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Justhost vs Bluehost – Which Is The Better Option?


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    JustHost and Bluehost are sibling web hosting providers with comparable services, price structures, and features. A few notable differences exist, however. Bluehost’s speed, dependability, and customer service are unmatched. While JustHost has great website building features, good pricing, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Read on to find out what we found out about these two web hosts after conducting a thorough evaluation of their offerings.

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      Bluehost vs. JustHost – Performance


      Uptime in Web Hosting

      The reliability of a web host is essential. You should be able to count on your web host to give you free confirmation that your website is up and running at all times.

      Bluehost had almost a hundred percent uptime record during our testing. There is no other way to improve this score other than to get a perfect 100 percent, which is practically impossible due to scheduled maintenance and the like.

      But we were disappointed to learn that Bluehost does not guarantee uptime. If their uptime decreases, you’re out of options. No amount of cursing or calling customer service to get the manager’s attention will get you anywhere. As a result, we are dissatisfied that there is no guarantee of uptime, despite the excellent uptime.

      We were a little disappointed when we first started recording JustHost Uptime test results. With an average uptime of almost a hundred percent, however, they came out victorious. Even though most web servers have above ninety-nine percent uptime, this isn’t terrible. As a matter of fact, we were shocked.

      So far, both Web hosts have performed admirably. In terms of speed and uptime, both web hosts appear to be overpriced based solely on these metrics. Because of its excellent Uptime, Bluehost narrowly beats this one out.

      Both web hosts have consistently shown themselves to be faultless in terms of speed and responsiveness. However, the comparison isn’t over yet. Many factors must be taken into account before deciding on the best web host for your needs.

      Time to First Byte

      The Time to First Byte was an average of 461 milliseconds for both web hosts, which we didn’t find all that surprising given that we’d seen faster.

      Time to First Byte

      If you’re looking for a fast web host, Bluehost may be the best option for you. However, this was significantly faster than most of the test results we’ve seen. It took a median of 1.3 seconds for the website to fully load over a half a year period.

      A median of 709 milliseconds has been recorded over the last six months for JustHost, following the same procedure as Bluehost. JustHost is noticeably slower than Bluehost right away.

      Nevertheless, they outperform the industry median of 850 MMS-1 seconds in terms of hosting speed. The average load time was 1.4 seconds, which is quite good, but there’s room for improvement.

      Bluehost vs. JustHost – Features

      Website Builder

      JustHost Website Builder

      JustHost’s shared hosting service includes easy-to-use tools for building websites. JustHost’s proprietary drag-and-drop system has more than four hundred templates that are sure to please even the most demanding clients.

      All of the company’s shared hosting plans, such as free domain registration, unlimited email accounts, unlimited data transfer, eCommerce shopping carts, and cPanel, are included with the website builder. The 150 dollars in advertising credits included for business customers will help draw attention to your new website.

      First-time users will appreciate how simple it is to get started with JustHost. With JustHost, you don’t have to wait for a server to be provisioned before you can start developing your site, which saves you time and money.

      Finally, JustHost is known for its excellent 24/7 customer service. Your site will always be up and running thanks to the JustHost team, and who better to answer your questions about the platform than those who built it?

      Bluehost Website Builder

      With the help of the Bluehost graphical user interface, anyone can create a new website. One-click is all that is required to make changes to any part of your website using the drag-and-drop site builder.

      Bluehost Website Builder

      Making changes to your website’s look and content is possible without having to know how to program. After your website goes live, you can continue to use live modifications, allowing you to monitor any changes that are made in real-time..

      In order to get up and running as quickly as possible, you can use the rapid start templates. You are asked a few questions about your goals when you sign up for a Bluehost account and then suggested layouts based on your responses to those questions.

      In addition, you can select from a wide variety of stock images and fonts. Alternatively, you can upload fonts to ensure that your website looks exactly as you intended it to do.

      As your company grows and develops new products and services, many website-building tools can be a stumbling block. Bluehost can grow with you, no matter if you become a WordPress expert or have the money to hire a professional designer in the future.


      Your web hosts security architecture is typically the most important indicator of how secure your website is.

      Web Hosts Security

      SSL certificates, for example, and whether or not they are free or chargeable, are critical issues that must be addressed. Is there a way to have a second copy? If so, how much does it cost to use that security?

