Top 6 WordPress Data Visualization and Chart Plugins for You (2022)


The procedure of converting raw data into a visual depiction is regarded as Data Visualization. The previous five years witnessed the blooming of plugins for WordPress, data visualization tools, etc. These mainly help in analyzing the performance of websites especially when analytics data is involved.

Visual portraits help in apprehending massive data sets. Data visualization nowadays is the need of the hour for various fields such as biotech, artificial intelligence, science, health, etc.

To get being a WordPress blogger you may even apply info visualization charts & graphs in your own internet site together side the employment of plugins. You can choose to avail of professional services from WordPress plugin Development Company that will help you in showcasing data via visual concepts in the best possible manner.

6 Best Free and Paid WordPress Data Visualization and Chart Plugins (2022)

This is the list of best free and paid WordPress data visualization chart plugins for you. These plugin will help you to create beautiful charts and tables with animations.

1. Visualizer: Tables and Charts for WordPress Plugin

On the List of WordPress chart plugins, Visualizer: Tables and Displays for WordPress Plugin is at the top. It is employed for crafting, managing and embedding responsive and interactive tables and charts into WordPress pages and posts.

You can easily add animated charts and graphs as the plugin utilizes ChartJS, Google Visualization API that offers support to cross-browser compatibility & showcases aptly on Smartphones. It is possible to customize the aspects of tables & charts & let you import data from Google Sheets, Excel, etc.

This WordPress pie chart plugin offers a plethora of charts that addresses all your WP data visualization requisites as these are optimized. There are line charts, bar charts, pie charts, bubble charts in the free version. The foundation of the charts is on HTML5/SVG technology.

Due to this feature, you do not need to use extra plugins. With this plugin, you will also be able to add responsive tables to pages and posts and also customize those.

2. Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

If you are looking for the best plugin for WordPress, Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer is definitely the one. Nowadays you can easily embed Google Spreadsheets in WP content posts.

With this plugin rendering Spreadsheet’s content in posts has become very simple. It includes an automated updating engine that refreshes spreadsheets embedded in posts whenever data for the specific spreadsheets transform.

Crafting eye-catching charts & graphs of data are some of the most amazing uses of this plugin. After installing the plugin, you just need to copy & paste the spreadsheet URL in one of the posts.

Whenever there is a requisite for customizing data for spreadsheets you can easily get hands on shortcode support.

3. wpDataTables

If the need is for an all-inclusive plugin in WordPress then you have found the one. This plugin for WordPress is the best for visual data management on all WP websites.

You just need to fetch your present Google spreadsheet & trade it into wpDataTables for displaying your information on WP. You can even choose to plug MySQL data unswervingly into an effective data spread.

For query building, you will receive complete support from the plugin along with a spontaneous interface.

With this plugin visual data can be edited openly from the page or post or even you can manage it from the back-end which is the dashboard. This is a very secure plugin which means sensitive data will never be in the wrong hands.

4. iChart

Looking for a free chart plugin WordPress? If yes, iChart is a good one. It functions extremely well with all WordPress themes and you also feel convenient using it because of its Gutenberg block.

The plugin has got its very own shortcode generator with which you can add your graphs and charts anywhere on your blog or website. You will be able to showcase stats & data beautifully.

The design of the plugin is mobile-ready & responsive. You can always ensure a smooth performance with this plugin.

iChart features are several in number. It offers support to every kind of chart styles such as line, polar area, bar, pie, doughnut, etc. Once you complete the process of creating your chart, you can copy & attach the shortcode to the post or page of your preference and witness it appearing on your website.

5. M Chart

The WordPress chart plugin that enables you to showcase data in a lucid fashion is M Chart. The plugin lets you manage statistics & data through a spreadsheet.

When you complete the process of preparing & editing your content, you will be able to employ a convenient shortcode & add a chart to post. But you must install the M Chart Highcharts Library plugin first for making M Chart function to its highest potential.

With M Chart, there are a plethora of options available for adding details & information to charts that you are thinking of creating. The procedure of fixing, triggering & completing is direct & suitable for all kinds of users.

You can actually offer an edge to your online presence as you keep on creating sophisticated charts with the use of this plugin.

6. Live Responsive Charts

This is one of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress as with this you can prepare a chart in lightning speed time. This can be regarded as WP’s live customizer where you can play with numerous functions and styles.

With this plugin for WordPress, you will be able to craft bubble charts, scatter charts, craft gauges & bars and also tables. To be precise, be it basic or advanced, you will be able to build anything with this plugin.

The end result that you will be getting by employing this plugin will be mobile ready & responsive. The plugin executes its functions like a pro and also improves the entire experience of the website pages. Starting from importing custom data, changing colors, integrating Google Sheets; you can do it all with Live Responsive Charts plugin.


You can get hands-on the best chart plugin for WordPress from this content which will help you to edit graphs whenever you require and also consolidate graph building in a single area. Get started today with a sound WordPress plugin development company that will assist you in achieving success for all endeavors. Connect with us today.

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