Blog with HostGator in 15 Minutes?


Do you want to start a blog with HostGator for maximizing your business or marketing efforts by generating more revenue through blogging?

Yes, you should start a blog with HostGator. Because the blog will help you to generate more leads and money through your blog content.

With the help of the blog, you can get regular customers for your business and generate more revenue.

The blog is necessary for every business owner at this time. If you have not started a blog then start a WordPress Blog and resolve your customer problem and communicating with them.

Before know about How to Start a WordPress Blog with HostGator, you should know about What is a Blog and Why you should start a blog in 2022.

What is a Blog?

The term blog comes from the word Weblog. When a blog is introduced on the internet it uses for maintaining the regular journals. A weblog is used by the user for their personal work.

When the time had changed then the term weblog was replaced by the term Blog. The blog allowed the users to share their ideas, thoughts, and knowledge in the form of Web 2.0, Social Media and Self-hosted blogs.

The blog will help you to show your content marketing skills that will help you to get more Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of traffic, lead and money.

  • According to Impact Company,77% of users love to read a blog.
  • According to Internet Live Stats, In 2018, More than 2 billion posts are published and more than 3 billion posts are published on the internet so for today
  • In the Social media Today company survey, the blog comes under the Content Marketing Industry and it has become a $300 billion industry in 2019.

Why You Should Start a Blog?

There are various reasons to start a blog in 2022?

  • Buyers consume blog content before purchasing any kind of product.
  • A blog is the most trusted source for finding any kind of information.
  • The blog will help you to get more engagement.
  • A Blog will help you to generate 5 times more traffic than who does not have a blog.
  • The blog will help you to generate more online traffic.
  • B2B bloggers get 67% more leads than those who do not have a blog.
  • Companies who have a blog get 97% more links to their website.
  • The marketers who have a blog generate 13 times more ROI than those who do not have a blog.
  • You can earn money from home through a blog.
  • The blog will help you to establish as authority writer in your industry.
  • B2C Companies generate more revenue through blogging.
  • B2C Companies get 4 times more leads if they write 11 blog posts per month.
  • According to HubSpot, Companies who posts above 16 blogs per month get 3.5 time more traffic than who write 4 blog post per month.

So these are the reasons for starting a blog in 2022 to get more traffic and ROI for your business. A blog will help you to establish as an authority in your industry.

Why You Should Choose WordPress as a Blogging Platform?

WordPress is a famous Content Management System that will help you to create, edit, organize, and publish your content. You can easily use this for creating a successful blog.

WordPress is launched in 2004 and it is an open-source platform. You have full control over your blog if you are using a Self-hosted WordPress Blog.

WordPress.Org is a self-hosted blog platform that will give you complete control and you can do full customization of your blog.

You can make your WordPress blog effective with the help of beautiful themes and plugin. The plugin will help you to extend your WordPress blog functionality.

There are various reasons to start a WordPress Blog in 2022.

  • WordPress powers more than 34% of websites.
  • WordPress is the most used CMS.
  • Average WordPress developer earns $49,185.
  • WordPress is available in 62 languages
  • According to WordPress, WordPress produces 70 million blog posts and 77 million comments per month.
  • WordPress dominates 583,000,000 results in Google SERP.
  • WordPress is behind 30.3% of the top 1000 websites.
  • According to a survey, WordPress is more visited than Twitter.
  • WordPress users make 6 new posts per second.

So these are the reasons to choose WordPress as your blogging platform. WordPress is easy to use and fully optimized from the SEO perspective.

How to Start a WordPress Blog with HostGator in 2022?

Before start a WordPress blog, you should focus on these points.

