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iPage vs Bluehost – Which Is Better?


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    Picking the right hosting platform can be quite a task, especially when the hosting comparison is between candidates that offer similar services. iPage and Bluehost both captivate potential web hosting clients with affordable costs and enticing features. That being said, for most newcomers, all of the information on which hosting package to choose might be a little intimidating. That is why we have arrived. To assist you in determining which web hosting package is appropriate for you. IPage or Bluehost.

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      iPage vs Bluehost

      Bluehost vs. iPage – Performance Comparison

      Server Response Time

      In this hosting comparison, we will be looking at how fast the servers of the two web hosting companies are.

      When looking at the speed of iPage and Bluehost we discovered that Bluehost has a quicker server response time since their architecture is geared more towards WordPress. However, if you know how to optimize your site and speed it up, iPage will load quickly, albeit not as quickly as Bluehost.

      Bluehost servers, particularly the NextGen models, are outfitted with cutting-edge CPU technology, SSD storage, and in-house machine optimization to help things run quicker and more efficiently. Bluehost is well-known for its server speed; whether it’s a VPS or a dedicated machine, it should be quicker than iPage, although we suggest using a caching plugin such as Total cache or any other option.

      Bluehost’s servers are based in the United States. Its loading times are quicker in Montreal, Canada, and several Western European cities, but not so fast in East Asia and the majority of the United States. However, Bluehost does not guarantee uptime.

      In contrast, iPage only has two data center locations, both in Boston, Massachusetts, implying that although iPage performs well in the United States, where it is located, it may not necessarily have the greatest loading speeds worldwide.

      iPage may not be as fast as Bluehost, but it is still one of the largest web hosting companies with a large user base, but when compared to Bluehost’s server specifications and performance, it won’t be much better.

      Having said that, you may use iPage for a tiny site or blog without utilizing a lot of plugins or uploading large photos. Most essential, compress every picture before submitting it to instantly speed up your site.


      When selecting a web hosting provider, the most important elements to consider are speed and uptime.

      Speed is vital since no one loves a sluggish website, and Google’s algorithm continues to favor page speed.


      Similarly, uptime is critical since your consumers want your site to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Typically, uptime is stated as a percentage of total available time; for example, “99.95 percent “.

      We signed up for both services and established a test site powered by WordPress to evaluate the website performance and uptimes for the web hosting services in our iPage vs Bluehost comparison. We also installed a normal WordPress theme, created fake content, and uploaded some photos to replicate the actual environment.

      Bluehost does not make any promises when it comes to their uptime, but they have shown that this web hosting plan can be reliable. That is not to say that it has better uptime than any other provider.

      iPage provides an industry-standard 99.9% uptime guarantee that applies to all plans. In this hosting comparison, it is important to note that the difference in performance is dependent on where you and/or your target audience visit your site. There are cases in which iPage outperforms Bluehost. So, while determining which host is best for you, keep location in mind.

      iPage vs. Bluehost – Features Comparison

      Page vs Bluehost

      Control Panel

      Bluehost provides cPanel, a control panel that provides you with all of the tools you need to manage your website and allows you to upgrade your account or buy add-ons without leaving your dashboard. More complex functions, such as a file manager and access to phpMyAdmin, are also available under the menu.

      All users have access to Bluehost’s control panel. You can easily manage your website and hosting resources using Bluehost’s unique cPanel interface. They updated their control panel interface to increase user experience, making it simpler than ever to establish a website with Bluehost.

      Web Hosting

      iPage, like Bluehost, has a 1-click WordPress installation for easily launching a WordPress site. In contrast to Bluehost, they also provide a simple drag-and-drop builder with their hosting services. This is a wonderful option for those who want a fast and simple way to construct and design a website without having to hire a developer.

      The primary disadvantage is that iPage does not provide cPanel. Instead of the popular cPanel interface, iPage employs its own vDeck control panel. The icons allow you to access your most commonly used tools and widgets from the main dashboard, making it easy for first-time website owners to browse. If you’re accustomed to cPanel, you may find the control panel interfaces a little wanting.

