Monstroid2 WordPress Theme Review: Is It a Best Choice in 2022


This is the detailed Monstroid2 Multipurpose WordPress Theme Review for you with Pros and Cons.

A Monstroid2 WordPress theme is a multipurpose choice that offers a great diversity of options. It is a ready-made solution developed by Zemez WordPress studio.

These days, it has more than 14,000 sales. Does it mean that people consider it to be their perfect assistant? Does it have enough tools for different goals? Today, we are going to understand this together.

Speaking About the History: What Steps Did Monstroid2 Take?

The first Monstroid release took place in 2015. You needed Cherry Framework to work with it. Back then, it was nothing but a standard collection of multiple themes. It was a problem to name it a multi-functional website builder. After this, Monstroid got its update and became compatible with a famous Elementor Page Builder. Yet, it continued using Cherry as the base.

Finally, people were able to buy the first Monstroid2 WordPress theme version in 2017. Zemez included a brand-new Power Builder in this theme. In 2018, it released the next Monstroid2 version that was remarkably improved. It received more themes, better responsiveness, and other options.

Now, Monstroid2 uses Elementor instead of Power Builder. It also has more skins, the Magic Button, JetPlugins, and other tools. We are going to speak about them in detail below.

Monstroid2 WordPress Theme Basics

1. It provides a super-light package. It weighs not more than 255kb. You are going to get a smooth website performance that gladdens all the visitors.

2. You can get access to 500+ sections and ready-made pages, thanks to the Magic Button. Customizing your website is going to be effortless. 

As an example, you want to choose a suitable header. It has dozens of variants to choose from.

3. As we have mentioned, Elementor Page Builder powers a Monstroid2 WordPress theme. It allows controlling all the aspects of your design. 

You can quickly select a font, text size, colors, content width, lightbox options, and other elements.

4. The package gives a chance to use an extensive set of JetPlugins. We should mention the essential ones among them.


It has 40+ modules that allow enriching your online-project. You can create a post carousel, subscription forms, portfolios, and other elements.

You are free to create well-structured menus using this plugin. It is possible to add different elements to them and include all the necessary multimedia files.


Using this plugin, you can improve blogging experience and present your dynamic content at its best.


Making your pages look attractive is possible, thanks to its different visual effects.


This add-on is perfect for a compact presentation of your contextual content. 


It gives a chance to create unique product layouts to grow the number of your online-store visitors.

5. You can select from 73+ skins designed for many business niches. As an example, these include such choices as:

  • interior design;
  • hotel;
  • education;
  • portfolio;
  • beauty;
  • dances;
  • traveling;
  • electronics;
  • photography;
  • business;
  • organic food;
  • fashion;
  • cars;
  • and many others.

The number of skins and ready-to-use pages is regularly growing due to constant updates.

7. It takes only one click to install this theme. Jet Plugins Wizard completes this process in minimum time.

What to Say When It Comes to Pricing?

It is no doubt that you need to know whether the price of the Monstroid2 WordPress theme is affordable. There are two variants that you can select from.

1. For One Website ($75)

You can use this theme as a base only for one website. The price includes the item price itself and applicable taxes.

2. For Five Website ($144)

You can use this theme as a base only for five websites. The price includes the item price itself and applicable taxes.

3. With ONE Subscription

Furthermore, web-developers can pay their attention to ONE Subscription. They might want to join this membership to download not only this theme but more than 16,000 digital items. It has yearly access that costs $229. Moreover, one can opt for lifetime access that costs $849. In this case, it will be possible to download as many products as many times your soul wants.

Template Monster Monstroid2 WordPress Theme Reviews from Customers

“I have zero experience with WordPress. This template was easy-to-edit, and the Elementor feature was easy-to-learn. I could publish an excellent website for my business, having not much of the learning curve. It took about a week from start to finish. Of course, I saved myself $1,000 by doing it myself. A Monstroid2 WordPress theme is highly recommended.”

Anne Aldridge, 5 starts

“This product is an obvious choice if you want an advanced theme. It comes with multiple skins and sections to choose from. It does not matter if you are a developer or a beauty service owner. This theme has everything you need to create a stunning website. The ease-of-use is second to none. I have never used a better theme. I will keep coming back for these amazing themes at TemplateMonster.”

Christina Kent, 5 stars

“This template is helpful. I used it to build a website for an electrician entrepreneur. The thing I love the most about this template is its capability to change the style easily. In the beginning, the template is flashy, but as I said, it is simple-to-adapt according to the company branding. It will work for everything! Thanks a lot for the Elementor Builder.”

Florence St-Hilaire, 5 stars

“I consider Monstroid2 to be a high-end template because it’s polished and well-supported. Plus, the demo sites are all so different that it is kind of like getting a bunch of templates in one. We liked this template so much that we decided to buy it again to use it on more than one website. There are a whole bunch of template options that you can change once you install it, which allows us to customize the site to match our branding colours and fonts. It is such a versatile template that I would repurchase for future projects.”

Nicole Auser, 5 stars

“Having struggled to find suitable templates on the Joomla platform, I decided to take a look at what WordPress had to offer. I was happy to see that TemplateMonster offered a massive range of templates. Monstroid 2 caught my eye. It provides not only an excellent choice of in-built skins, but it also comes together with Jet Plugins. It was so impressive, so I went and purchased the Elementor Pro version that enhanced all the available options. A perfect template and highly-recommended.”

Paul Large, 5 stars

What About Its Disadvantages?

First of all, we have talked only about the benefits of choosing a Monstroid2 WordPress theme. Yet, does it have disadvantages that you need to know about? Below, we have created a table that will explain everything to you.

An easy-to-use setup wizard that makes the entire installation process effortlessIn the beginning, the number of functions included in both the Monstroid2 WordPress theme and Elementor can impress your imagination. Get ready to the fact that you might not understand everything at once
A collection of advanced JetPlugins that allows working with a wide range of components, starting from a menu and ending with tabs and visual effectsA standard license allows using this theme only on one website
An excellent loading speed that makes sure your website gets an excellent performance 
A multi-functional Elementor Page Builder that allows controlling your design and its uniqueness 
A fully-integrated package that helps with different tasks, including plugins, navigation, headers, and many others 

A Few Words in Conclusion

We tried to look through all the features included in this universal WordPress theme. In our opinion, it deserves your attention and the right choice for you, but you know better whether you need such compelling functionality. Anyway, you have the freedom to present every topic or idea you can come up with. Thanks for reading!

In case you choose Montroid2 & want to use it here is how you can do it properly : How to Install Theme in WordPress: Ultimate Guide

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