      JustHost Security

      JustHost provides free SSL certificates with all of its hosting packages. In spite of the fact that JustHost does not provide domain coverage, access to your information is extremely difficult. Consequently. Customers of JustHost can also take advantage of the free Sitelock service.

      Sitelock Service

      There is a malware detection and removal software available from third-party vendors, such as Sitelock. It’s always beneficial to have something like that on your side. You’ll still have to shell out 2 dollars per month, no matter what.

      Everything pertaining to the internal security of Your Site is taken care of by Sitelock, including dashboard reporting and safety maintenance, as well as a daily scan for drive-by downloads and defacement, among other things.

      Domain Privacy Security, Codeguard, and Website Backup Expert are just a few of the add-ons that JustHost supports and makes available to its customers. One of these services, on the other hand, will incur an additional fee. JustHost’s weekly backups, like those provided by BlueHost, are not guaranteed to be complete or error-free.

      It will be necessary for you to wait and see how JustHost’s IT experts feel about backing up your articles when the time comes. Consequently, we recommend that you opt for the guaranteed backup option rather than taking a chance on your own. That individual is regarded as an expert in the field of website backups.

      Bluehost Security

      In the case of Bluehost, security is a major concern. There are built-in security measures that are included in the plans, such as Sitelock and Domain Name Privacy, which are described below.

      Security for your website against malicious code is provided by Sitelock, while Domain Name Privacy protects your personal information by keeping it out of the public eye with Domain Name Privacy.

      It contributes to the security of your personal information. If you want to keep your inbox free of junk mail and spam, you can use SpamExperts, which is a spam filtering application.

      When using the most basic techniques, SSL certificates are available for free, which is a good indication that the technique is effective.

      Despite the fact that Bluehost provides “complimentary” backups, this does not imply that they are a guaranteed backup. Bluehost encourages customers to complete their documentation as soon as possible.

      Whatever you want to do with it is completely acceptable. They claim to have “customized internal mechanisms” to defend against DDoS attacks as an additional layer of defense.

      VPS Hosting Web Services

      VPS Hosting Web Services

      VPS Web Hosting from Bluehost

      With Bluehost’s VPS offerings, performance and price are unrivaled. While other VPS providers charge more, this company provides excellent service at a reasonable price. Bluehost is a great choice if you’ve outgrown shared hosting or want more control and security.

      It’s hard to beat Bluehost’s virtual servers when compared to shared hosting or other VPS options. If you need to get your work done quickly and efficiently, Bluehost provides you with guaranteed resources, including two or four cores and up to 16 gigabytes of RAM.

      In addition, your data is protected because Bluehost offers redundant storage and optional SiteLock protection.

      Inexperienced VPS users will appreciate how simple it is to switch between Bluehost’s various plans. With the new cPanel interface, customers can more easily manage their computers’ resources.

      In the event that you require assistance at any time of day or night, seven days a week, you can get it from Bluehost’s excellent customer service team.

      On their VPS platform, Bluehost currently hosts more than a few million WordPress sites, and they have the official WordPress.org seal of approval to prove it! Bluehost is a safe bet when it comes to VPS hosting because of its extensive experience, low cost, and excellent customer service.

      JustHost VPS Web Hosting

      Virtual private server (VPS) plans from JustHost are a bit pricey, but the processing power you get is well worth the money you’re spending. As a result of its cloud-based scalability and friendly user interface, the company’s software is well worth your money.

      We would like to see faster solid-state drives integrated into the cloud architecture, even though resources can be provisioned quickly using OpenStack. Virtual private servers are the foundation for JustHost’s client success.

      Customers who know they’ll need a VPS will appreciate shared hosting features such as cPanel and free domain registration, as well as other shared hosting features. If you need to upgrade to a more powerful server, the procedure is nearly identical. Regardless of how little processing power or Random Acces Memory a user requires, JustHost still provides enough space, storage, and bandwidth to meet the majority of their requirements.

      Dedicated Web Hosting Services

      Dedicated Web Hosting Services

      Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Service

      Due to its use of cutting-edge technology and a minimum of four cores per server, Bluehost offers affordable dedicated hosting options that are both reliable and adaptable. As with the company’s shared hosting solutions, the brand’s dedicated server services are praised for their high-quality hardware and user-friendly control panel.

