SEMrush Affiliate Program Review 2022 : Is It Good to Join?


It is a detailed review of the SEMrush Affiliate Program (a.k.a BeRush)  with pros & cons. So let’s get started! 

Are you searching for a higher paying affiliate program with a lifetime recurring commission on each new sale? If Yes, you are in the right place. 

Here we come up with the “SEMrush Affiliate program” that helps you to generate recurring commission for each new sale. This affiliate program is also known as “BeRush”. 

But before reviewing the “BeRush Affiliate Program”, let us introduce you to SEMrush. 

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a popular marketing tool among digital marketing professionals. The successful organizations such as Quora, Wix, Vodafone, and eBay are using SEMrush to grow their online business. If you want to grow your business website or blog traffic, you should try the SEMRush tool.

SEMrush is serving over 807 million domains worldwide, while 6 million users have used this tool until 15 August 2020. Have a look at the below image for SEMrush stats.

SEMrush is the best marketing tool for doing market research, competitor research, site audit, keyword research, content marketing, social media marketing, brand monitoring, and Pay Per Click, etc. 

They are offering over 45+ tools for marketers and bloggers to grow their websites in the online space. So that’s why it is a complete digital marketing toolkit for marketers & bloggers. 

We are now using the SEMrush SEO tools for doing keyword & competition research for our blog. After using SEMrush, we are now easily finding long-tail keywords to get more traffic to our blog. 

So you should definitely try the SEMRush SEO tools for your website and know the advantages and disadvantages. Here is the free trial for you to grab all the SEMRush marketing tools. 

Grab SEMrush 7 Days Free Trial Now  

After knowing the advantages & disadvantages, you can promote SEMrush SEO tools to your users by educating them through blog posts, videos, and ebooks. Because without creating proper guides, no one buys the product from you. 

So let us stop here because this guide is all about the BeRush Affiliate Program Review. So let’s start with them.      

What is BeRush & How does it work?

BeRush (a.k.a SEMrush Affiliate Program) is an affiliate program that helps you to promote the SEMrush digital marketing tool to your audience. SEMrush is the #1 digital marketing tool & famous brands such as Quora, Vodafone, and Wix are using this tool.  

BeRush is offering a 40% recurring commission on each new SEMrush subscription sale. 

When you sign up for the BeRush, you will get a unique referral id to recommend the SEMrush tool. If someone purchases the SEMRush tool from your referral id, you get a 40% recurring commission on each plan sale & renewal. You will be getting this commission until the user will not stop the plan. 

Join BeRush Affiliate to Earn 40% Recurring Commission On Every Sale

Note: You can not promote SEMRush marketing tools on gambling, adult, hate, offensive, and defamatory websites. If you want to know more about the SEMRush Affiliate program terms, you can read here

How to Apply for the BeRush Affiliate Program?

Here is the step by step guide to sign up for the BeRush affiliate account. 

Step 1: Click here to join BeRush. It is free to join. BeRush instantly approves your application. That means you can get started with them in a few minutes. 

Here is the BeRush registration form which looks like this;

Step 2: As you can see above, you need to enter your email id, password, and website URL in the registration form. After filling the details, click on Join Now. 

Step 3: It will show the Successful Registration message; this means you are pre-approved.

Step 4: After successfully registering in BeRush, it asks you to confirm your email id to use their affiliate program.

Step 5:  After confirming your email id, it shows the confirmation message and asks you to login to the BeRush account. 

Now you can promote the SEMrush tool through your website using your unique referral id & promotional materials given by BeRush. If you want to know how you can generate your affiliate link in BeRush, you can read here. 

Which Plans are SEMrush Offering & How Much Commission You will Get on Each Plan?

SEMRush is offering three plans, including Pro, Guru, and Business. These plans have different features and prices, that means your commission varies according to plan.

As we stated above that SEMrush offers a 40% recurring commission on each sale. If your customer purchases a monthly plan subscription through your affiliate link, you will get the following commission on each plan.  

Plans Monthly PriceMonthly Commission 
Pro $99.95/month$39.98/month
Business $399.95/month$159.98/month

If your customer purchases any annual plan subscription through your affiliate link, you will get the following commission, and they will get a 16% discount on each SEMrush.

Plans Discounted Monthly PriceTotal Annual PriceTotal Commission 
Business $333.28/month$3999.36/year$1599.74/year

You can earn from $39.98/month to $159.98/month for a monthly SEMrush subscription plan sale. While on an annual SEMrush subscription plan sale, you can earn from $399.74/year to $1599.74/year.

SEMRush has more than 6 million users worldwide, which means it is a popular tool among marketers. Now, we are using their SEO tools, and after applying their suggestions, we have improved our website & its ranking. So, you can recommend the SEMRush SEO tools to your users and earn dollars online.