  • Choose Your Blog Topic
  • Choose Your Domain Name
  • Purchase Domain Name
  • Use HostGator Web Hosting.
  • Connect Domain Name & Web Hosting
  • Install WordPress on HostGator
  • Choose Your Themes and Plugins
  • Customize your WordPress Blog
  • Write the First Blog and Publish it.
  • Use Sitemap and Robots.txt file
  • Add WordPress Blog to Google Search Console & Google Analytics
  • Use Email Subscription for Your WordPress Blog
  • Get traffic to Your WordPress Blog

1. Choose Your Blog Topic:

First, you will need a topic to start your WordPress blog. You can choose any topic to start a blog. So you should choose a topic, which you can explain easily and have depth knowledge about that topic.

You can do niche or micro niche-related blogging. In Micro Niche blogging, you can earn easily and early.

Because of Micro niche blog has less competition than a Niche related blog.

If you have a business then you should start a blog early because it will help you to get more traffic and ROI. If your business niche has competitive then it can take some time but you will get results surely.

In Niche, you will cover all topics around that niche. While in Micro Niche, you will write a blog around one topic only.

For Example:

If you write about WordPress then WordPress is niche and you will cover all topics related to WordPress.

Otherwise, if you write about WordPress Plugins and Themes then it is micro-niche and you will write about themes and plugins only.

So choose the topic around your knowledge and passion.

You can select any niche like Health, Blogging, WordPress, Digital Marketing, Sports, Fitness, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, etc.

So select your topic and take the next step towards your blog.

2. Choose Your Domain Name:

After selecting the topic, you should think about your Domain name.

Your domain name will short and easy to learn for your visitors and customers.

A Domain Name is an identity or your website address. With the help of a domain name, you can easily find by your visitors and customers.

You can take your domain name with extensions like .com, .net, .org, .in, etc. So you can choose any extension for your website.

We recommend you to take the .com for your website. If you want to build your blog a brand. So you have to register your domain name with the extensions.

3. Purchase the Domain Name:

In Hostgator, you can register your domain name free when you will purchase web hosting.

If you do not want to purchase a domain name from other companies then HostGator will provide you the free domain name in their Web Hosting Plans. There is no need to purchase a domain name from the other domain name service providers.

Note: You can take a domain name from Namecheap and GoDaddy. But HostGator is providing a free domain name. So you do not need to purchase a domain name.

4. Use the HostGator Web Hosting to Start a Blog:

Before using the HostGator Web Hosting, you should know about why you should choose HostGator Web hosting to start a blog.

a. Benefits of Purchasing HostGator Web Hosting to Start a Blog:

There are various benefits to purchase HostGator Web Hosting.

1. The free Domain name for the first year, that will save your money and you do not need to paste your domain name server. It will do automatically all the work.

2. Unmetered bandwidth and disk space mean you can upload content without facing any problem and there is no limitation for accessing server space for maintaining your website.

You can use unlimited space and upload content smoothly without any issue.

While in another hosting like GoDaddy they will provide you the limited disk space and bandwidth to maintain your website on their server.

3. Free SSL Certificate for Your Blog or Website that means you do not invest in SSL Certificate. It will save you money and time both.

4. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. It means your website or blog loading speed will be fast. Your users have not any problem with your website or blog loading speed.

While in cheap web hosting, you will face server error problems.

5. You can create unlimited subdomains, email accounts, and FTP accounts. That means you have not any limitation to use their disk space and bandwidth. You can store more data on HostGator.

6. You will get a Fast Customer Support Service which means your problem will solve instantly. You can contact HostGator anytime because they provide 24/7 Customer Support.

7. Latest cPanel with helpful features. It means you can easily operate your website or blog from their cPanel.

8. If you are not satisfied with HostGator company service then it will refund all your money within 45 days.

9. You can run Google Ads and Bing Ads for your business or blog because Hostgator will provide you $100 credit for Google Ads and $100 credit for Bing Ads.

This will help you to get traffic to your WordPress blog.

10. Free HostGator builder to make your blog design attractive.

11. Automatically BackUp your Website or Blog weekly. It means no need to create a backup. It will provide you backup on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The automated backup saves your time and in case of any trouble, you can easily upload your backup to get a website or blog back.