      Only the most cutting-edge technology is used on Bluehost servers, which are designed and managed in-house. To further enhance flexibility and speed, the company’s latest update ensures that all servers have at least four processing cores, 1 terabyte RAID-1 storage, and 5 gigabytes accessible RAM. It takes only a few clicks to set up and update any server on the network.

      One of the reasons we’ll continue to use Bluehost for our hosting needs is their fantastic 24 7 support, which provides a premium team of support agents who work directly with the engineers who are handling your system. The knowledgeable specialists are always available and willing to help.

      Bluehost is already one of our favorite hosting companies, and the low prices offered by the company’s dedicated server hosting plans make it even more difficult to ignore.

      JustHost Dedicated Hosting Service

      A large number of dedicated IP addresses are included in JustHost’s dedicated server packages, which are one of the most important features of the company’s cutting-edge technology.

      For first-time dedicated server users, JustHost is an excellent choice because each dedicated server can be fully controlled through an expanded version of the industry-standard cPanel. For advanced users who want complete control over their machines, root access, on the other hand, is reserved.

      A highly sought-after and rare feature for dedicated servers, which can take hours to set up and install, is the ability to provision a server in seconds. Every storage device comes with a good amount of protection and storage upgrades of up to 2 terabytes, which are both standard features.

      A 30-day money-back guarantee applies to dedicated servers purchased from JustHost, allowing customers who aren’t satisfied with the company’s services and support to try them out risk-free. It is worth noting that for the first year, customers can register a brand new domain name at no cost.

      At any time of day or night, customers can get in touch with JustHost’s customer service representatives by phone, chat, or email. Due to the exclusive access that dedicated server owners have to a dedicated team of server experts, the company is an excellent and cost-effective option for those looking to purchase their first dedicated server.

      WordPress Web Hosting

      WordPress Web Hosting

      WordPress Hosting with Bluehost

      Users who are new to the world of WordPress may gain a lot from Bluehost’s free WordPress hosting service. Compared to Bluehost’s shared plans, the WordPress optimization and platform-specific resources make this a better deal.

      It is based on Bluehost’s VPS platform, which stresses simplicity and speed, although it isn’t as configurable as other managed WordPress hosting solutions. It’s simple to get started because of the user-friendly UI and quick setup. MOJO Marketplace and ManageWP provide even more advantages.

      Bluehost isn’t lacking in essential technical features despite its plain style. A WordPress website comes with built-in caching and SiteLock security. To add insult to injury, all of your data is automatically backed up and your resources are constantly accessible.

      It has also been approved by the WordPress team, making it one of a select few hosting providers. For WordPress hosting, Bluehost is the clear ruler, owing to its professional team, fair price, and 24 7 customer support.

      WordPress Hosting with JustHost

      Despite the absence of WordPress-specific upgrades, WordPress-powered sites benefit from the large resources and reliable infrastructure of the corporation.

      When it comes to one-click WordPress installation and limitless bandwidth, JustHost relies on the Mojo Marketplace script library. Afterward, a number of e-commerce carts, including SiteLock security and an SSL certificate, may be implemented.

      Free email accounts and marketing credits may be used by customers to advertise their business while the company’s support team is on hand to help and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

      If you’re just getting started with WordPress and need a place to host your site, JustHost is an excellent option.

      Overview of Features

      Bluehost additional features

      • Free SSL certificates
      • A lot of SSD storage
      • 1 click WordPress functionality
      • Unlimited storage
      • Unlimited domains

      JustHost additional features

      • Dedicated hosting
      • Unlimited domains
      • 1 click WordPress functionality
      • Unlimited storage
      • Free SSL certificates

      Bluehost vs JustHost – Ease of Use

      Bluehost Ease of Use


      This control panel, known as cPanel, is included with Bluehost and contains all of the tools you’ll need to manage your website. It even allows you to upgrade your account or purchase add-ons without ever having to leave the Bluehost interface.

      In addition, more advanced tools such as a file manager and phpMyAdmin are accessible through the menu.

      The Bluehost control panel is accessible to all of the company’s customers. With Bluehost’s cPanel, you can easily manage your website and hosting resources without any technical knowledge. New customers will have a simpler time getting up and running thanks to Bluehost’s reorganization of their control panel.

