The WP Help Managed WordPress Hosting Review 2022


Here is the detailed review of The WP Help Managed WordPress Hosting and how they are different from the other Managed WordPress hosting.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should have heard of The WP Help by now. The truly managed WordPress hosting and support service.

It is perfect for business owners and white label partners because of their awesome list of services, we will talk about these services in detail below.

The WP Help doesn’t let you do any of the work, they take care of all the technical aspects that are required to run a website. They will patch security updates, take daily backups, provide automatic caching, one-click staging and much more.

The WP Help WordPress managed company has excellent support that treats their customers like royalty. You are just an email away to get the solution to your hosting problems.

This makes The WP Help an excellent service for business owners who would rather focus on making money than worrying about managing their WordPress site.

Services Offered – The WP Help

There are two main services that are being offered by The WP Help, fully managed hosting and 24/7 maintenance support. Both plans include these two primary offerings, other than this you also get an SSD storage and an allocated bandwidth. 

Apart from these standard offerings The WP Help also includes a CDN (content delivery network) Stackpath in their packages. No other WordPress managed company offers a CDN in their plans for free.

Having a CDN on your websites helps a lot, it helps improve the speeds of your website. A CDN saves the cache of your websites on 45 different centers around the world.

This makes it easier for visitors to access your site instantly. You can read more on CDN and how it works in this excellent resource.

The WP Help also offers 90 days offsite backup of your website and a free SSL certificate. You can also migrate your website with the help of this amazing WordPress management company.

For The WP Help, it’s all about keeping your site hyper optimized. And to stay true to their words they guarantee a 90+ Gtmetrix score which if in any case, they are unable to achieve – you get a free $100 Amazon gift card! 

The servers are also placed strategically close to the client’s location to ensure high speeds.

They will also do routine checks of your website and make updates if necessary. Updates including core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates. This will put your mind to ease as you won’t ever have to worry about these aspects.

The WP Help has made a no hack promise and to ensure that they check for malware hacks on the daily!

They also pride themselves on having a 99.9% uptime and for that, they monitor your website in real-time. This prevents your website from going down or being momentarily inaccessible.

You can get all of these reports by the end of the month detailing all the work The WP Help has done on your website to keep it up and running.

This is a good option for agencies with various clients looking for a hyper optimized solution for their websites as The WP Help is a white label reseller hosting and maintenance service, they’ve got your clients covered too!

You can also get these reports under your brand’s logo if you signed up for their white-label service. 

You also get unlimited edits for your website, this is something that no other managed WordPress hosting offers. While most hosting companies charge extra for even making a few small edits, The WP Help does it all for free. 

You can ask them to make a few edits to the content, install plugins that you send them, CSS editing, and more.

There are some things that are not included in the unlimited edits feature. You can’t ask for a new content piece, edit an image, or get them to write custom code. You can talk to their support and they can quote you a price for writing a custom code that you require.

The WP Help also offers a free staging environment, this can really come in handy if you want to safely make changes on your website.

Pricing – The WP Help

The WP Help has categorized its pricing plans into two main categories,

  1. Hyper Optimized Hosting
  2. Truly Managed Hyper Optimized Hosting

Hyper optimized hosting costs $45 per month. It includes all the basic features which we have discussed above. It offers a 10 GB disk space and 200 GB bandwidth. This plan is great for websites that are running on a budget. It doesn’t cost much as other WordPress managed companies charge.

The Truly Managed Hyper Optimized Hosting has a few differences when compared with the hyper optimized hosting plan. It costs $119 per month, offers 20 GB disk space, and 200 GB bandwidth.

But the biggest difference is that the truly managed hyper optimized hosting offers 30 mins of unlimited WordPress edits. You can get the support to edit anything you want as long as it is within their policies. This is what you call a “truly” managed hyper optimized hosting.

If you sign up for the annual plan you get a month free and if that’s not enough to convince you then you should check out their “try before you buy” feature.

Try Before You Buy – The WP Help

Apart from offering the usual money-back guarantee to earn the users’ trust, The WP Help also offers you to try their service before you buy it. All you have to do is go to this page and fill out the form.

The support staff will then move your website to their free staging platform. From there you can test out their servers and decide if it works for you or not!

Importance of Managed WP Maintenance From WP experts

Don’t make the rookie mistake of handing out your precious business website to a team of WordPress newbies! 

It is important that you choose a WordPress maintenance company that knows about WordPress environment like the back of their hand.

The WP Help’s truly managed hyper optimized platform has the best WordPress hosting with a team of WordPress experts that can help with managing the technical aspects of your website.

It’s like having an army of WordPress experts on your side taking care of the messy stuff while you focus on making money.

With a managed WP maintenance company you get:

  1. Fast speeds because you get a dedicated server. Your website won’t slow down even if you get even if it gets a lot of traffic.
  2. You get tight security with The WP Help’s active support team that regularly scans for malware.
  3. You get 24/7 awesome support from the WordPress experts.
  4. Zero downtime!
  5. They take daily backups so that you never lose your data!

Why Do You Need a Hyper Optimized Website?

Running a business website isn’t easy. You not only have to take care of the business aspects but also the technical aspects. It doesn’t matter if you have great content on your website, stunning design, or even a huge number of following on social media.

If you have a slow website they will leave before they even read the first line and worse, move to the next alternative which will include your competitors.

The attention span of human beings has been reduced to 7 seconds from 12 seconds since the year 2000. And 47% of the visitors visiting your website expect to see your website load in 2 seconds. Anything above that and you start to lose your visitors.

Luckily, The WP Help’s truly WordPress hyper optimized hosting you can easily get 90+ on your page speed score. This will help you retain your visitors and help you grow and compete in the long run.

Check out their YouTube channel to see how they optimize their servers and also teach you how to optimize your site. They have an interesting series called The Crazy Optimizer Show, it’s a must-see for anyone who is serious about growing their website.

Final Words

If you are the kind of person who wants peace of mind while running a business then The WP Help is the hosting service you need. 

The WP hosting company offers many features, from unlimited WordPress edits to white-label managed WordPress hosting services. You will find everything you need and more. They have an excellent support team that is available 24/7. 

Their WordPress experts keep your website optimized and secure. Many managed WordPress hosting services offer the same services The WP Help does but they are much more expensive and they don’t have the option for unlimited edits.

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can try out their service by availing their 30-day money-back guarantee or if you want to see the service in action beforehand then sign up for their ‘try before you buy’ feature. 

They will move your website to their staging environment and show you the difference between the speeds.

To sum it all up, The WP Help is a hosting service that empowers you. It wants you to focus on your business while they focus on handling all the technical stuff and all the backend problems. You are still in control but only on the things that keep the needle moving.

That’s it for The WP Help Managed WordPress Hosting review if you need more information then do check out The WP Help’s official website for more details.

Please let us know what you think about The WP Help Managed WordPress Hosting Review in the comment section.

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