Join BeRush Affiliate Program for Free

What features are available in BeRush Affiliate Program

BeRush has amazing features that most of the affiliate programs do not provide to their users. These features are as following;

1. First Cookie Wins

If, a user clicks on your affiliate link, and after that, he clicks on another affiliate link & purchases the SEMRush plan. You will get a commission because of the “first cookie wins” attribution model in this situation.

2. Ten Years of Cookie Life

If a user clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the SEMrush plan in 10 years duration (no matter how much they click on other affiliate links). In that case, you will get a commission (if they do not clear the cookies before buying any plan).

3. Pre Approved All Applications (No Review Process)

When you sign up for the BeRush program, they instantly approve your affiliate application (No Manual Review Process) to immediately promote their tools.

4. Pre-designed Promo Materials

You can promote the SEMrush tools through the pre-designed promotion materials such as eBook, Banners Ads, widgets, offers, and Campaigns easily. 

5. Affiliate Sales Tracking System

You can easily track your affiliate sales with visitors, signups, and total profits in the “Statistics” feature of BeRush. Here you will get a complete overview of the sales report & you can download it in the CSV format.  

6. Minimum Payout 

BeRush has a minimum payout limit of 50$. You can receive your minimum payout via PayPal after generating a sale. 

7.  Twice Payments System

You will get paid twice each month on time. If you reach the minimum payout limit (50$), BeRush makes the payments on the 10th & 25th days each month to their affiliates.

8.  Incentives (Earn More Dollars)

If you want your reader to get their website complete SEO information, you can add widgets to your blog post. Go to Promo Materials > Widgets; you will find widgets for different landing pages. Select your widget and insert its code into your blog post for proper display.

After displaying a widget in your blog post, a user can directly paste their website link in that widget & easily get their website SEO related information.

So experiment these promotion materials with your blog posts & encourage your readers to purchase the SEMrush tools.

2. Email Newsletter

Email marketing is a powerful tool to earn more income, and every successful affiliate marketer knows that money is present in their email list.

Because an email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is 3800% ROI, and 66% of consumers purchase directly after getting an email.

So if you want to generate more income through BeRush affiliate, you have to collect email subscribers because you can gain their trust by sending them free tutorials to get more sales.

You can collect email subscribers through your website using the following techniques;

  • Free Case Studies & checklist 

After collecting the email subscribers, send them regular email newsletters regarding SEMrush tools (it can be a blog post, video tutorials, email course, or ebook, etc). 

When you send email newsletters to your subscribers regularly, they will start trusting you and purchasing the SEMRush tool subscription.

3. EBooks

Ebooks produce great results in affiliate marketing. With the help of ebooks, you can easily build an audience & create awareness for any product. 

For doing the SEMrush promotion, you should create ebooks about its tools. It would be best to create an ebook on a particular tool because it produces great conversions results. Otherwise, covering several tools in one ebook will not produce conversions.

You can cover the following topics in your ebooks related to SEMrush. These topics are;

  • Content Marketing Toolkit

After creating an ebook, promote your ebook through a blog, social media, email newsletter, and Facebook ads, etc. When you promote your ebook on various platforms, there is a higher possibility of conversions.

If you have not time to create an ebook, don’t worry because BeRush provides the free Ebooks for promotion. Go to Promo Materials > eBooks and choose any ebook you want to promote.

After choosing the ebook, you have to copy the link. You can promote SEMrush eBooks using your affiliate link through the website, email, video, and Facebook ad, and it sends the users to the SEMrush ebook landing page. If a conversion happens through the SEMrush ebook, you will get a commission. 

4. Social Media

As you know that SEO takes time while paid ads need money investment. Social media sharing does not charge any money, and you can get instant traffic from these platforms. 

You can promote the SEMrush tools guides such as blog posts, video tutorials, and ebooks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Linkedin platforms. These platforms provide instant free traffic & help you to generate signups for SEMRush tools. 

In social media, you have to engage with your audience regularly for establishing trust. When your audience trusts you, then you can easily promote any affiliate products in front of them.

If you want to generate more sales for SEMrush through social media then follow these tips regularly;

  • You can conduct a giveaway where you can promote the SEMrush free trial, and in return, you can offer free guides and ebooks related to SEMrush tools.
  • Promote the SEMrush tools in the SEO and Blogging related Facebook group to generate more signups. 
  • Create dedicated landing pages regarding SEMrush tools and promote them via Facebook Ads. Start testing the various ad copies with the relevant budget. It is an effective way to generate more affiliate sales for SEMrush. 

