The 2022 Guide to Effective WordPress Website Management


Who said websites are easy to run? In 2019, over 100 million websites were hacked and led to $3billion worth of data leakages. Websites, if not secured properly, can lead to hazardous consequences. However, these are some extreme facts, and we don’t want to scare you further with all the information. For starters, WordPress website management services shouldn’t be too difficult if they take care of some basic concepts. 

To help you, we formatted a list of the TO DO’S that you need to follow to manage your website correctly without any problems.

7 Best Ways for Effective WordPress Website Management in 2022

Let’s learn more about managing your WordPress website on an ongoing basis.

1. Backup Matters

Last week, my website hosting removed my website from a shared server, stating that I was consuming too many resources. While they were right to remove my site, but they were wrong because they didn’t inform me about it. The cherry on top, I didn’t have backups of my hosting server. So, it was a BIG problem. 

Although they later reinstated my website, I took backups and decided to switch my host. Our websites are the MONEY TREES for us. So, if your site hosting is not supporting you, it is better to switch.

But at the same time, ensure that you have backups of all your data so that you can reinstate everything if due to some reason you experience what I did. Lesson learned the hard way!

Some of the best plugins to use for WordPress backups include BackupBuddy from iThemes, VaultPress, and Duplicator

2. Security Matters

Next, make sure that your website is secure. Hackers are always looking to collect data and tamper with your website. You need to set up security for your website. You can use top WordPress security plugins like iThemes Security Pro, WordPress Wordfence plugin, All In One WP security, and much more.

You should also add an SSL certificate on your websites. Let’s Encrypt is one certificate that lets users install an SSL certificate to their sites with just a few clicks.

3. Upgrade Matter

You need to keep your website updated with the latest features that WordPress has to offer. WordPress sends updates to its users frequently. You will be getting around 100+ updates per year. The core updates are always two or three.

You need to update your WordPress website regularly so that you don’t miss out on any of them. Some of these minor updates will automatically get updated.

But you will have to permit it manually to install significant updates. However, a word of caution, make sure to check your overall website and its functionality to check if something is broken after applying WordPress updates.

4. Apply Redirections

Your visitors will leave your website if they are not able to find what they are looking for. Redirections are necessary even if you are not using WordPress. However, WordPress offers some essential redirection plugins that you can use to redirect broken and bad links.

These plugins include Redirection, SEO Redirection 301, Simple 301 Redirect, and many more. Moreover, all these plugins are free, and you can easily use them to redirect websites. 

There are the best small business websites tools available to find how many backlinks your website has. One such software is named Screaming frog. It does a complete analysis of all website links and then provides a comprehensive report. 

Bad comments, even if not approved, bring bad traffic to your website. Blog comments are spam and a real problem for your website. It can be annoying, and it doesn’t also decrease the storage space available to you.

To tackle this make sure you’ve signed up with a good WordPress hosting provider service that offers ample bandwidth space

So, the big question is, how to fight comment spam? The answer lies in having the right set of plugins. 

There are three ways to curb comment spam. One is by adding the integrating Facebook comment module. With it, your comments will be only available through Facebook IDs. And, they will not be stored on your website but Facebook. 

Second, you can use Disqus for your website. Disqus is another comment management platform, and it also keeps the database separately.

The third is to turn off comments for good. Although you can use comment spam plugins like Akismet, you turn off comments so that they don’t create a problem for your website. However, it isn’t recommended.

Finally, you can manually approve comments. It will be time taking, but that’s the only best option available. So, turn off comments on pages that don’t require them to keep off spammers. And, only enable them on pages where you deem them necessary.

6. SEO Matters

SEO is one of the best ways to bring organic traffic to your website.  SEO matters more than anything else in 2020 because of the changing dynamics. More people are searching online, keyword difficulty has increased tremendously, and SEO is no more what it was a decade ago.

That’s why your website must have an SEO optimized website. You can use top SEO plugins like Yoast, All in One SEO, and many others.

Also, you will need a content creation plan and content strategy. Now, track your site progress through tools like Google Analytics, visitor behavior through heat maps, and Crazy egg.

These are all necessary parts of any website maintenance plan and should be in place to grow your website.

7. Manage Your Plugins Properly

You will be installing multiple plugins on your website. Most of these plugins will have updates regularly. To keep them functional, you will need to update them regularly.

It will ensure that you have everything up-to-date. However, having too many plugins is not recommended because they will make your site heavy. So, ensure that you only keep plugins that are necessary for your website.

So these are the seven ways to do effective WordPress Website Management for a website and you will not face any type of trouble regarding your WordPress Website.


These are some of the ways to do effective WordPress Website Management. If you are not sure how to manage your WordPress website, you can always get in touch with The WPHelp, a truly managed website hosting, and maintenance service provider. It offers services for both basic managed WordPress websites and white label managed WordPress hosting for agencies.

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