      The Blueflash WordPress optimization feature, which is exclusive to Bluehost, is also worth mentioning. Blue Flash accomplishes its mission by introducing new users to the Bluehost and WordPress control panels, among other things.

      When it comes to choosing plugins and themes, non-techies may find it difficult, but Blue Flash makes the process easier by providing recommendations and guarding against common blunders that beginners make.

      Working with WordPress experts who are dedicated to providing the best advice to customers is something we take pride in.

      JustHost Ease of Use


      There are a lot of similarities between BlueHost and JustHost when it comes to usability, and you may even get the same free domain, access to hundreds of website designs, and the extremely useful drag and drop tool.

      JustHost, like BlueHost, offers cPanel support and unlimited hosting for websites, databases, and emails, among other things. In addition to one-click WordPress installation, JustHost’s quick server setup makes it easy for new customers to get up and running with a website right away.

      Over a hundred plugins, themes, and open-source programs are available in JustHost’s Mojo marketplace and can be installed on your website with a single click. In addition, JusHost provides e-commerce support, making it simple for beginners to add features like shopping carts and checkout pages to their website.

      Just Host offers 100 dollars in Google and Bing ad credits for every new subscription. It’s up to you if you want to get your website’s name out there right away. Justhost provides the same site migration policies as Bluehost for 150 dollars for five websites and twenty email accounts.

      Everything is a matter of personal preference and actual experience, and nothing else matters. Using either Bluehost or JustHost is a breeze. Our preference is for Bluehost over JustHost because the process of signing up for an account with Bluehost is much easier than it is for JustHost.

      Bluehost vs JustHost – Customer Support

      Customer Support

      Both JustHost and BlueHost provide the same level of customer service to their clients. It may appear confusing, but customer support representatives at Bluehost and JustHost are able to answer our questions about two hosts and sign me up for either one, despite the fact that the options are similar.

      Getting in touch with customer support is easy with either company, which provides a wide range of options. Customers can get answers to their questions quickly and efficiently through live chat, phone, email tickets, and the knowledgebase, which is available around the clock, seven days a week.

      We discovered that JustHost and Bluehost both provided live chat support, so we contacted them to see if they could assist us with our technical problem.

      An agent was available in six minutes or less, despite the fact that we attempted to contact them numerous times. This is quite an accomplishment, given that Bluehost is one of the largest hosting companies in the world.

      Almost everyone we came into contact with at the company appeared to be competent and well-versed in their respective fields. Several of their questions, on the other hand, required us to wait an inordinate amount of time for an answer.

      When it comes to minor issues, we believe that the customer service provided by JustHost and Bluehost is excellent; however, when it comes to major issues, we believe that it is less so.

      JustHost and Bluehost both have a dedicated WordPress customer support channel, known as Blue Flash, that they use exclusively. There is no requirement to use a credit card to access this service, which can only be accessed through the phone.

      Customers can begin the Blue flash call process by dialing the number and requesting to begin the process immediately. They will be connected immediately to WordPress experts who will be able to assist them with any issues they may be experiencing.

      Bluehost vs JustHost – Pricing

      Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

      There are four different hosting plans available from Bluehost. When it comes to how many accounts you can have, Bluehost gives you a lot of leeway. Although Bluehost’s prices are low, there is no guarantee that your money will be returned. The following are the four hosting options offered by Bluehost:

      1. Bluehost Basic
      2. Bluehost Plus
      3. Bluehost Choice-Plus
      4. Bluehost Pro

      Free website and domain name are included in Bluehost’s starter package. One free parked domain name and twenty-five free subdomains are included in this package. Additional features include a free SSL certificate and unlimited storage space. There is a 2.95 dollars monthly fee for this hosting plan.

      Bluehost’s plus plan includes a free domain name and unlimited web pages. Unlimited domains and subdomains, storage space, as well as 200 dollars in marketing credits, are also included. This web hosting package costs 5.45 dollars per month.

      Among other things, Bluehost’s choice-plus package includes free domain name privacy and security and one free Office mailbox. You’ll pay 14.99 dollars a month for this service.