      Hosting Features

      Bluehost and iPage are for the most part shared hosting providers. More than a single website may use the same server with shared hosting. Typically, you will have no clue who or what websites are sharing a server’s resources with you. Each client often has a restriction on the overall amount of server resources that they may use, however, this is determined by your hosting plan.

      Hosting Features

      Shared hosting is by far the most affordable and cost-effective choice for your requirements. However, the lower price-tag comes with it’s own limitations, which we’ll discuss more below. Because most web hosting companies provide the same amount of room and disk space, it’s critical to choose a firm you can rely on.

      Simply said, shared hosting may be an excellent choice for website owners on a tight budget or those just getting started online. You may always change to a higher level of web hosting when your budget permits, so you’re not trapped with this level of web hosting indefinitely.

      The Drawback of Shred Hosting

      The good part of shared hosting far outweighs the bad for most people who are just getting started with online web hosting, especially if you need to get your site up and running as fast as possible and have little site managing expertise. In addition, a competent web host will notify you when your traffic reaches a certain threshold, and monitor and shut down any sites that pose a threat to the other sites on the server.

      Shred Hosting


      Bluehost and iPage both employ SiteLock security.


      SiteLock is a set of technologies that search for malware and prevents automated assaults. It features a firewall and a CDN (content delivery network), which aid in site performance.

      Bluehost provides a free SSL certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt with each of its plans. If you desire sophisticated security capabilities, you can acquire SiteLock products as an add-on service at a discount.

      iPage, like Bluehost, provides free SSL certificates on all plans and SiteLock protection for an extra yearly charge or if you join up for the WP Essential plan.



      Backups, a vital feature if your security is ever penetrated, are performed at Bluehost’s discretion, which means there is no predetermined backup schedule and no accountability if users do not manually conduct their own backups to secure their content and data.

      Bluehost claims on their website that it has internal capabilities to automatically mitigate distributed denial of service (DDoS) assaults so that such attacks do not impede or harm sites, however, they do not specify which technologies they utilize.

      iPage further claims that its “pooled, load-balancing design” mitigates the impact of DDoS assaults. In addition, iPage offers daily backups, much as Bluehost.

      Website Builder

      Bluehost Website Builder

      Bluehost is well-known for being one of the most user-friendly WordPress hosting companies. We’re now taking it a step further by making it easy for you to create your ideal website on WordPress.

      New creators can easily develop a professional-looking WordPress website with our new drag-and-drop site builder without being limited to a particular platform. In other words, you may host your website with Bluehost while still accessing it via WordPress.

      Bluehost Website Builder

      Bluehost’s visual interface makes it easy to create a website. Click into any part of your website and make changes using the drag-and-drop editor. With no coding necessary, you may change the style and content of your website.

      After you’ve published your website, you may continue to utilize live modifications to see any changes made to it in real-time.

      Quick-start smart templates allow you to get up and running quickly. When you establish an account, we’ll ask you a few questions about your objectives and offer page layouts based on the answers.

      You also have access to a collection of hundreds of stock pictures as well as a set of bespoke fonts. Alternatively, you may upload fonts to ensure that your website appears just as you planned.

      Many website-building tools are excellent for getting you started, but they may occasionally hold you back as your company expands. Bluehost can develop with you, whether you become a WordPress whiz yourself or have the money to employ a professional designer in the future.

      The Bluehost Website Builder now has a one-click WordPress login, allowing you to switch between platforms fast. You also maintain total control of your website’s content.

      To get your website up and running quickly, utilize features like smart-design templates, custom fonts, and an image library with the Bluehost web building tool for WordPress. We’re here to develop with you, no matter where your website takes you.

      iPage Website Builder

      This website builder that comes with Ipage includes over one hundred themes made for mobile devices. They are also responsive, which means that your site will instantly change the size of the user’s screen in order to be shown beautifully.

      The iPage website builder enables you to construct a simple six-page website. All you have to do is personalize these areas to your liking. You may also build your website totally in the browser; no other software is required.

      iPage Website Builder

      The iPage website builder is user-friendly, enabling you to add features such as galleries, forms, maps, different typeface and color backgrounds, email registration, and even comments.