5. Video Tutorials

Most of the users give preference to videos rather than articles. Why are we saying this? In a study, Hubspot finds that 72% of customers want to learn about a product or service through a video platform. 

Video is an evergreen platform, and you can use video on social media platforms and blog posts to get more views. If you use video in your article, it increases the ranking chance of up to 53% and generates more affiliate sales.

It would help if you created video tutorials (as we mentioned suggestions in the blog posts section) regarding SEMrush tools and upload your video on Youtube with proper optimization.

You can put your SEMRush affiliate link in Youtube’s description, and if a user clicks on your affiliate link & purchase SEMrush tool, you will get a commission.

Try to educate your readers as much as through the video tutorials because the video has higher conversion rates. According to a study, using a video on the landing page boosts conversions up to 86%.

SEMrush has a full 18 minutes video tutorial on how to market their tool to increase affiliate sales. If you are new to their affiliate program, we highly recommend you watch this video.

BeRush provides the “Education Hub” to their affiliate to know more about their tools. If you are new to the SEMRush affiliate program, you should take advantage of their “Education Hub”.

They offer the SEMrush tools related courses, blog posts, pdfs, webinars & video tutorials in the education hub. So it would help if you read these tutorials before promoting any tool because when you create a blog post, video tutorial, or an ebook, you can easily cover their tool, which is an extra advantage for you.

BeRush also offers affiliate marketing practical tips to their affiliates in the form of blog posts & webinars. You can find their affiliate related blog posts & webinars in the “Affiliate Marketing” section of the “Education Hub”.

You should read their blog posts & watch their webinars because they offer practical and updated tips related to affiliate marketing, which helps you increase your affiliate conversion for their tools.

Note: This is a friendly suggestion for BeRush. We want in-depth guides related to affiliate marketing like SEO and Content Marketing. Because SEMrush is a reputed company, and we have more expectations from them. Please put advanced guides in the “Affiliate Marketing” section to improve their affiliate’s skills. 

A Great Opportunity to Earn More than 1000$ through BeRush Contest

Every month BeRush runs the contest for their affiliates to earn extra dollars by writing content for them. 

Now BeRush has launched a monthly contest for their affiliates where they can win a 100$ prize by creating content on “SEMrush Affiliate Review”. It can be a blog post, video tutorial, or a podcast. This contest will end on 31 August 2020.

How to participate in this contest? Follow the given instructions below;

  • You should have a BeRush affiliate account otherwise join BeRush here. 
  • First, you should confirm that you are participating in their contest by sending an email to [email protected] or confirm your participation by activating the contest in Incentives.  
  • Create a blog post, video, and podcast for the given content in the contest. 
  • After creating content, send your content at [email protected] with the subject line “SEMrush Monthly Contest” & content link. 
  • They will pick the best content and send the prize money (100$) to the winner’s affiliate account. 

BeRush Monthly contest starts from the 1st of each month and ends on the last day of the month. You can participate in each month’s contest by sending them content. 

Here is good news for you. 

Now, BeRush has also launched a big contest for its affiliates where you can earn a 1000$ prize. This contest will end on 30 September 2020, which is enough time for you as an affiliate to create content. 

You have to create content (It can be a blog post, video tutorial, or a podcast) on the “SEMRush Content Marketing Toolkit”. After creating content, you have to send your content to their official email id ([email protected]).

If they choose your content better than other participants, you will get a $1000 prize as a 1st winner. Otherwise, as a second & third winner, you will get 500$ & 250$ respectively.

So you should take advantage of the BeRush contest and try to win them to earn extra money as an affiliate.

Note: If you face any problem regarding their tools, you can read their tutorials ( Blog Post, Pdf & Courses) in the “Education Hub”.

How Good is their Payment System?

BeRush has a good payment system because they pay twice per month on the 10th and 25th days on time. 

They have two payment options; Paypal and Wire Transfer. You can receive a minimum payout (50$) via PayPal, and for receiving the payment through wire transfer, your payout should be 1000$.

We strongly recommend choosing PayPal over Wire transfer; it helps you receive your commission immediately; otherwise, you have to wait for a $1000 balance in your account to get payment through wire transfer.

Note: If you want to receive your commission via BeRush in your PayPal or Bank Account, you have to submit a tax form. You can see the tax form button in your profile section.  

For any help or assistance, you can contact the BeRush team via email ( Otherwise, you can read BeRush F.A.Q. Here

Advantages & Disadvantages of BeRush Recurring Program

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the BeRush Affiliate.