      Finally, Bluehost offers the pro plan, which includes all of the features of the Choice-Plus plan, as well as a dedicated IP address and excellent speed, making it an excellent value.

      More than a quarter-million files can be stored on one server, while traditional shared hosting servers have fewer users than Bluehost’s high-performance servers. There are far more resources available to each user here than they would be with a lower-tier web host.

      JustHost Shared Hosting Plans

      In terms of features, JustHost and Bluehost are very similar to one another. Justhost offers three different shared hosting plans: 

      1. JustHost 1
      2. JustHost 5
      3. JustHost VIP

      JustHost 1 provides you with ten free domain names. 1 gigabyte of disk space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains, and a free upgrade to the JustHost 5 shared hosting plan are all included. This hosting plan costs 2 dollars per month.

      JustHost 5 provides you with 20 free domain names. 5 gigabytes of disk space, unrestricted email accounts, and unrestricted subdomains In addition, you will receive a free SSL certificate. Unfortunately, upgrading from one plan to the next will incur a small fee. This shared hosting plan is 4 dollars per month.

      Finally, JustHost VIP includes an unlimited number of free domain names, free domain registration, 500 gigabytes of disk space, unlimited subdomains, and unlimited email accounts. You’ll also get a free SSL certificate. The price reflects the fact that this is the highest tier available. This shared hosting plan will cost you 8 dollars per month.

      The Money Back Guarantee

      Money-Back Guarantee

      The money-back-guarantee offered by Bluehost, according to our findings, isn’t all that substantial. As outlined in the money-back guarantee policy, returns are only permitted in three situations, so you shouldn’t rely on them entirely.

      1. Cancellation must be made within the first three months of the contract’s term.
      2. Web hosting fees alone cannot be refunded, and this includes things like domain names and other add-ons. 
      3. If you have a free domain name, a 16 dollar fee must be paid to remove it.

      There are a lot of similarities between Bluehost and JustHost that you should be aware of. Both of these online service providers offer money-back guarantees and have restrictions that are nearly identical to one another. For free domain names, such as those provided by Bluehost, the payments made in conjunction with them are not refunded. You will be charged a total of 16 dollars for a free domain name from Bluehost in the end.

      Pros and Cons of Bluehost


      1. Bluehost’s entry-level pricing is very inexpensive
      2. It is a service that is dependable
      3. CPanel control is good
      4. Unrestricted bandwidth
      5. Good live chat customer support
      6. Free SSL certificate


      1. Speed may be an issue
      2. Your site’s availability cannot be guaranteed.
      3. 30-day money back guarantee is restrictive
      4. VPS and dedicated web hosting is lacking

      Pros and Cons of JustHost


      1. Easy to use
      2. One of the best web hosts for google and bing
      3. It can provide for all your hosting needs
      4. Free SSL certificate
      5. Free domain registration


      1. Hard to get in touch with customer support
      2. Live chat is not up to par
      3. 30-day money-back guarantee is restrictive

      JustHost vs. Bluehost – Which Is The Better Web Host?

      Both Bluehost and JustHost are adequate web hosting services in their own right. They are not the best at anything, however, and this is a proven fact. They are both web hosts who offer a wide range of services but do not excel at any of them in particular. They are both a jack of all trades but masters of none.

      These two hosts are strikingly similar to one another, making it difficult to distinguish between which is better and which is worse in their performances. In the event that you had to choose just one, we would suggest Bluehost, but JustHost would also be a good option.


      If you terminate your Bluehost account, do you lose control of your domain name?

      r the duration of the registration period, you will retain ownership of your domain name. Once the domain voucher linked to your hosting package expired, you would be responsible for purchasing the domain.

      The cost of the domain will be deducted from your refund if you paid for it and a refund is due to your hosting account.

      Are JustHost and Bluehost a subsidiary of one another?

      JustHost and BlueHost were founded as two separate web hosting companies in the beginning of their respective careers.

      Despite the fact that they are now siblings, both JustHost and Bluehost provide services that are very similar.

      When it comes to Bluehost hosting, what should I get in 2022?

      If you are just starting out and don’t have a lot of money to spend, Bluehost’s Basic plan, which costs just 3 dollars per month, is ideal for you.

      You can create an unlimited number of sites and take advantage of premium features with Choice Plus, which costs just 6 dollars per month.

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