      You can also use iPage to add metadata and keywords to your website to improve its Search Engine Optimization. They also connect with Unsplash, so you may choose quality photos regardless of your industry.

      In terms of e-commerce, the iPage web builder features PayPal connectivity, which is really useful if you want to sell anything on your site.

      Ipage offers three website creation tools:

      • CM4 templates: You may create up to six free pages. One disadvantage is that it does not operate with Chrome. Another disadvantage is the constructor’s slowness, which is certain to irritate.
      • Regular site builder: It is quick and easy to use, and the basic version allows you to accomplish much!
      • GoMobi site builder: With this tool, you can easily create sites that will be optimized for a mobile screen.

      Working with these tools will boost operational efficiency and speed. It’s simpler to discover things, there’s no tabbed interface, and you can find the correct icon for all important activities.

      In general, if you’ve planned and organized everything, the functionality will not let you down.

      Overview of All The iPage Features

      • Free domain name for the first year
      • WordPress hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers
      • Free SSL certificate
      • from forty gigabytes up to unlimited disk space
      • Automatic daily backups are offered as a paid monthly upgrade.
      • Credits for vDeck control panel advertisements
      • 30-day money-back guarantee

      Overview of All the Bluehost Features

      • If you need to manage your domains, you should use a domain manager.
      • Access to MySQL databases
      • Bluehost offers aMOJO one-click installation for over 100 apps.
      • The Blue Flash feature: a one-of-a-kind customer support tool that connects you with experts who are dedicated to aiding you with WordPress hosting.
      • Weebly’s site design services are provided for free.

      Bluehost vs. iPage – Customer Support

      Bluehost provides regular 24-hour customer support. This means that you may contact Bluehost customer support at any moment by email, phone, or live chat. Web hosting choices and website construction are also well addressed in the knowledge base available on Bluehost’s forum. The issue with Bluehost’s customer support is that the level of assistance you may obtain through live chat varies depending on the individual you speak with.

      Customer Support

      There have been reports of Bluehost customer support agents being unable to convey or comprehend the issue. There have also been reports of privacy violations as a result of customers being prompted to provide password information in order to “verify” their accounts.

      iPage, on the other hand, provides the same round-the-clock phone and live chat customer support. The live chat service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To begin a conversation, you must first complete an online form. Then you may start asking questions.

      iPage has a vast knowledge base with educational tutorials, guides, and plenty of other valuable information regarding their products, platform, and services for easy answers and vital stuff. As a result, no matter what sort of issue you have or the problem you experience, we are certain that you will be able to address it quickly and effectively with the assistance of iPage customer support.

      The iPage web hosting support staff is always available. Because of solutions such as VPS and dedicated servers, iPage provides round-the-clock technical customer assistance for all hosting packages.

      IPage vs. Bluehost – Pricing Plans

      When it comes to the prices some web hosting companies charge for their services, it is not difficult to see why Ipage and Bluehost seem like such good deals.

      Both Ipage and Bluehost are reasonably priced, making them appealing to those on a tight budget. However, there are several distinctions to consider before making your ultimate selection.

      iPage Pricing Plans

      Both iPage Bluehost and iPage are reasonably priced, making them appealing to those on a tight budget. However, there are several distinctions to consider before making your ultimate selection.

      iPage offers reasonable costs, but be wary of high upgrade rates and costly add-ons. The hosting provides an extremely cheap price for all co-hosting goods, including unlimited storage space, free SSL certificates, and a free domain name. Prices for its servers are in line with industry norms, and the basic WP plan includes a free SiteLock security system.

      Here are the plans that iPage offers:

      • iPage Web Hosting
      • iPage VPS hosting
      • iPage Dedicated Server

      These plans will set you back 2.99, 19.99, and 119.99 dollars per month respectively.

      The excellent discounts advertised by iPage are only good for your first membership term, and you must pay for the whole three years in advance. For example, the beginning price of 1.99 dollars per month that they promote for their shared hosting plan requires you to pay for 36 months, and the price increases to 7.99 dollars per month at the conclusion of the subscription term. If you choose 24 months, you will pay 2.49 dollars per month, and a yearly membership will cost 2.99 dollars per month. In each of these circumstances, when the first term expires, the shared hosting plan will be upgraded at the standard iPage prices.