12. You can install any CMS with one click. That means it will save you time and effort.

13. You will get a huge discount on the HostGator Web Hosting purchase. That will save you money.

So these are the reasons for purchase a HostGator Web Hosting. So use Hostgator Web hosting for start a blog.

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b. How to Sign Up for Hostgator Web Hosting for Starting a Blog?

Step 1: Click Here and it will redirect you to the homepage. Click on Get Started.

Note: For Indians, HostGator will ask you to purchase hosting from Do not purchase from otherwise, you will not get these benefits. Only purchase web hosting from

Step 2: Select Your Hosting Plan. We recommend you to use the Hatchling Plan. Click on Buy Now.

HostGator provides three Web Hosting Plan.

  • Hatching Plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan

Step 2: It will ask you to choose a domain name. HostGator is providing a free domain name now.

Put your chosen domain name in Choose a Domain section.

Step 3: After choosing a domain name then Choose the Web Hosting Plan.

Choose your Hosting Plan in Package Type.

Choose your Billing Cycle as per your budget.

Put your Username and Security Pin according to your choice.

Step 4: Enter Your Email Address, First and Last Name, Phone No, Your Address, City, State, Zip Code, and Payment Information in the Enter your Billing info section.

Step 5: You can Add Additional Services for your blog. In this, You can get Automated Backup daily, HostGator SEO Tools, Positive SSL, Site Lock monitoring, etc.

If you do not want these services then uncheck all the options in Add Additional Services.

Step 6: Paste BLOGGINGGIANT and Click on validate in Enter a Coupon Code section.

Our users will get a special discount through the Coupon Code for a One year pan.

If you put our name in coupon code then you will get 40% off on the 1-year plan, 56% off on the 2-years plan and 60% off on the 3-year plan.

Step 7: Review your plan & payment info in the Review Order Details section.

Step 8: Agree with HostGator terms and services and click on Checkout Now.

So your payment will deduct from the given account system and your domain name and web hosting are successfully registered with HostGator.

HostGator Setup your account and give you a Thank You Message. HostGator will mail your Payment details and DNS, FTP, and cPanel details to your register email id.

You can view your Hosting package in the Hosting section.

You can also view your domain name details in the Domain Section.

You can view Billing Info, Support, and MarketPlace from your HostGator account.

So these are the complete steps about How to Purchase a Domain Name and Web hosting from Hostgator.

5. Connect Your Domain Name & Web Hosting:

If you have taken Hostgator any web hosting plan then it has provided you a free domain.

You do not need to connect your Domain Name and Web Hosting service.

It will do automatically for your itself. If you want to view your nameserver setting for your domain then follow these steps.

Otherwise, Go to Domains > My Domains.

Click on your Domain Name. You will see Name Servers.

Click on Change.

It will show your HostGator nameserver. You can change your nameserver automatically and manually. You can paste other web hosting nameserver here also.

6. How to Install WordPress on HostGator?

HostGator will provide you cPanel login details. Now we will install WordPress in the HostGator.

Step 1: Login into cPanel with the help of the provided username and password by HostGator.

Step 2: Go to Website Essentials >Site Builder & CMS.

Step 3: Click on WordPress in Site Builder & CMS.

Step 4: Choose your Domain and click on Next.

Step 5: Put your Blog title, Blog Username, Your First and Last Name, and Your Email.

Select Automatically Create a new database for this installation and agree with their term of service agreement.

Click on Install.

Step 6: After installing WordPress, HostGator will provide you the username and password for your WordPress Admin Installation.

You can create your WordPress blog after WordPress Installation.

So this is the complete guide about how to Install WordPress on Hostgator. You should follow this guide for a proper WordPress Installation guide on Hostgator.

7. Choose Your Themes and Plugins:

You can choose your desired WordPress themes. So you should know about the theme installation process in WordPress.

Easy-to-Build Web Presence: 10 Free & Premium Elementor WordPress Themes

How to Install Theme in WordPress?

Choose your desired plugins for your blog. So you should know about which plugin do you want to use for your blog and plugin installation process.