  • Free to Join & Instant Approval.
  • 40% recurring commission lifetime (You will get commission until a user does not stop the plan).
  • The “First Cookie Wins” Attribution Model ((If a user clicks on your affiliate link first, you will get a commission).
  • Promo Materials for effective promotion.
  • BeRush launches “incentives” each month on their plans to earn more money, including commission. 
  • “BeRush Contest” for earning extra dollars. If you win their contest, they mention you in their affiliate program and share your content with their audience. 
  • Commission paid twice per month via PayPal or Wire Transfer. The minimum payout is 50$, which you can take through PayPal. 
  • You can provide “7 days Free SEMrush Trial” to your audience to increase the chance of conversions. 
  • BeRush offers “Education Hub” to its affiliates to grow their tools & affiliate marketing knowledge. 
  • You can track your visitors, signups, sales, and Total Profits via the “Statistics” feature in BeRush. 
  • Amazing Customer Support & they help you with everything to grow your affiliate sales.
  • Join BeRush “Free Subscription” for affiliate tips, special promos, events & webinars, email newsletters, and affiliate boot camp. 
  • You can promote SEMrush tools without a blog or website. You can use video tutorials, email newsletters, Facebook ads, and landing pages to promote its tools. 


  • Sometimes the “First Cookie Wins” Attribution Model is a drawback. Suppose a user clicks on another affiliate link, and after that, he clicks on your affiliate links & purchases the SEMrush plan. In that case, you will not get a commission in this condition because of the first cookie wins model. 
  • BeRush does not provide any coupon to their affiliates & coupon types websites are not eligible for their affiliate program. 
  • SEMrush Price (Basic Plan Starts from $99.95) is too high for the beginner bloggers who are not making money from their blog regularly. So, convincing a beginner blogger for SEMrush is not an easy task.

Should You Join BeRush as an Affiliate?

If you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, and SEO expert, you should definitely join BeRush because they offer more earning opportunities with a 40% lifetime recurring commission. 

Before promoting the SEMrush marketing tools, create proper SEO, content marketing, and promotion strategies; otherwise, you will face many difficulties regarding traffic and conversions.

In the beginning, you should promote the SEMrush SEO tools because you can easily do the keyword research, competitor research, site audit, and backlink analysis for your website or blog.

In this case, you should target Bloggers, SEO Experts, Youtubers, Website owners, and you can easily convince them to purchase the SEO toolkit by offering free tutorials.

Note: Adults, Gambling, Coupon promoting websites are not allowed in the BeRush, and your age should be at least 18 years. You will not get a commission for self-referrals. If all these cases happen to you, avoid its affiliate program. 

FAQ’s About BeRush Affiliate Program 

Here are the interesting questions related to the BeRush that have been asked by the users on various platforms. These questions are following;

1. Does Semrush have an affiliate program?

Ans:  Yes, SEMrush has an affiliate program that is known as “BeRush”. It is free to join, and you will get an instant approval for its affiliate program.

2. How is the SEMrush affiliate program?

Ans: SEMRush has the best recurring affiliate program (BeRush) that offers the 40% lifetime recurring commission to its affiliates. 

3. Which one is better for affiliate marketing, Ahref or Semrush?

Ans: SEMrush is better for affiliate marketing because it is a trusted and popular tool among digital marketers. They offer extra earning opportunities with the recurring commission. While SEMrush has more tools for promotion than Ahrefs. Ahrefs does not have an affiliate program for promotion.

4. Can I earn good money from the SEMrush affiliate program?

Ans: Yes, you can earn good money by promoting the SEMrush digital marketing toolkit. They also offer the incentive every month to their affiliate for earning extra income. 

5. How much does BeRush pay for each sale?

Ans: BeRush pays a 40% recurring commission for each new sale. 

6. What is the payment method of the SEMrush affiliate program?

Ans: You can receive payment via Paypal & Wire Transfer. The minimum payout limit is 50$, which you can receive via Paypal; otherwise, for wire transfer, your balance should be $1000.

7. How do I promote my Berush (SEMRUSH) affiliate link?

Ans: You can promote your affiliate link through blog posts, ebooks, video tutorials, social media sharing, Facebook groups, email newsletters, and paid ads. 

Final thoughts on BeRush Recurring Affiliate Program

If you are searching for the best recurring affiliate program to promote a powerful tool like SEMrush as a blogger & content marketer. In that case, BeRush is the perfect affiliate program for you.  

Not only, they help you generate a 40% lifetime recurring commission on each sale, but they also provide you incentives to earn extra money. BeRush also offers excellent customer support to its affiliate partners to grow their sales.

If you implement the right SEO & Content marketing strategy, you can generate thousands of dollars in revenue by promoting the SEMrush tools.

So you should join BeRush to promote the SEMrush tool, but before promoting it, you should try the SEMrush tool (7 days free trial) for your website or blog to know its advantages. 

Did you like this detailed SEMrush Affiliate Program Review? If Yes, please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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