      Bluehost Hosting Plans Price

      There are four web hosting plans that Bluehost offers. Having said that, Bluehost gives you a lot of leeway in terms of how many you may have. Bluehost’s pricing is low, but it comes at the cost of no money-back guarantee. Bluehost’s four hosting plans are as follows:

      • Bluehost Basic
      • Bluehost Plus
      • Bluehost Choice-Plus
      • Bluehost Pro

      Bluehost’s basic plan comes with a free web page and domain name. With that, you get one free parked domain name and twenty-five subdomains. In addition to that, you get fifty gigabytes of disk space space, as well as unrestricted bandwidth, and an SSL certificate. This web hosting plan will cost you 2.95 dollars per month.

      Bluehost’s plus plan comes with an infinite number of web pages and domain names. Furthermore, you have infinite parked domains and subdomains, and you get limitless disk space, as well as Two hundred dollars worth of marketing credits. This web hosting plan will cost you 5.45 dollars per month.

      Bluehost’s choice-plus plan includes all of the features of the Plus plan, plus free domain name privacy and protection, as well as one free thirty-day office 365 mailbox. This plan will set you back 14,99 dollars.

      Finally, Bluehost offers the pro plan includes all of the features of the Choice-Plus plan, as well as a dedicated IP address and superb performance, making it an amazing bargain. According to Bluehost, good performance is characterized as being able to accommodate 300,000 or more files and having fewer users per server than standard shared hosting servers. Each user receives greater resources than would be available on a lower-tier web hosting plan.

      iPage vs. Bluehost – Pros And Cons

      Pros and Cons of iPage

      iPage pros:

      • Very low in the short-term
      • Free domain for a year for all new clients
      • Flexible
      • Beginner-friendly
      • The live chat support quality meets expectations
      • Outstanding billing practice
      • 30-day money-back guarantee

      iPage cons:

      • Prices rise after the first year
      • The basic plan
      • Some aspects of web hosting are restrictive
      • You must pay for site migration
      • Only able to host sites in the USA
      • Reference documents are not good

      Pros and Cons of Bluehost

      Bluehost pros:

      • The first term is exceptionally cheap
      • Good uptime
      • Massive storage
      • Exceptional bandwidth

      Bluehost cons:

      • Constantly trying to upsell you on hosting plans
      • There is no money-back guarantee
      • Speed can sometimes drag
      • Servers only in the US
      • Backup options are a bit lacking
      • The basic plan is lacking in many regards

      iPage vs. Bluehost – Which Is The Better Web Host?

      Both iPage and Bluehost provide beginner-friendly features, low rates, drag-and-drop page builders, and 24/7 customer support.

      In terms of value for money, iPage comes out on top. You may obtain several limitless web hosting options and great e-commerce solutions for as little as 1.99 dollars per month.

      If you’re on a tight budget yet want to rapidly put up a simple shop, iPage is the way to go. However, some users report long loading times, so it may not be optimal if you anticipate a significant volume of visitors.

      Bluehost, on the other hand, is a great option if you need a WordPress hosting service. You will get access to automated installation and upgrades, a good knowledge base, and a wide range of themes. Furthermore, PHP7 and caching will make your WordPress site perform quicker. The control panel is also more user-friendly.


      Is there a money-back guarantee on any of Bluehost’s hosting plans?

      If you cancel any of your Bluehost hosting plans during the first three days, Bluehost will reimburse you for the hosting plans you paid for during that period.

      Is iPage suitable for an online store?

      If you want to put up an online shop, say, using WooCommerce, you may do it quickly with iPage. IPage offers a simple one-click setup, PayPal connectivity, and a variety of shopping cart alternatives, including AgoraCart, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, and others.

      Is it possible to receive a refund for your hosting plansĀ if Bluehost’s servers go down?

      Bluehost, unfortunately, does not provide compensation for any downtime. Whether the issue is on your end or theirs.

      How long may a domain name be registered for?

      Domains may often be registered for up to ten years at a time. Some nTLD domains have their own registration time limit. This is true when looking at iPage or Bluehost, regardless of the hosting package you choose.

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