3 Ways to Integrate Instagram Feed into WordPress (And Why You Should)


Do you want to get more followers on Instagram through your website then you should integrate the Instagram feed into WordPress?

Because Instagram is a powerful social channel with a lot of potentials. Stunning visual content, a diverse (and growing) user base, and an array of useful features that help you engage people on a meaningful level.

Consequently, Instagram is well worth using in 2022— especially if you’re a blogger. It provides a boost to your blog that is easy to set up and adds real value to your WordPress site.

But why exactly is Instagram so worthwhile for WordPress bloggers? And how can you integrate it into your WordPress site? Read on to learn more.

Why should you integrate Instagram with WordPress?

Here are the three reasons for connecting your Instagram Account with your WordPress website or blog.

1. It takes your visuals to the next level

Visual content plays an important role in engaging and communicating with your audience.

People are more likely to pay attention to a message when it’s accompanied by a high-quality and relevant image, and it’ll stay in their mind for longer than just text would.

While WordPress is a strong CMS, it hasn’t quite got the visual power of Instagram. The social platform gives your WordPress site a creative scope through which you can spread your message.

Integrating your Instagram into your WordPress site takes your visual game up another level so you can keep your audience coming back for more.

2. It’s simple and easy to do

Perhaps the best reason to integrate your Instagram with your WordPress site is simply that you can.

Integrating one platform with the other doesn’t detract from either, and will actually help drive cross-platform traffic with very little effort on your part.

Overall, it’s easy to do —  and once it’s done, it’ll extend your blog’s presence to help you reach more potential readers.

3. It opens up an entirely new audience for your blog

Instagram is replete with a diverse and populous set of users, spanning virtually every demographic and interest. This is a vast reader base that you can tap into and use to drive traffic.

There are a plethora of ways to do this too: hashtags, Stories, bespoke visual content, and — most notably — ads (the potential of targeted Instagram ads is quite remarkable).

By integrating your WordPress site and Instagram, you can gain access to a whole new channel for driving traffic to your blog.

This will boost your readership and traffic, which in turn will have SEO benefits, boosting your rankings.

How to Integrate your WordPress site and Instagram

Here are the three ways to put your Instagram Feed into a WordPress website or blog.

1. Embed your Instagram feed in your WordPress Posts?

The simplest way to integrate your Instagram with your WordPress site is to display your Instagram feed on your WordPress blog posts.

This is useful if you’re sharing certain themed posts to your feed and want to write a round-up post about that content.

Follow these steps to embed your Instagram feed into your WordPress Posts.

Step 1: Install and Activate Social Gallery and Widget.

Step 2: Go to Social Gallery and Widget in the Dashboard.

Step 3: Click on Get Access Token.

Step 4: It will authorize your Instagram Account. Login into your Instagram Account.

Step 5: It will fetch your Instagram account and click on Authorize.

Step 6: Go to your WordPress Posts where you want to add Instagram Feed.

Step 7: Click on Plus Sign in Gutenberg and Go to Widgets Section.

Step 8: Click on Social Gallery Block.

Step 9: It will automatically add your Instagram Feed in your WordPress Post like this.

So this is the complete guide about how to embed Instagram feed into WordPress website or blog.

2. Use widgets to display your Instagram feed

The Enjoy Plugin for WordPress mentioned above doesn’t just let you display your Instagram feed on your WordPress posts — it also lets you display it as a widget on your entire site so it’s always visible.

Simply allocate the widget to your preferred location — sidebar or main menu, for example — and select which feed you want to display.

This is useful for keeping your feed visible wherever your users are on your blog, adding an extra layer of visuals that complement each blog post you create.

So follow these steps to embed your Instagram Feed into a WordPress website or blog.

Step 1: Go to Appearance > Widgets.

Step 2: In Available Widgets, you will see Social Gallery and Widget.

Step 3: Click on Add.

Step 4: Put your Title and Choose Your Sidebar Number.

Step 5: Click on Save Widget.

Step 6: It will show your Instagram feed into Sidebar easily.

So this is the complete guide about how to embed your Instagram feed into WordPress Sidebar.

3. Use hashtags to automatically post photos to WordPress

One particularly clever way to integrate your Instagram with your WordPress site is to automatically display photos tagged with a specific hashtag.

This method is particularly handy if you’re hosting a competition using a branded hashtag and you want to display all the entries.

For this, you’ll need to use If This Then That (IFTTT). This is a useful tool that lets you integrate multiple different apps and automate them through recipes. Essentially, if you choose X, then Y will happen.

You’ll need an IFTTT account to connect your Instagram and WordPress profiles together.

Once you’ve linked them, find a recipe to post content with specific hashtags to your WordPress site. It takes a little time to set up, but you can use it time and time again once it’s done.

If you’re considering integrating an Instagram channel with your WordPress blog in 2020, you should absolutely go for it. We’ve established why it’s likely to prove extremely beneficial, so use the tips above and start enjoying the wider benefits of your Instagram channel in 2020 and beyond.

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