How to Install Plugin in WordPress Blog?

30 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs Every Blogger Must Use 2022

15 Best WordPress Site Speed Optimization Plugins for Fast Loading Time

So themes and plugins are necessary for your WordPress blog. Use your desired theme and plugins.

8. Customize Your WordPress Blog:

You can set up your WordPress blog according to you. So you should customize your WordPress blog design.

Go to Appearance and click on Customize.

So you can change your Site title, Menus, Widgets, Additional CSS and do complete customization according to your needs.

You can give a better design according to your needs by theme customization.

9. Write Your First Blog Post and Publish It:

Go to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard and Publish your first post.

So go to the Post section and click on Add New.

Put the title, description for your blog.

Write your blog content with images, tags, and setup the permalinks for your WordPress blog.

After doing all these then click on Publish.

Your first post will publish.

10. Use the Sitemap and Robots.txt file:

If you want to get fast indexing of your Webpage then you should use Sitemap.

XML Sitemap will help you to index your webpages early by Google and other search engines.

The search engine crawls XML sitemap early. So you should know about XML sitemap creation.

How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress and Submit to Google Webmaster tools

If you do not want to crawl any webpage then you should use robots file for your WordPress blog.

You should use robots.txt file for your WordPress blog and disallow that pages which you do not want to index.

How to Create Robots.txt File in WordPress for SEO?

11. Add WordPress Blog to Google Search Console & Google Analytics:

If you want to index your blog posts and pages early in Google then you should use Google Search Console tools for your WordPress blog.

You can maximize your SEO Efforts with this tool. It will see your Website performance and website page errors.

This tool will help you to submit your blog sitemap and tell you that the website is mobile-friendly or not.

So you should know about the How to Add Google Search Console to WordPress for improving your blog ranking.

If you want to know about your website traffic, visitor’s locations, in real-time and other analytics terms.

You should use Google Analytics for your WordPress website or blog. It will help you to tell about direct, organic search, social and referral traffic.

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Website or Blog?

12. Use Email Subscription for WordPress Blog:

If you want to capture your traffic and convert it into the regular visitors then you should use an email newsletter for your WordPress blog.

Email subscribers are your regular visitors. With the help of email marketing, you can drive traffic to your WordPress website or blog.

For capturing the emails, you should provide the value to the visitors, So provide them free EBook, PDF, Courses, etc.

You should know about display the email subscription to Your WordPress blog.

How to Add Email Subscription to Your WordPress blog?

13. Get Traffic to Your WordPress Blog:

If you want to get success for Your WordPress blog then traffic is necessary for you. Traffic will give you the sales and business for your blog.

For getting the traffic you should follow this guide to boost your blog traffic.

How to Increase Your WordPress Blog Traffic for Free?

So these are the tips for how to start a blog with WordPress in 2022.

Yes, WordPress is free with HostGator. You have not to pay extra money for WordPress.

Yes, WordPress is compatible with HostGator.

For starting a WordPress blog it cost you $2.75 a month with a free domain from HostGator but I recommend you to go with one year plan to get a special discount.

Yes, you can start a blog on free. But I do not recommend you to start a blog on because it does not give you full control on your blog. You should start a Self-hosted WordPress Blog by purchasing a HostGator Web hosting Now and Start Your Blog today.

Yes, HostGator is providing a free domain for One year for your WordPress blog with all the Hosting plans. No need to pay extra money for domain purchase.


With the help of this guide, You have known about how to start a WordPress Blog with HostGator.

HostGator is the best web hosting for blogs and you should start a blog with HostGator to get better performance and results.

Blogging is necessary for every business owner. So you should use blogging for your business and you can get more ROI for your business through a blog.

After setting up a WordPress Blog, you should customize your blog and add your blog to Google Search Console, Analytics. Use Sitemaps and robots.txt for indexing.

You should add an email subscription form for collecting email subscribers and know about traffic generation tips.

So this is the complete guide about How to Start a WordPress Blog with HostGator in 2022.

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