How to Use AMP in WordPress: A Complete Guide


Everyone wants to get more traffic to their website. In recent times, traffic is diverted on mobile devices. If you want to get better rankings and more traffic then your website should be mobile-friendly. So AMP is designed to make the website mobile friendly and you should know about How to Use AMP in WordPress.

Before AMP Setup, you should know about What is Google AMP or Why it is necessary?

What is AMP?

AMP is known as Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is an open-source platform. AMP framework is designed by Google and launched in 2015.

It is used to making your website content mobile-friendly and load your content on mobile instantly. Google has seen that more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile traffic is increasing day by day.

So Google has designed AMP features for users for instant loading of a website. If you want to get higher rankings in Google Search engine then it will help more you to achieve early.

The News websites are taking more advantage of AMP features to get rank faster in Search Engines.

Why You Should Use AMP?

If you want to make your website content mobile or user-friendly then you should use AMP for your WordPress website or blog. Mobile-friendliness is considered as a ranking factor by Google in recent times.

So you should use Accelerated Mobile Pages features for your website or blog for instant loading. WordPress is providing the Best AMP Plugins for WordPress to load your website content instantly.

How to Properly Setup AMP for WordPress?

If you want to set up AMP for WordPress then you should follow the following steps.

Step 1: Login into your WordPress Admin dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Plugins and click on Add New.

Step 3: Install and Activate the AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin.

Step 4: After activating, it will ask you to Choose Option Panel view. Choose the Easy option.

Step 5: In the first step, Choose your Website type.

Step 6: Choose Where do you need AMP.

Step 6: In Design and Presentation, it will ask you to Upload Your Website Logo and Choose your color. So upload your website logo on and click on Save.

Step 7: When you upload the logo then it will ask you to set up Google Analytics for your AMP version. So put your Google Analytics Tracking Id. After putting your Google Analytics Tracking Id, Click on Save.

For Google Analytics Installation to WordPress, you should know about add Google Analytics to WordPress for beginners.

You will find Tracking Id under Tracking Code in Google Analytics. Tracking Code is present under user management.

Step 8: Choose Your Privacy Settings for AMP Version.

Step 9: After choosing Privacy Settings for AMP, it will ask you to choose your design or theme.

So your AMP is completely set up and you can set Advertisement and 3rd party compatibility for your website or blog.

So, your AMP setup is complete and your website AMP version will be shown.

You can open your Website AMP version on the desktop by putting amp after your website URL.


So you can see the AMP version of your WordPress site on your mobile device. With the help of this plugin, you can Setup AMP for Pages and Posts both.

For other settings, you have to choose Full Options View.

When you will choose then you will get these options.

  • Settings
  • Design
  • Extensions
  • Upgrade to Pro


a. First, you will see General, You can upload a logo, enable AMP options on Posts, Pages, Categories, tags, etc.

b. In the Advertisement, you can put your ads and do settings for your Adsense ads.

c. You will see the SEO section and select your SEO plugins and Put the Code in Head section or Enable Meta description and URL Inspection.

d. You can use Page builder options using this plugin.

e. PWA Support is available.

f. In Performance, it will minify your code.

g. You will see Analytics, you can add Google Analytics, Google tag manager, Facebook pixel and other types of analytics.

h. Also, You can add Structured Data through this plugin.

i. You can send Notice Bar & GDPR Compliance notification to the users.

j. You can send Push Notifications.

k. The contact form can show by this plugin.

l. You can show or hide the comments.

m. Facebook Instant Article is available.

n. You can hide Category and tags in hide AMP Bulk tools.

o. you can do Advance settings for showing AMP on Mobile.

p. You can make your website WooCommerce friendly in ECommerce Settings.

q. You can do settings for your post in Transition Panel.


In Themes, you can choose your desired free and premium themes.

Here are four designs are available.

  • Design One
  • Design Two
  • Design Three
  • Swift

You can choose any design, but we are choosing Design One here. After selecting the design, Click on Save.

You can do Header, Footer, Page, Global, Date, Misc settings under the design section. Do your settings according to your needs under these options.


In Extensions, you can add other Premium features through the plugin extension.

After all these settings, you have completely set up your AMP for WordPress.


With the help of this guide, you have learned about How to Use AMP in WordPress or set up properly for mobile devices. If you are not using then test this feature with your WordPress Site.

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